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Updated November 18, 2019 - 10:03 AM EST
Pompeo Says US Stands With Iranian Protesters
  Iran Leaders Warn of Action as Protests Grow Nationwide
Trump Issues Pardons in War Crimes Cases
  Trump Pardon Sparks Reaction in Afghanistan
US Threatens to Sanction Iraq Over Crackdown
  Despite Rising Birth Defects, Fallujah Shuns Protests Fearing Backlash
Turkey Blames Kurd YPG for N. Syria Car Bomb
23 Dead in Bolivia Protests Against Interim Govt
UK Govt, Military Accused of War Crimes Coverup
US, S. Korea Cancel Wargames After N. Korea Criticism
Yemeni Govt Delays Return to Aden, Blames Separatists
item A New Generation of Vets: Ending Endless War From the Right  by Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.)
item Combat Vet Senator Richard Black Fighting the War Party  by Hunter DeRensis
item Don't Pretend That We Actually Protect Turkey  by Benjamin H. Freedman
item America's Arms Sales Addiction  by William D. Hartung
item The American Raj Is Plundering Iraq  by Eric Margolis
item OPCW Whistleblower: US Officials Tried to Influence Douma Report  by Caitlin Johnstone

More Viewpoints

Arbuthnot Out as Assange's Judge in Conflict of Interest
The US Military Is Poisoning Okinawa
Interpol Plans to Condemn Encryption Spread, Citing Predators, Sources Say
Trump Said 'Frustrated' With Netanyahu as Deadlock Delays Peace Plan
US Army to Train Alongside Chinese Soldiers During Hawaii Exercise
Iraq Daily Roundup: Five Killed; Protesters Capture Baghdad Bridge
VP Allawi Blames Government for Friday Blast in Tahrir Square
Iraqi Protesters Seize Key Square in Baghdad
From Mosul to Baghdad, a Song of Iraqi Solidarity and Resistance
Iraqi Workers and Students Go on Strike in Show of Strength Against 'Corrupt' Government
Protesters Being Killed by 'Third Party', Not Iraq's Security Forces: Defense Minister
Revolutionary Pride: Iraq Protesters Bring in Trained Pet Lions to Fight Riot Police Dogs
Syrian Govt Soldiers Targeted in Rocket Attack by 'Unknown Militants' in Daraa Province
Turkish Authorities Capture Syria Bomb Attack Suspect
Russian Air Strikes Kill Nine Civilians in Northwestern Syria
Gunmen Assassinate Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham Militia Official in Idlib
Four Dead in Iran Fuel Protest After Government Hikes Pump Prices Up to 300 Per Cent
Iran's Top Leader Warns 'Thugs' as Protests Reach 100 Cities
Iran Central Bank Branch Set on Fire
Rouhani Warns Protest-Hit Iran Cannot Allow 'Insecurity'
Iranian Authorities Shut Down Internet Amid Protests
Iran Blocks Border Crossing to Passengers in Southern Iraq
Iran Says It Will Increase Range of Cruise Missiles, Add Laser Air Defense
Seven Houthi Fighters Killed by Pro-Govt Forces in Hodeidah
Sudanese Troops Killed in Yemen Rebel Attack, Officials Say
158 Suspected Dengue Cases Recorded in Yemen's Marib in 2 Weeks
Saudi Arabia
Two Saudi Soldiers Killed Near Yemen Border
Blow to Saudi Crown Prince as Oil Giant Aramco Valued Below Target of $2 Trillion
Middle East
Turkey Says It Bought Russian S-400s to Use Them, Not Put Them Aside
US Puts F-35 Talks With the UAE on the Backburner to Focus on F-16 Upgrades
Kuwait Defense Chief Says Government Quit Over $800m Embezzlement
Russia Flags Possible 2019 Summit on Eastern Ukraine
Russia Says It Will Return Captured Naval Ships to Ukraine on Monday
UK Government Will Publish Russia Report After Election: Minister
Conservative UK Ministers Block British ISIS Orphans Rescue Operation From Syria
British Man Charged With 'Syria-Related' Terror Offence After Arrest at Heathrow Airport
Czech Republic
Czechs Say Billionaire Leader Must Resign in Mass Protests
Prague: Anti-Government Protests Mark Velvet Revolution Anniversary
Tens of Thousands Gather in Tbilisi to Demand Snap Elections in Georgia
Georgia Demands Release of Doctor Detained by Separatists
Paris Police Fire Tear Gas on 'Yellow Vest' Protests Anniversary
Germany: Kids Fish Out World War II Ammunition From Pond
Cyprus Police Say They Seized Israeli 'Spy Van,' Question Owner
Pro-Independence Protesters Take to Barcelona's Main Train Station
Belarus Threatens to Pull Out of Russia Integration Deal Over Subsidy Row
South Kordofan Rebels' Demands for Secularism Mark Latest Challenge to Sudan's Islamists
Feared Sudan Paramilitary Force Threatens to Sue Activists Over 'Fake' Social Media Posts
