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Updated November 15, 2019 - 2:02 PM EST
Trump Contradicting Pentagon on Role in Syria
  Despite US Demands, Coalition Split on Repatriating ISIS
Turkey Says Erdogan Visit Is Victory Over Trump
  Senate Foreign Relations Chair: 'Best' Not to Pass Turkey Sanctions Bill
Islamic Jihad, Israel Differ on Terms, Truce Shaky
  Israel Security Minister Threatens to Assassinate More Palestinians
  Gaza: Eight Family Members Killed, 12 Critical in Israeli Raids
Trump Demands 5-Fold S. Korea Payment Hike
  North Korea Rebuffs US Offer of Nuclear Talks in December
Bolivia's Senate Agrees To Work for Early Vote
  Bolivia Interim Leader Recognizes Guaido as Venezuelan Leader
Bring Our Troops Home Takes Fight to Capitol Hill
Slow Progress Negotiating 2020 Pentagon Budget
item Finally Got Him: The Bolivian Coup  by Ted Snider
item Iraq: Is This What 'Winning' Looks Like?  by Kelley Beaucar Vlahos
item I Was 10 When Battle of Fallujah Taught Me the Meaning of War  by Ali Nayyef
item When Did Ukraine Become a 'Critical Ally'?  by Patrick J. Buchanan
item Ukraine for Dummies  by Ray McGovern
item Turkey Isn't Worthy of NATO Membership  by Doug Bandow

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Assange's Judge and Her Husband Linked to British Military Establishment
Israel's Genocidal Arms Customers
No Justifying Israel's Bloodshed in Gaza
North Korea Says It Issued Ultimatum to South Over Resort
The War at Home
Graham Blocks Resolution Recognizing Armenian Genocide After Erdogan Meeting
Intelligence Agencies Have Stopped Collecting Cellphone Data Without Warrants: Letter
Judge Rules American-Born Woman Who Joined ISIS Not a US Citizen
Google Antitrust Probe by State AGs Expands Into Search, Android Businesses
Amazon Files Protest of Pentagon's Jedi Cloud Award
Pentagon Presses for US Access to Special EU Defense Projects
Watchdog Paints Troubling Picture of Relationship Between NASA and Boeing
China/Hong Kong
US Defense Secretary Mark Esper Starts Second Indo-Pacific Tour With Bid to Counter Chinese Power
Hong Kong Protests: Man Beaten by Baton-Wielding Gang in Sheung Shui
Elderly Man Hit on Head by Brick During Clash in Hong Kong Dies
Hong Kong Government Under Fire From Across Political Spectrum for Inaction Toward Protesters
China's Xi Warns Hong Kong Protesters Jeopardize 'One Country, Two Systems'
Haqqani Prisoners Returned to Bagram Prison After Exchange Fails
A Birthday, a Walk to School and a Blast That Tore an Afghan Family Apart
Putin: Russia to Deliver S-400 Missiles to India as Planned
Gunmen Kill Senior Police Official in Northwest Pakistan
Germany: Don't Panic Over 'Islamic State' Returnees' Arrival
Thousands Rally in Georgia as Ruling Party Backtracks on Reforms
UK Arrests Man on 'Syria-Related' Terror Offences After Deportation From Turkey
AP Interview: Evo Morales Wants UN Mediation in Bolivia
Bolivia's Interim President's Indigenous-Free Cabinet Heightens Polarization
Two Killed as Unrest Continues in Bolivia
Morales Lost Bolivia After Shock Mutiny by Police
How Chilean Protesters Took Down a Drone With Standard Laser Pointers
Chileans Blinded by Police Firing Pellet Guns in Protests
Guatemalan Indigenous People March in Support of Morales
Cuban President Says US Plan to Pressure Cuba Failing
IDF Launches Fresh Strikes in Gaza in Response to Rocket Attacks
A Small Victory for Free Speech on Israel
Michael Bloomberg Funded Israel Occupation Infrastructure
Sanders, Warren Speak Out Against Israel-Gaza Violence
Nearly Every Dem Candidate Rushed to Defend Israel's Attack on Gaza, Warren Only One to Acknowledge Palestinian Deaths
Agreement on Naming Mohammad Safadi as Lebanon's Next PM
Was Politician's Killing a Turning Point in Lebanon's Protests?
Lebanese Activist Released 'After Being Abducted, Beaten' by Military Intelligence Officers
Esper Confirms Up to 600 US Troops to Stay in Syria, Despite Trump Pullout Order
Idlib Hospital Bombed Out of Service
Russia Moves Helicopters to New Syria Base in Qamishli Near Turkey Border
UN Aid Chief: Over 11 Million Syrians Need Humanitarian Aid
'The Sky Is Against Us': Syrian Christian Fighters Struggle to Hold Their Lines in Tel Tamer
Iraq Daily Roundup: Nine Killed; Baghdad Protest Deaths
Iraqi Security Forces Targeting Medics Assisting Protesters: Human Rights Watch
[video]: Interior Ministry Official Kidnapped in Baghdad
Protesters in Iraq Celebrate Soccer Win Against Iran
Finland Reopens Iraq Embassy After Hiatus of Nearly 30 Years
US Agrees to Turkey's Deportation of 'American ISIS Fighter' Stuck in No Man's Land
Turkey: 17 Hurt in Explosions at Ammunition Depot
Iran's Top Leader Grants Mass Jail Pardon on Islamic Holiday
Iran Imposes Fuel Rationing, Increases Prices
Two Injured in Blast at Checkpoint in Yemen's Aden
Eastern Libya Authorities Stop Plane From Rival Territory
Libya's Prime Minister Says Russia Mercenaries Will Drag Out War
'Down With Your Rule': Egyptian Woman Arrested After Criticizing Sisi in Viral Video
Estonia Special Forces to Join France-Led Takuba Mission in Mali, Defense Ministry Says
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