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Updated March 27, 2017 - 11:16 PM EDT
US Airstrikes Killed Nearly 300 Civilians in Mosul
US Sends Still More Combat Troops to Mosul
  Iraq Pauses Mosul Invasion, Citing 'Catastrophic' Civilian Toll
US Troops Capture Syrian Airbase Near Raqqa
  Syria Threatens Scud Strikes if Israel Attacks Again
  Airstrike Outside Damascus Kills 16 Civilians
  Mossad Turned French Spies Into Double Agents After Joint Syria Op
SecDef Seeks Deeper Involvement in Yemen War
Trump Gave Merkel $375 Billion 'Invoice' for NATO Expenses
US General: 5,000 More Troops Needed for Afghanistan
Netanyahu Denies Deal Limiting Settlement Expansion
UK Police Still Believe London Attacker Was Acting Alone
Will Congress Finally Reassert Its War Powers?  by Daniel R. DePetris
North Korea Fears 'Regime Change' Strike  by Jonathan Marshall
Trump Set to Outdo Obama on Military Adventurism  by Roqayah Chamseddine
Where Anti-Russian Moral Panic Is Leading Us  by Justin Raimondo
Contacts With Russian Embassy  by Jack Matlock
No War With North Korea  by Casey Given

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by Emma Ashford
Trump Adviser Flynn Discussed Sending Erdogan Foe to Turkey: Reports
The 712-Page Google Doc That Proves Muslims Do Condemn Terrorism
Air Force May Cut Flying Hours Due to '$1.3 Billion Math Problem'
Hundreds March Outside AIPAC in Protest of Israeli Settlements
London Attack: Direct Hand by ISIS Unlikely, Counterterrorism Expert Says
Why the London Attacker's Links to Saudi Arabia Might Matter
Fresh Election or Direct Rule Looms as Northern Ireland Talks Fall Apart
Russian Police Detain Opposition Leader, Hundreds of Protesters
Russian Soldiers Killed in ISIS-Claimed Attack in Chechnya
Military Helicopter Crashes in Ukraine, Crew Died
Belarus Police Arrest Over 400 Protesters; Many Are Beaten
Bulgarian Center-Right Gerb Wins Most Votes in Election
Two Charged Over Supplying Gun to French Airport Attacker
US Senators Want Sinai Peninsula Reclassified as a War Zone
Four Egyptian Soldiers Killed by Explosion in Sinai
Police Clash With Anti-Christian Mob in Southern Egypt
Egypt Court Hands Journalists Suspended Jail Sentence
Egyptian Court Suspends Jail Sentence Against Journalists
Egyptian Court Jails 56 Over Migrant Boat Shipwreck
DR Congo
Militia Fighters Decapitate 40 Police Officers in Congo Ambush
Congo Must Help Search for Missing UN Experts: Rights Group
Tuareg Factions to Boycott Mali Peace Conference
Three Soldiers Dead as Armed Men Attack N. Mali Army Base
South Sudan
Rape Reaches 'Epic Proportions' in South Sudan's Civil War
Six Aid Workers Killed in an Ambush in South Sudan, UN Says
US to End Operations Against Lord's Resistance Army in Africa
Ivory Coast Boosts Port Security Over Attack Threat
Moroccan Premier Forms Govt, Ending 5-Month Crisis
Niger Frees 15 Accused of Complicity in Coup Attempt
Nearly 1,200 Migrants Picked Up Off Libya, Heading to Italy
Thousands of Protesters Call for Guinea Bissau Leader to Quit
Grenade Attack in Karachi Injures 12
Pakistan: More Bloggers Charged, Cleric's Rally Blocked
Bangladesh Anti-Terror Raids: Civilians Killed in Blast
Two Militants Killed in Bangladesh Raid; Death Toll Now Eight
Communist Rebels Vow to Revive Ceasefire No Later Than March 31
Philippine Troops Rescue Ship Captain Kidnapped by Militants
Afghanistan Drone Strike Kills Planner of 2008 Islamabad Hotel Bombing, US Says
Communal Strife in Home State of India's Modi Kills One, 14 Hurt
Hong Kong Set to Get New Leader as Anointed by Beijing
US Judge Grants Asylum to Singapore Teen Blogger
Maldives' First Democratic Leader, Ex-Strongman Sign Pact
Dozens Arrested in Kyrgyzstan Protest Over Jailed Dissident
Myanmar Rebuffs UN Probe of Crimes Against Rohingya
Cholera in Mosul; 242 Killed in Iraq
'It Was Like the Apocalypse': Mosul Residents Caught Between Coalition Strikes and ISIS
US Command: Mosul Airstrikes Were at the Request of Iraq
UN Stunned by Multiple Civilian Casualties in Western Mosul
Grief and Questions Amid Wreckage of Mosul Air Strikes
Over 200,000 Displaced by West Mosul Battle
Inside Mosul, US Military Advisers Wear Black to Blend in With Elite Iraqi Units
In Iraq's Mosul, a School Becomes a Field Hospital
Airstrike on Prison in Syria's Idlib Kills at Least 16
'No Miracles' in Geneva Talks as Syria Fighting Rages
UN Envoy Calls on Powers to Salvage Syrian Ceasefire
ISIS Warns Syrian Dam at Risk of Collapse
Evacuation of Syrian Homs Rebels Delayed: Governor
Syrian Army Pushing Back Insurgent Offensive, Military Source Says
Syrian Opposition 'Fed Up With Terrorists', Seeks Help Against Assad
Pro-Houthi Court Sentences Yemen President to Death for Treason
Thousands of Yemenis Rally in Sanaa on War's Second Anniversary
Iran Denies Harassing US Warships in Gulf, Warns of Clashes
Iran Imposes Sanctions on 15 American Companies
Iran to Appeal Seizure of 9/11 Compensation Money
Third Plane Bought Under Sanctions Deal Arrives in Iran
UK Report: Some Gulenists Involved in Turkish Coup
Erdogan Says Would Be 'Easier' if EU Rejects Turkey Bid
Erdogan Says Turkey May Hold Referendum on EU Accession Bid
Turkey Summons Swiss Envoy Over Rally It Says Supported Terrorism
Netanyahu Denies Deal to Limit West Bank Settlement Construction
TV Report Says Israel May Agree to Settlement Limits in Exchange for New Amona
Amona Evacuees: 'if New Settlement Is Not Authorized, We'll Build One Ourselves'
Lieberman: Hamas Has 'Far Fewer' Than 15 Tunnels Into Israel
Israel's False Narrative on Land Swaps
IDF Soldiers in West Bank on High Alert
Gaza-Israel Border Shut After Hamas Commander Killed
Hamas Vows Revenge at Slain Militant's Funeral in Gaza
New Details Reveal Stealthy, Professional Hit on Hamas Terror Leader
Middle East
Bahrain Breaks Iran-Linked 'Terrorist' Cell Behind Bus Attack
Lebanon University Settles US Lawsuit Over 'Hezbollah Media Training'
Venezuelan Defense Minister Denies Troops Entered Colombia
Out of Hiding, Women Rebels in Colombia Face Uneasy Transition to Civilian Life
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