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Updated February 23, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
Poll: Most Americans Worried About War
Centcom Chief: US Needs More Troops in Syria
  Russia Urges Syria to Halt Bombings During UN Peace Talks
  Hezbollah Denies Reports Israel Strikes Sites in Syria
  CIA Plan to Overthrow Syria by Provoking Tensions (1986: PDF)
Pentagon Confirms US Troops Wounded in Mosul
  Despite Territory Losses, ISIS Moving Back Across Iraq
CIA Cables Detail Dep. Director's Role in Torture
  DOJ Moves to Prevent CIA Official From Detailing Role in Torture
  Ex-CIA Officer Jailed in Portugal for Alleged Role in Kidnapping
Germany Will Send Tanks to Russia Border
US Says South China Sea Buildings Could House Missiles
$254 Billion in Unconditional US Aid to Israel Is Unique  by Grant Smith
The Trump-Netanyahu Circus: Now, No One Can Save Israel From Itself  by Ramzy Baroud
The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost  by Andrew P. Napolitano
NY Times' Fake News About Fake News  by Robert Parry

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Trudeau Defends Move to Give US Agents More Powers in Canada
Trump Admin Ordered to Produce List of Travelers Detained Under Ban
DHS Chief Tells Guatemalans US Won't Have Mass Deportations
US Forces Shot at in Mosul; 130 Killed in Iraq
Civilians Start Fleeing Homes After West Mosul Offensive Begins
Iraq Forces Poised for Mosul Airport Assault
ISIS Says British Militant Carried Out Suicide Attack in Iraq
UK PM Not Sure Iraqi Bomber Was a Briton
McCain Makes Secret Trip to Syria to Meet With US Troops
Syrian Army Takes District Near Aleppo: Monitor, Media Unit
UN Mediator Not Expecting Quick Breakthrough in Syria Peace Talks
Syrian Opposition Says Wants 'Serious Partner' in Talks
Russian Deputy FM to 'Post': Hezbollah Will Leave Syria When Conflict Is Over
Russia's Lavrov Says Moscow Waits for US Suggestions on Cooperation in Syria
Turkey Sees Change in US Stance Toward Operation in Syria's Raqqa: Defense Minister
Turkey Detains 35 Suspected ISIS Members in Istanbul: Haberturk
Turkey to Allow Female Soldiers to Wear Headscarves: Ministry Officials
Senior Yemeni General Killed in Houthi Missile Attack
Brazil's Taurus Shipped Arms to Son of Yemeni Smuggler: UN Report
Middle East
Hezbollah Claims Israel Spied in Lebanon, Denies IDF Strike in Syria
Iran Sends Delegation to Saudi Arabia for Talks on Rejoining Haj
Germany to Expand Bundeswehr to Almost 200,000 Troops
Ex-Iraqi Soldier on Trial in Berlin for War Crimes
Ukrainian Right-Wing Groups Stage Anti-Government Rally in Kiev
Cyprus Reunification Stalled in Row Over 1950 Vote
Albanian Opposition to Boycott Parliament, Defying EU Appeal
Swiss Police Stage Raids in Probe of Islamist Groups
Syrian on Trial in Austria for Suspected Killing of 20 Assad Troops
Warsaw Lists Properties That Pre-WWII Owners Can Reclaim
France Is Training Eagles to Take Down Drones to Fight Terrorism
Russian Supreme Court Scraps Conviction of Opposition Activist
UN Concerned Over New West Bank Demolition Plans
Israel Prevents EU Lawmakers From Entering Gaza Strip
Bedouin Driver Shot by Israeli Police Was Not Carrying Out Attack, Probe Set to Show
Spokesman for Turkey's Erdogan Calls on Israel to Halt Illegal Settlements
China Offers Big Anti-Terror Rewards in Xinjiang
China Calls Landmark Taiwan Protests Part of Chinese Liberation Struggle
China Defends Deportation of Taiwan Citizens to Mainland as Internationally Accepted
Duterte Allies Seek to Block Testimony of Philippine 'Death Squad' Ringleader
Philippine Minister Doubtful of China Row Resolution 'During Our Lifetime'
North Korea/Malaysia
North Korea Denies It Was Behind Killing at Malaysia Airport
Kim Jong-Nam's Body Targeted in Morgue Break-In, Say Police
Malaysia Names North Korean Diplomat Wanted for Questioning in Kim Jong Nam Case
Ambassador Pledges US Assistance to Dismantle Terror Networks in Pakistan
Uzbek Journalist Muhammad Bekjanov Freed After 18 Years
Khmer Rouge Cadre's War Crimes Charges Dismissed in Cambodia
Top Libyan Security Official Wounded in Car Bomb Attack
More Than 700 Migrants Rescued Off Libya: Italy Coast Guard
Germany Wants Surveillance Airships for UN Mission in Mali
At Inauguration, Somali President Calls on Al Shabaab to Surrender
Two Germans Kidnapped Near Nigerian Capital's Temporary Airport: Police
DR Congo Investigating Alleged Army Massacre Video
Zimbabwe Deploys Army at Hospitals After Doctors' Strike
South African Court Blocks Government's ICC Withdrawal Bid
Mexico Homicides Jump by a Third Amid Cartel Infighting
Mexicans Weigh the Daunting Prospect of Deportee Camps
Venezuela VP Blasts Drug Sanctions in Full-Page NYT Ad
US Senators Say Cuba's Castro Keen to Continue Detente
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