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Updated March 6, 2017 - 11:27 PM EST
US Sends Troops to Syria's Manbij
  Syrian Pilot Says He Was Shot Down
  Central Syria Airstrike Kills 11 Civilians
Pentagon Underreports Iraq, Syria Civilian Deaths
  UN 'Unclear' if Mosul Chemical Attack Conducted by ISIS or Iraq
Trump Backing Away From Planned Russia Deals
Trump Plans 'Dramatic' Reductions to Foreign Aid
US Drones Wound Several Civilians in Yemen
China Slows Military Spending Growth as Economy Weakens
Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against N. Korean Missiles
The Politics Behind 'Russia-Gate'  by Robert Parry
Could America Really Win a 'Limited' Nuclear War?  by Geoff Wilson & Will Saetren
Downplaying US Contribution to Potential Yemen Famine  by Adam Johnson
Into the Syrian Quagmire  by Justin Raimondo
The President Who Loved Generals  by William Hartung & Tom Engelhardt
How US Support for Syrian Rebels Drove the Refugee Crisis  by Rania Khalek

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Chinese Troops Operating in Afghanistan, and the Pentagon Is OK With It
US Congressman in Israel to Examine Embassy Move
Canada: No Plans to Clamp Down at Border to Deter Migrants
Are British Universities Silencing Critics of Israel?
Mosul Operations Resume After Weather Delay; 146 Killed in Iraq
Children Among 12 Hurt in Suspected Mosul Chemical Attack
Iraqi Forces on Schedule in Mosul Fight: US General
Iraq to Get 10 Billion Pound Loan for British Contracts
Iraq Minister Criticizes UN Efforts for Mosul Displaced
Report: More Than 200,000 Displaced by Mosul Conflict
Over 40,000 Displaced From Mosul in a Week as Iraqi Forces Near Old City
Syrian Army Takes More Villages From Militants in Northwest Syria
Twin ISIS Suicide Attacks Kill 15 in Syria
Desperate Syrians Huddle Among the Trees, Safe for Now
UN Says 66,000 Displaced in Five Months of North Syria Fighting
Thousands of Turkish Women Rally in Favor of Erdogan's Powers
Turkey Plans More Pro-Erdogan Rallies, German Concerns Mount
Suspected al-Qaeda Militants Kill Six Yemeni Troops, Civilian: Official
UN Delivers Medicine to Yemen's Besieged Taiz City
Iran Says S-300 Air Defense System Now 'Operational'
Iran Indicts Nuclear Negotiator, Holds Iranian-American on Fraud Charges
Iran's Ahmadinejad Joins Twitter Despite Ban
France Plans Loans for Companies Wanting to Invest in Iran
Bahrain Parliament Approves Military Trials for Civilians
Bahrain Uncovers Terror Cell With Germany-Based Leader, Says Chief Prosecutor
Netanyahu Offered Opposition Leader to Push Together for Regional Peace Initiative – and Then Backtracked
Labor Leader Herzog Slams Party Rivals for 'Deal' to Unseat Him
Under Government Order: Israeli Arab Town Removes 'Arafat' Street Sign
Netanyahu to Meet Putin, Says Iran Seeks Permanent Foothold in Syria
Two Palestinians Planning Attack Arrested in West Bank
Rebuilding Gaza From Its Ashes
Northern Ireland
Sinn Fein Makes Big Gains, Reshuffling Political Landscape in Northern Ireland
Tight Deadline for Talks After Nationalist Surge in Northern Ireland
Tony Blair Denies Pitching to Be Donald Trump's Middle East Envoy at Secret White House Meeting
British Foreign Minister to Visit Russia to Discuss Differences
Ukraine and Russia Face Off in UN Court Over Separatist Conflict
IMF Reaches Deal With Ukraine Paving Way for Next Loan Disbursal
Russia Dismisses Sweeping Corruption Allegations Against Medvedev
In the Era of Donald Trump, Germans Debate a Military Buildup
Kosovar Protesters Demand Ex-Leader's Release
Poland Names Counter-Candidate to Tusk as EU Leader
Rows Over Reforms, Election Bog Down Albania's EU Accession Talks
Nearly 1,300 Rescued Migrants Arrive in Sicily Over Weekend
The War at Home
Trump's New Travel Ban Will Exclude Iraq
Trump Wants NSA Program Reauthorized but Won't Tell Congress How Many Americans It Spies On
Obama's Intel Chief Says He Knows of No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion
Meet 70 Americans Working for Saudi Arabia Against 9/11 Justice
'Go Back to Your Own Country': Gunman Shoots Sikh Man in Seattle Suburb
US Military
Families on Edge Over Water Contamination at Former Air Base
Five Charged in Scheme to Overcharge US for Humvee Parts
Sniper Shortage: Too Many Marines Are Washing Out of Sniper School
Sikorsky to Offer Modified Black Hawk as Huey Replacement
Boeing to Enter Huey Replacement Competition With Mh-139 Variant
Forces of East Libya Strongman Concede Loss of Oil Port
East Libyan Forces Resume Strikes Against Rivals Near Oil Ports
Benghazi Defence Brigades Claims Seizing Libyan Cities
We've Cleared ISIS From Our Campus, Says Sudan University After Britons Are Killed
Sudan Jails Rights Activists in Spy, Fake Reports Case
Ethiopian Opposition Leader Pleads Not Guilty to Incitement Charges
Turkish Gulen Schools in Ethiopia Sold
10 Malian Soldiers Killed in Attack on Border Post
Somalia Says 110 Dead in Last 48 Hours Due to Drought
Thousands Protest in Niger as Pressure on Gov't Mounts
Pirates in Nigeria Release Russian, Ukrainian Sailors: Agencies
Senegal and Gambia Announce New Era of Ties
Congo Opposition Party Expels Top Official in Sign of Infighting
War Consumes South Sudan, a Young Nation Cracking Apart
North Korea Fires Four Missiles Into Sea of Japan
Hoping to Lure High-Level Defectors, South Korea Increases Rewards
United States Will 'Pay Dearly' if It Again Puts North Korea on Its Terror List, Pyongyang Warns
Malaysia Expels North Korea Ambassador Kang Chol
After Bombs, Pakistan Tightens Security for Rare Major Cricket Match
Pakistan Says It Won't Extradite Alleged Indian Spy
Top Philippine Officials Fly to US Carrier in Disputed Sea
Philippines Says Condemns Extrajudicial Killings, but None During Drugs War
Philippine Troops Recover Remains of Beheaded German Hostage
Closed Afghan-Pakistani Border Is Becoming 'Humanitarian Crisis'
China's Premier Rules Out Taiwan, Hong Kong Independence
Japan's PM Abe Cleared by Party to Run for Third Term
Sri Lanka Rejects UN Call for Foreign Judges in War Probe
Mexico Opens Legal Aid Centers at Dozens of US Consulates
Journalist Shot Dead by Apparent Hit Squad in Mexico
Mexico Frees 31 Cuban Migrants Held at House in Cancun
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