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Updated September 30, 2020 - 1:54 AM EDT
US Govt Invisible Hand in Protests Around World
Taiwan DM Says No Sign China Preparing for War
  US Military Patch Depicts Drone and Skull Over China
  Portugal Rejects US Threats Over China Relations
  US, Japan, Australia, and India to Meet in Show of Unity to China
Azerbaijan, Armenia Reject Talks, Battle Continues
  Turkey Denies Allegation of Downing Armenian Jet
US Demands Iraq Immediately Act Against Militias
  Iraqis Decry Govt Over Insecurity as 7 Civilians Slain in Rocket Fire
Assange Could End Up at Colorado Supermax Prison
  Assange Witnesses To Detail Alleged CIA Plot to Kill Assange
US To Base Massive Ship in Greece, Near Disputed Waters
item US Foreign Policy: The Problem of Applying the Monroe Doctrine Everywhere  by Doug Bandow
item TikTok Isn't a Threat to Our Privacy and Security, but the NSA Is  by Jason C. Ditz
item Twilight of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization  by Melvin Goodman
item Defense Destroys Basis For Hacking Charge Against Assange  by Kevin Gosztola
item How the US Could End the War in Yemen  by Edward Hunt
item Trump Continues the Never-Ending War on Cuba  by Jacob Hornberger

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BDS Win: Columbia University Votes to Boycott Israeli Companies
Khashoggi Pro-Democracy Group Launches in US Two Years After His Killing
Covid Bill Dampens Hopes for Defense Industry Aid
Airwars Monthly Assessment – August 2020
United Arab Emirates/Israel
At UN Security Council, UAE Reiterates 'Firm Demand' for Palestinian State
Israel's War Industry Embraces Emirates With Open Arms
UAE Accuses Turkey of Trying to Restore 'Colonial Rule' Over Arab World
UAE to Launch Spacecraft to Moon in 2024, Tweets PM
After Outcry, Gantz Says IDF Troops Won't Police Anti-Government Protests
Palestinian Teen Sentenced to Five Years in Prison
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed; Missile Attack on Baghdad Home
Civil War in Iraq if Attacks Don't Stop: Sadr
Iraq to Establish Special Force to Protect Green Zone Amid Continued Threat to US Embassy
Two People Injured in Grenade Attack Near Armenian Church in Syria
700,000 Children in Syria Risk Hunger, Aid Group Warns
Hezbollah Chief Tells France's Macron Can't Act Like Lebanon's Ruler
Hezbollah Chief: Israeli PM Is Lying About Group's Missile Sites
Another Fire Breaks Out in Beirut Blast Zone
Iran Rejects Saudi Accusation It Trained Terrorist Cell Uncovered in Kingdom
Azerbaijan Says 12 Azeri Civilians Killed, 35 Hurt by Armenian Fire
Democrats Warn Turkey Over Involvement in Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict
Armenia Takes Azerbaijan to European Court of Human Rights Over Nagorno-Karabakh Tensions
Belarus to Sanction Some 300 Officials From Baltic States in Tit-for-Tat Move
Britain and Canada Impose Sanctions on Belarus Leader Lukashenko
Belarus Pulls Popular News Site's Credentials Amid Protests
Pompeo Urges Greece, Turkey to Pursue Talks on Maritime Dispute
Italy Repatriates Female Islamic Fighter and Her Four Children
Germany Walks Away From Lockheed, Boeing Cargo Helicopter Offers
Top India Refiner Pre-Empts New Oil Sanctions Against Venezuela
Huawei Lawyers Wrap Up Arguments in Canada Court, Say US Extradition Case 'Ineffective'
The War at Home
Bipartisan Congressional Task Force Recommends Extending Nuclear Treaty With Russia
Los Angeles Police Use Data-Mining Firm Palantir's Tool to Store Personal Information
House Passes Bills to Secure Energy Sector Against Cyberattacks
Lockheed Martin 'Mishandled Toxins', Causing Illness: US Lawsuits
General's Proposal to Curb Suicide: Require Every Soldier to Visit Behavioral Health
Two Wells for Drinking Water Near Naval Base Kitsap Contaminated by PFAS
A Troubled Sailor Was 'Underdiagnosed' by Mental Health Officials Before Mass Shooting
Mystery Seizures Haunt Marine Units a Decade After Deployment
Need for Mediator Discussed as Doha Sides Still Deadlocked
Afghan Team Told to Be Flexible in Negotiating With Taliban
Roadside Bomb Kills 14 Civilians in Afghanistan
Abdullah Abdullah Meets Imran Khan, Discusses Peace
India Looks to Store Oil in the US to Reduce Supply Risks
India Races to Build Border Roads, Bridges to Match China
Amnesty International to Halt Work in India After Its Bank Account Frozen
North Korea Tells UN That Now It Has 'Effective War Deterrent' It Will Focus on Economy
South Korea Claims Slain Official Tried to Defect to North Korea
Campaigners Say Myanmar Students Face Jail Over Anti-War Pamphlet Protest
Myanmar Says Militants Hampering Return of Rohingya Refugees
New Thai Army Chief Pledges Defense of Monarchy
China Accuses India of 'Illegal' Move to Change Ladakh's Status as Border Stand-Off Continues
UN: Libya Rivals Reach Preliminary Pact on Prisoner Exchange
Judge Allows US Suit Against Libyan Commander to Proceed
Efforts to Unify Soldiers in South Sudan 'Stuck': UN Envoy
WHO to Probe 'Sexual Exploitation' by Aid Workers in DR Congo
Sudan Blows Up 300,000 Firearms in Newly-Launched Mass Disarmament Campaign
US-Based Egyptian Filmmaker Detained in Egypt in 'Outrageous' Crackdown on Artistic Freedom
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