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Updated October 23, 2019 - 9:00 PM EDT
Trump: Full Ceasefire, Turkey Sanctions Lifted
  In Meeting, US Warned Kurds Not to Talk With Assad or Russia
  Unidentified Drones Attack Iraqi Militia on Syrian Border
US Troops From Syria Leave Iraq, To Come Home
  Trump Is Keeping Some Troops in Syria – but Not to Protect Kurds
Saudi Airstrike Kills 5 Yemeni Civilians in Saada
  15 Million in Yemen at Risk of Deadly Diseases as Water Supplies Cut
US Wants NATO to Pay for Troops in Saudi Arabia
  Pentagon Chief Visits Saudi Arabia to Discuss Iran Tensions
Julian Assange in Court: A First-Hand Account
Secret Criteria for No-Fly List Upheld by Appeals Court
FBI's Long History of Treating Political Dissent as Terrorism
item Up in Smoke: The Neocon Assault on Syria Is Finally Over  by David Stockman
item The Lost Art of Exiting a War  by Adam Wunische
item Trump Should Ask Congress to OK Intervention in Syria, if Members Want It So Badly  by James Bovard
item Assange in Court: What I Saw  by Craig Murray
item Vicarious Courage on Syria  by Jacob G. Hornberger
item Catholic Activists Stand Trial for Protesting Nuclear Weapons  by Sam Husseini

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US Diplomat Testifies Trump Tied Ukraine Aid to Political Investigations
Chevron Granted Sanctions Waiver for Venezuela
Iran Banned From World Judo Until It Agrees to Face Israel
Blacklist: Many Muslims Listed by World-Check Without Evidence
The War at Home
Opening Statement of Former US Diplomat to Ukraine William B. Taylor
Trump's DC Hotel Abruptly Cancels Aid Group's Kurdish Solidarity Event
Acting Assistant Defense Secretary for Special Operations Leaving After Just 4 Months in the Position
Mark Esper Removes Himself From Jedi Cloud Contract Review, Citing Son's Job
Musk's Satellite Project Testing Encrypted Internet With Military Planes
Hong Kong
China Dismisses Reports of Carrie Lam Replacement Plans for Hong Kong
Taking Aim at China: Why Hong Kong 'Radicals' Have Turned on Mainland Chinese Targets
Hong Kong Protest Violence Being Fanned by Foreign Forces, China's Wang Yi Claims
Three More US Senators Back Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Bill, Including Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris
Hong Kong Govt Pledges More Aid to Battered City, No End in Sight to Unrest
Tear Gas Fired at Hong Kong Protests Has Not Affected Water and Air Quality: Health Minister
16 Afghanistan Police Killed in Kunduz Clashes
Taliban Say New Intra-Afghan Peace Talks to Be Held in China
India, Pakistan Set to Sign Pilgrim Corridor Pact Amid Kashmir Tension
US Congressional Sub-Committee Discusses Occupied Kashmir
Eight-Pound Part Falls From Special Ops Aircraft and Lands at US Air Base on Okinawa
Pakistani Islamist Party Vows to Oust Government With Protests
India Govt, Facebook Spar Over Decryption Laws at Top Court
Japan's Naruhito Declares Himself Emperor
Kim Jong UN: South Korean Facilities in Mt. Kumgang Inter-Korean Resort Must Be Removed
UN Calls for Release of Ex-Aide to Egypt's Mursi, Son Jailed Since 2013
Britain Lifts Advisory Against Flying to Egypt's Sharm El Sheikh Resort
Days of Attacks in Burkina Faso Kill at Least 19 Civilians
Children Killed in Haftar Airstrike Hours After Amnesty Slams Libya 'War Crimes'
DR Congo Spy Informant Dies While on Trial for UN Experts' Killing
Somalia Now Seeking Turkey, Eritrea Support
Guinea Protest Leaders Sentenced to Jail for Organizing Against President
Kremlin: Preparations for Normandy Summit on Ukraine Have Ground to a Halt
Pro-Russian Separatists in Ukraine Jail Journalist for 15 Years for Spying
Europeans Propose Siccing Self-Learning Drone Swarms on Air Defenses
US Senate Approves North Macedonia to NATO
Catalan Leader Urges Spain to Start Talks on Independence Referendum
Nearly 800 Kurdish Fighters Leave North Syria Under Ceasefire Deal: Erdogan
Full Text: Memorandum of Understanding Between Turkey and Russia on Northern Syria
Russia Says Up to 500 People Have Fled Captivity in N. Syria
On the Turkish-Syrian Border, a Kurdish Commune Waits Nervously
Assad Says Idlib Is Key to Ending Syrian War in Rare Visit
Assad Says Syria Will Continue to Fight Terrorism by All Legitimate Means
Calling Erdogan a 'Thief', Syria's Assad Tours Idlib Frontline Near Rebels
Turkey Replaces Four More Pro-Kurdish Mayors as Crackdown Widens
Erdogan, After Sealing Russia Deal, Says US Has Not Kept Promises on Syria
Turkey Launches Homemade Submarine Program
Syria: Global Reaction
US Official: Syria Situation Improved in the Past Week
More Than 60 Children Born to UK ISIS Members Stranded in Syria
German Defense Minister Proposes Security Zone for Syria
German Coalition Government Divided Over Call for International Syria Border Security Mission
Iraq Daily Roundup: Federal Police Major General Among 16 Killed
Iraqi Security Forces Killed 149 Protesters, Most by Shots to Head, Chest: Government Inquiry
Iraqi Army Commanders Sacked as New Official Protest Death Toll Released
Lebanese Troops Out in Force Amid Call for More Rallies
In Limbo as Crisis Rages, Lebanese Banks Remain Shut
Six Saudi Soldiers Killed in Border Clashes With Houthi Rebels
UAE Wants Its $100 Million Aden Power Station Back
Palestinian Authority Blocks 59 Palestinian Websites, Social Media Channels Critical of Abbas
Palestinian Journalists Challenge Court Over Blocked Websites
Lieberman: Netanyahu Doesn't Want Unity Government, 'Hostage' of Ultra-Orthodox
Checkpoint Killing Shows Israel Follows 'Trigger-Happy' Policy
'You Are Great!': Trump's Handwritten Praise for Ally Netanyahu on 70th Birthday
Ballot Boxes Burn in Bolivia as Contested Vote Count Ignites Protests
Bolivia Election Count Sparks Backlash, Govt Offers Audit
Bolivian Opposition Calls General Strike Over Poll Results
Death Toll Hits 15 as Violence Wracks Chile for 5th Day
Chile Lawmakers Call for Social Reforms as Protests Mount
Chile President Seeks Cross-Party Help to End Street Violence
Mexico Sends in Elite Troops to Patrol City After Cartel Battle
Haitian Catholics March for Reform as Protests Spread
Top Canadian Police Intelligence Official Charged With Leaking Secret Info Gets Bail
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