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Updated August 24, 2019 - 10:57 AM EDT
US Confirms Israel Behind Recent Attacks in Iraq
Report: Israel Plans to Attack Houthis in Yemen
  Yemen's Separatists Declare Ceasefire With Govt Forces in Shabwa
Report: North Korea Fires Rockets Off East Coast
  North Korea: Pompeo's Political Ambitions Are Driving His Failures
Assad Surrounds Turkish Troops in Idlib
  Syria Reclaims Idlib Towns Held by Rebels for Years
Two US Allies Get Down to War in Libya
How Amazon & Silicon Valley Seduced Pentagon
50 Palestinians Shot as Israeli Teen Killed in Explosion
Guaido Would Boycott Venezuela Legislative Elections
item Forget Annexing Greenland, Start Breaking Up America  by Doug Bandow
item US Military Named Secretive Base in Syria After 'Game of Thrones' Bastion  by Nick Turse
item Why Kashmir Is Suddenly a Potential Global Point of Conflict  by Vijay Prashad
item What Is the US Role in the Hong Kong Protests?  by Reese Erlich
item Barr Uses Fake Threat to Target Encryption  by Sean Gallagher
item A Defense Pact With Israel Would Be a Disaster for Americans  by Philip Giraldi

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Jewish Democrats Are 'Disloyal to Jewish People, Israel,' Trump Insists Again
US Appears to Confirm Death of Hamza bin Laden
Marines Considering Flying US F-35bs Off of Japan's Largest Warships
Gabbard Hits DNC Over Poll Criteria for Debates
Iran's Zarif Says Nuclear Talks With Macron Were 'Productive'
Important for Europe to Stay United on Iran: French Official
US Army Releases Deck of Cards Depicting Iranian Weaponry
Iraq Daily Roundup: Bombing South of Baghdad; Four Killed in Iraq
Former Iraqi PM Warns Israel of 'Strong Response'
Cleric Issues Edict Forbidding US Troops in Iraq
Iraq Isn't Place for Others to Settle Scores: FM Al-Hakim
Erdogan Tells Putin That Syrian Offensive Is Causing Humanitarian Crisis
ISIS Sleeper Cell Kills Syriac Christian Fighter in Syria
Turkey to Take Back Syrians After Deporting Them
Turkey Affirms Its Claim on Cyprus Oil and Gas
Middle East
Israeli Teenager Killed by Bomb Near Settlement
Covering Yemen's 'Forgotten' War
Saudi Guardianship Reform 'A Charade' for Women's Rights, Says Human Rights Watch
Putin Orders Reciprocal Russian Response to US Missile Test
Russia Rocket Accident Likely Had Two Explosions, Norway Monitor Says
Russia Extends Detention of Ex-US Marine Accused of Spying
Danish Leader Speaks With Trump Amid Greenland Dispute
France Rejects US Call to Repatriate ISIS 'Foreign Fighters' From Syria
Kosovo Issues International Warrant for Murder of Serb Minority Leader
Libyan National Army Accuses Qatar of Being 'Terrorism Base'
Zimbabwe Police Arrest 10 Union Officials as Clampdown Deepens
US Sanctions on Venezuela Undercut Talks, Key Maduro Ally Says
Half of Venezuela's Oil Rigs May Disappear if US Waivers Lapse
Mexican Families Scour Arid Plains for Graves of Disappeared
Facing Global Pressure, Brazil's Bolsonaro May Send Army to Curb Amazon Fires
Weekend Reviews
Edward Lozansky's Operation Elbe
Did You Kill Anyone? Isn't the Toughest Question
The Horror of War and the Thrill of Horror
The Anthem of Militant Americanism
Women Reporters in War Zones: the Stories That Need to Be Told
The War at Home
Stocks Have Steep Losses as Trump, China Escalate Trade War
Trump Demands US Companies 'Start Looking for an Alternative to China'
Bad Sign for Trade Talks: Trump Calls China President Xi 'Enemy'
Trump Challenges Court Ruling Barring Him From Blocking Twitter Users
Trump Told the VA to Order 'A Lot' of Ketamine for Vets
Colorado Well Water Users Warned After Air Force Academy Finds Toxic Level of Firefighting Chemical
US, Taliban to Sign Peace Deal Within Next Few Days: Former Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan
Partial US Troop Pullout Will Not Impact Afghanistan: Ghani
US Taxpayers Paid Millions for Afghan Payroll System That Doesn't Work as Intended, DoD Audit Says
One-Third of National Budget Is Spent on War: Afghan Economy Minister
3 Police, 5 Militants Killed in Clashes in Eastern Afghan Province
Kashmir Protesters Defy Restrictions, Clash With Security Forces
Key Hospitals in Indian Kashmir Treat More Than 150 Tear Gas, Pellet Injuries
India's 'Patriotism Pop' Songs Urge Hindus to Claim Kashmir
China/Taiwan/Hong Kong
US Military Ship Passes Through Strategic Taiwan Strait
Here's a List of US Products Targeted by China's New Tariffs
Hong Kong's 'Borrowed Time' – Worry About 2047 Hangs Over Protests
Hong Kong Families Form Peaceful Human Chains Ahead of Protest
China Launches Jari Combat Drone Boat
Chinese Embassy Says the US Is Trying to Suppress Huawei
Circle CEO: China's Digital Currency Could 'Bypass Western Banking System'
North Korea Foreign Minister Calls Pompeo 'Poisonous Plant'
South Korea to Share Information With Japan Via Three-Way Channel With US: Blue House
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Cancels Emergency Law Imposed After Easter Attacks
Sri Lanka Attacks Boost Feared Ex-Official's Bid for Power
Indonesian Police Kill Separatist in Papua
Americans Still Dying
Louisiana Sheriff's Deputy Dies in Non-Combat Incident While Serving in Saudi Arabia
Indiana National Guard Soldier, Father of Two, Killed in Fort Hood Training Accident
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America's War Culture

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Plans To Memorialize a War Without End

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War-Fighting and the Loss of Liberty

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Jerusalem, the Capital of Apartheid

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