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Updated February 25, 2017 - 9:29 PM EST
Iraqi Jets Hit Targets in Syria for First Time
  US Provided Intelligence for Iraq Strike in Syria: Pentagon
  Attack on Syrian Security Forces in Homs Kills Dozens
US General Urges Caution in Syria Skies
  Bomb Blasts Near Newly Liberated Syrian Town Kill at Least 73
  With Anti-ISIS Plan Due, Pentagon Considering US Troops in Syria
US Changes Rules of Engagement for Mosul Fight
  Why US Forward Air Controllers Are Moving Closer to Combat
Homeland Report Disputes Threat From Banned Nations
  Trump's Deportation Plan Could Cost Taxpayers Half a Trillion Dollars
Yemen Fighting, Suicide Bombing Kill 48
UN Report Indicates Iran Honoring Its End of Nuke Deal
Trump: 'I Like Two-State Solution' Israel-Palestine
Experts Dispute That US Nuclear Arms Capability Lagging
HR McMaster Breaks With White House on Views of Islam
Anti-Russia Rhetoric Comes From a Long-Standing US Playbook  by Glenn Greenwald
Trump Is Not Moderating on Foreign Policy  by Conn Hallinan
Syrian War Propaganda at the Oscars  by Rick Sterling
The United States of Permanent War  by Edward Hunt

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Trump's Terrorism Fearmongering vs. the Facts
by A. Trevor Thrall & Erik Goepner
Judge Won't Throw Out Bergdahl Case Over Trump Comments
Pro-Kremlin Politicians Warn Trump Could Unleash New Arms Race
In Sweeping Move, Trump Puts Regulation Monitors in US Agencies
Trump Plans to Go After Recreational Marijuana Use
ISIS Attacks Border Checkpoint; 117 Killed in Iraq
15 Iraq Guards Dead Near Jordan
Army Claims Gains in Fight for Western Mosul
F-35 Won't Join ISIS Battle for Years, General Says
Russia Vows to Veto Sanctions on Syria Over Chemical Weapons
No Sign of Thaw in Syrian Talks as UN Envoy Offers Working Paper
Syrian Opposition Receives UN Working Paper
Two Turkish Soldiers Killed in Al-Bab Attack
Turkish Military Confirms Full Control in Syria's Al-Bab
Syrian Refugees Try to Rebuild Lives in War-Scarred Gaza
Greece Says Expects Turkey to Seek Extradition of Soldiers
136 Turks With Diplomatic Status Sought Asylum in Germany
German Lawmakers Urge Turkey to Free Die Welt Journalist
UN Nuclear Watchdog: Iran Uranium Stockpile Only Half of Level Allowed
Trump Proposal for Terrorist Listing of Iran Revolutionary Guard in Limbo: Sources
UN: Israeli Culture of Impunity Boosted by Hebron Shooter's Lenient Sentence
Israel: Human Rights Watch Is 'Propaganda' Group, Can't Have Workers Permit
Palestinian Rally in Hebron Sends 'Message to Trump'
Israel Taps Four New Supreme Court Justices, Shifting Balance of Power to the Right
Isaac Herzog Details His 10-Point Plan for Israeli-Palestinian Peace
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Blamed for Killing Eight Yemeni Soldiers in Attack on Military Camp
Jordan Warplane Crashes in Saudi Arabia
Seven Dead in Boko Haram Attack in Nigeria
Egypt's Christians Flee Sinai Amid ISIS Killing Spree
At Least Nine Hurt as Heavy Fire Paralyzes Libya Capital
Morocco Urges UN to End Polisario 'Provocation'
South African Police Break Up Anti-Immigrant Protests
Angola Says Portugal Decision to Charge Vice President a 'Serious Attack'
Weekend Reviews
How the US Began Its Empire
Drone Warriors: A Documentary Explores the Consequences of Our New Way of War
Trump's Appointment of H.R. McMaster: A Return to Realism in Foreign Policy?
Countering the Palestinian Nakba: One State for All
Americans Still Dying
Family, Friends Mourn Death in Iraq of Army Pfc. From Ware (MA)
Ft. Hood Soldier From North Carolina Dies in Training Accident at the National Training Center
The War at Home
Air Force Chief: Lack of Defense Budget More Dangerous Than Any Enemy
How Trump's Immigrant Dragnet Might Catch Your Personal Data, Too
Air Force Buys Mysterious Israeli Weapon to Kill ISIS Drones
North Korea/China
US Flexes Its Military Muscle Off China
China Say North Korea's Nuclear Plan Is a Problem Between US and North Korea
China and North Korea Reveal Sudden, and Deep, Cracks in Their Friendship
China's Coal Imports From North Korea Ease After Sanctions
One Suspect in Kim Jong Nam Murder Suffered Effects of Vx Agent: Police Chief
ISIS Militants Killed in Karachi; Police Find Hit List Carrying Names of Govt Officials
Pakistan Blast That Killed 10 Probably a Gas Explosion, Officials Say
Interpol Asks Pakistan to Explain Treason Charges Against Political Party Founder
Japanese Think Tank Argues for Moving Marines Off Okinawa
India, Israel Sign $2.5 Billion SAM Missile Deal
Britain Flags Concern About Confidence in Hong Kong's System
The Power Struggle Behind Thailand's Temple Row
Duterte Says China Misunderstood Philippine Minister's South China Sea Remarks
Senior Myanmar Police Jailed for Negligence Over Rohingya Attacks
British Isles
May's Conservatives Gain UK Parliament Seat as Rivals Suffer Setbacks
Northern Ireland Leader Says Rivals May Force Return to London Rule
German Secret Service Spied on Global Media: Report
US No Longer Germany's Top Trade Partner
Half of Germans Against Debt Relief for Greece, Survey Shows
Wary of Divided Loyalties, a Baltic State Reaches Out to Its Russians
France's Deradicalization Centers Seen as a 'Total Fiasco'
Swedish PM Wants to Curb Flow of Foreign Workers
Austria Says Prosecutors Open Fraud Probe on Fighter Deal
Proud Mexico Spurns US Aid Under Review by Trump
Mexico Warns US It Will Refuse Non-Mexican Deportees
Peru's President Tells Trump He Favors Bridges to Walls
US Charges Former Guatemala VP, Ex-Minister With Drug Trafficking
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