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Updated February 21, 2017 - 10:13 PM EST
Mattis Assures Iraqis: Not Here to Seize Your Oil
  Commander: US Forces Getting Closer to Front Lines in Iraq
  Iraqi Forces Take Area Around Mosul Airport
  Informants Eager to Help Iraq Purge 'Enemy' From Eastern Mosul
  Turkey Claims 34 Kurdish Fighters Killed in North Iraq Airstrikes
North Korean Officials Seek to Go to US for Talks
New East Ukraine Ceasefire Holding Successfully
Israel to Demolish Palestinian Homes for Settler-Only Road
Turkish Airstrikes Kill 11 Civilians in Syria's Al-Bab
Democratic Ex-Dove Proposes War on Iran  by Nicolas JS Davies
The Mideast 'Peace Process' Was a Ruse – Donald Trump Ended It  by Rashid Khalidi
Trump's ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion?  by Ron Paul
Drone Warriors: New Way of War  by Scott Beauchamp

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Talk of Terror Listing for Muslim Brotherhood Alarms Some Arab Allies
Rand Paul: We're Very Lucky John Mccain's Not in Charge
UK Defends Trump State Visit Offer Despite Protest
Russia Overtakes Saudis as No. 1 Crude Producer
Non-Combat Death of US Servicemember; 144 Others Killed in Iraq
Iraq Forces Battle ISIS to Close in on Mosul's West Bank
Syria Roadside Bombing Kills Four Russian Troops
Seven Killed in Airstrikes on Syrian Capital
Turkish Soldiers Accused of Trying to Kill Erdogan Go on Trial
Turkey Detains More Than 1,500 in Latest Operations Over Alleged Militant Links: Ministry
Norwegian Refugee Council Staff Detained in Yemen
Yemen Says Saudi Arabia to Deposit $2 Billion to Support Currency
Tehran Bans Drones After Security Scares
Iran Summons Turkish Envoy Over Comments by President, Foreign Minister
Israel DM: ISIS in Sinai 'Not a Serious Threat'
Gaza Mother Reunited With Baby Amid Israel Entry Row
Bennett Says Netanyahu Seems to Be Dropping 2-State Solution
IDF Soldiers Punished After Leaving Their Station in Protest
Trump Lawyer Confirms Meeting Ukrainian, Denies Carrying Peace Plan
Kremlin Denies Knowledge of Ukraine Plan Pushed by Trump Associates
Fresh Ceasefire Appears to Hold for Now in Eastern Ukraine
Kremlin Says Ukraine Peace Plan Mooted by Lawmaker 'Absurd'
France Decries Moscow Recognition of Passports Issued by Rebels in Ukraine
Russia Violating Ukraine Peace Deal With Passport Order: Germany
Kremlin Denies Plotting Coup, Assassination in Montenegro
In Election Year, Germany to Tap Asylum-Seekers' Phones for ID Checks
After Seven Years of Bailouts, Greeks Sink Yet Deeper in Poverty
Five Teenagers Arrested in London on Terrorism Charges
Hundreds of Migrants Cross Into Spain's Ceuta in Second Wave in Three Days
Colombian Police Suspect ELN Rebels Behind Bullring Explosion
Bombing Halts Pumping on Colombia's Cano-Limon Oil Pipeline
New National Security Advisor
General H.R. McMaster on Continuities and Change in Future Armed Conflict (video)
General Dissects US Approach to War in Speech at University of San Francisco
Choice of McMaster Likely to Quell GOP Hawks
The Secret US Army Study That Targets Moscow
Harbingers of Future War: Implications for the Army With General H.R. Mcmaster (audio)
The War at Home
Russian Envoy to UN, Vitaly Churkin, Dies in New York
Trump Wants NATO to Step Up Defense Spending by Year-End, Says Pence
Fourth Wave of Bomb Threats Targets Jewish Community Centers in Five US States
Kabul Demands Action Against Taliban After Pakistan Forces Pound Terror Hideouts
Pakistan, Afghanistan Move to Defuse Border Tensions
Afghan Villagers Flee Pakistani Cross-Border Firing: Aid Group
Ski Resort Razed by the Taliban Lifts Pakistan's Domestic Tourism
Ex-Officer in Philippines Says He Led Death Squad at Duterte's Behest
Vietnamese Sailor Killed, Seven Abducted in Philippine Pirate Attack
Kim Jong-Nam Killing Was 'Terrorist Act' by North Korea, South Says
China Wields Stick With North Korea, but Is Still Pushing for Talks
Bangladesh Calls for Efforts to Curb Rohingya Influx
Nepal to Hold First Local Elections in 20 Years: Minister
Russia to Start Deliveries of Helicopters to India in 2019
Scuffles at Thai Temple as Police Hunt for Monk
Indonesia Islamists Urge Ouster of Jakarta Governor, Plan More Protests
US Ambassador Gives 'Make Somalia Great Again' Cap to the Somali President
At Least Five Killed in Protests Over Guinea Teachers' Strike
Egypt's Top Court Upholds 10 Death Sentences Over Soccer Violence
DR Congo Snubs Calls for Inquiry of Massacre Video
Ex-President's Supporters Arrested as Tensions Flare in Gambia
Famine Declared in South Sudan, With 100,000 People Facing Starvation
Convoy With Head of Libyan UN-Backed Govt Shot At, No One Hurt
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