At Least 15 Civilians Killed in Eastern DR Congo by Suspected Islamist Militants
Guinea Protests Turn Deadly Yet Again
Egypt Officials: Three Security Forces Killed in Sinai Blast
UN-Backed Libyan Authorities Seize Eastern Libyan Plane
Algerian Protesters Attack 'Garbage' Presidential Campaign
Chile Police Stopped Rescue Workers Helping Dying Protester: Human Rights Watchdog
Video: Protesters in Chile Pocket Lasers to Crash a Police Drone
The War at Home
A Power Struggle Over the F-35 Fighter Jet Comes to a Head as Lawmaker Threatens to Hold Up Contract
DHS Developing Plans to Shoot Down Drones Near Airports
Judge Says Mass Arrest of Marines Accused of Human Smuggling, Drug Offenses Was Unlawful
Despite IDF Admitting Info False, Its Posts on Strike That Killed Family Stay Up
US Air Force Chief in Israel: 'We'll Always Stand Shoulder to Shoulder With You'
Over 10 Palestinian Demonstrators Injured by Israeli Forces in West Bank
Israeli Army Launches Fresh Air Raids on Gaza, Targets Hamas
Is Gantz Really About to Become Prime Minister? Panicking Bibi Thinks He Might
'Burn It All Down' – Netanyahu Attacks Rival's Possible Coalition With Palestinians
Palestinian Journalist May Lose Eye After Shot by Israel
Hamas, Islamic Jihad Put on Show of Reconciliation After Clash at Mourning Tent
Microsoft to Investigate Work of Israeli Facial Recognition Technology It Funded
US Embassy in Lebanon Denies Funding 'Revolution Bus'
Lebanon Slips Deeper Into Crisis After Safadi Withdrawal
Lebanese Police to Boost Security Near Banks Amid Unrest
In Pictures: Inside Lebanon's Tripoli – the 'Bride of the Revolution'
Taiwan President Chooses Running Mate Who Chinese Paper Wanted Arrested
China Sails Carrier Group Through Taiwan Strait as Election Campaign Picks Up Pace
China and US Had 'Constructive Discussions' About Phase-One Trade Deal
Hong Kong
PLA Soldiers Sent Onto Streets of Hong Kong for First Time Since Protests Began – To Help Clear Roadblocks
Hong Kong Police Threaten to Use Live Bullets as Standoff With Protesters Escalates
Hong Kong Campus Protesters Fire Arrows, Hurl Petrol Bombs as Anti-Government Unrest Spreads
Hong Kong Protesters Unleash Stash of Petrol Bombs; Chinese Soldiers Clear Roads
Hong Kong Police Storm University Held by Protesters
Hong Kong Police Use Controversial Anti-Riot Sound Device for First Time, Rejecting Claims It Is Harmful
North Korea
Trump Tweets at North Korea's Kim, Tells Him to 'Get the Deal Done'
North Korea Says Nuclear Issues Will Not Be on Agenda Unless US 'Hostile Policy' Discussed
Japan Defense Minister Tells US 'No One Could Be Optimistic About North Korea'
Over 615 Surrendered ISIS Members: Afghan MoD
Afghanistan Prisoner Swap Delayed, Complicating Efforts to Restart Talks With Taliban
Back-To-Back Blasts Hit Afghan Capital; at Least 4 Soldiers Wounded
Afghanistan Announces Delay in Taliban-for-Hostages Exchange
Afghan Chief Executive Blasts IEC for Ignoring Candidates' Demands
New Zealand Defense Force Had Moral Responsibility to Clear Firing Range Before Blast Killed Afghan Children: Expert
Sri Lanka
Former Wartime Defense Secretary Claims Victory in Sri Lanka Election
Sri Lanka Election: Observers Report Poll Day Violations
Shots Fired at Muslim Voters as Hotly Contested Sri Lankan Presidential Polls Close
Philippines' Duterte to VP: Keep State Secrets or Lose Your 'Drugs Tsar' Post
Life Taking 'Toll on My Health': Philippines' Duterte
Kashmir News: Retired Senior Army Officer Advocates Revenge Killings and Rapes in Valley on Live TV
Indian Muslims to Pursue Review of Hindu Temple Site Ruling
Cambodia Starts Release of Opposition Activists
Pope Francis to Take Nuclear Weapons Ban Mission to Japan's Ground Zeros
Food Shortages Cripple Bolivia, New Elections Still Uncertain
UN Warns Bolivia Crisis Could 'Spin Out of Control' as Death Toll Mounts
I Should Be Allowed to Return to Country, Complete My Final Term: Former Bolivian President
Cuba Cries Foul as Doctors Head Home From Bolivia
Thousands Take to the Streets of Caracas for Rival Protests
Maduro Says Military Personnel Jailed for Alleged Plots
Masked Men Break Into Venezuela Opposition Party Offices on Eve of Protest
Nicaraguan Opposition Denounces Arrest of Anti-Ortega Activists
Rights Group: Nicaragua Plans Charges for Detained Activists
US Slaps Travel Sanctions on Second Senior Cuban Official
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