The N-Word & the F-Word

Scrolling down through the threads Tex linked to on FreeRepublic and Little Green Footballs, a thought I’ve had many times before recurred: liberals have ruined the language. By throwing the words “Nazi” and “fascist” around all these years with reckless abandon, they devalued a portion of our political vocabulary that is desperately needed now. Thanks, liberals, for every time you used the N- or F-word to describe welfare reform, opposition to affirmative action, laissez-faire economics, or the slightest insensitivity. Cos’ now, we’re looking the real thing right in the face, and the appropriate terms have been sapped of all urgency.

Think I’m exaggerating? Some FreeRepublicans on Kevin Sites, the journalist who filmed the execution of the wounded Iraqi:

    *”Journalists” like this should be treated as ”enemy combatants.”

    *No. They are traitors and should be hung.

    *OK, you’re a Marine searching enemy bodies in a mosque. One of the bodies is starting to move and there is a reporter filming in the room. You only have two rounds left.

    Quick! What do you do!

    Shoot the reporter twice….

    *It would be fitting to see him become the next “Salman Rushdie”.

    *72 Virgins to you mother fucker!

    You media f*cks who want to burn those Marines are not worth the sweat off my……just go fuck yourself!

    *Would it be a threat to suggest that mister sites be left in the next Mosque with a billet [sic] in his head?

    *[Beneath a photo of Sites] Kevin Sites – – Next Friendly-Fire Victim

Go read the thread if you think I’m cherrypicking. Nary a word of dissent – except perhaps a couple of posts that have been removed by the administrator.

And from Charles Johnson’s Little Green Footballs (blogrolled by Glenn “Crushing of Dissent” Reynolds):

    *Journalists should wear bright orange clothes so the murdering terrorists can see who they don’t need to shoot at but can if they want.

    *I just thought, there are very many Marines in California once Kevin Sites returns home.

    Just a thought.

    *The Marine in this situation deserves a Congressional Medal of Honor.

    *Note to Marines: save at least one round for embedded terrorist sympathizers.

    *”Oops, sorry, I was aiming at the rat behind your head and about to eat at your eyeballs.

    Damn, I wish I had trained harder during shooting practice. Third time this week I’ve missed a friggin’ rat.”

    *If I were in a Marine squad, the first thing I would do is make sure the embedded “reporter” and “cameraman” somehow got “lost”. Failing that I’d make sure that the camera was damaged by “enemy” fire.

    *May be this smug elitist “blue stater”, POS, will catch a live grenade….to save the life of a soldier, of course….:).

And so on. Time to call a spade a spade.