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Updated October 31, 2020 - 12:02 AM EDT
Top Dem: Biden Would Change Nat'l Def. Strategy
  Biden Says He Wouldn't Threaten To Remove Troops From S. Korea
House Dems Introduce Bill to Slow UAE F-35 Deal
  How US Blackmail Pushed Sudan to Normalize Ties With Israel
NBC: Pentagon Leaders Face Threat From Iran
Armenia, Azerbaijan Agree to Avoid Targeting Civilians
Pompeo Concludes China-Bashing Tour of Asia in Vietnam
How Venezuela Coup Attempt, Plotted in Miami, Unraveled
item Nation Building Overseas? America's Region Is Becoming More Violent  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item What Does Israel Have Against Palestinian Singer, Mohammed Assaf?  by Ramzy Baroud
item The Risk of America's Forever-War Status Quo Dangerously High  by Daniel L. Davis
item France & Turkey: NATO Allies Collide  by Ali Bakeer & Dylan Yachyshen

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Wilbur Ross Remained on Chinese Board While Running US-China Trade War
Poland Seizes Communist-Era Files Headed for US
Pentagon Establishes New Space Policy Position
Gaza's Chronic Sufferers See No Light at End of Lockdown Tunnel
Jewish Settlers Cut Electricity Supply to Palestinians
Israeli Forces Shoot, Injure Three Palestinian Teenagers Near West Bank Checkpoint
When Israel's Arabs Began to Demand Their Own 'Normalization' Deal
Israel to Impose Sanctions on Palestinian Banks Serving Prisoners' Families
Hundreds Protest at Temple Mount Against Macron, Muhammad Cartoons; 3 Arrested
Soldiers Shoot Three Palestinians Near Nablus
Israel's Underground Sensory Concrete Barrier Exposes Tunnel for First Time
Hariri's Comeback Met With Scorn and Apathy in Lebanon
Clashes at Lebanon Protest Over French Cartoons
Iraq Daily Roundup: One Killed and Several Wounded in Attacks
Kurdish Leaders Welcome German Decision to Keep Troops in Iraq
CPJ: Iraq 3rd in World for Unpunished Journalist Killings
Kurdistan Halts All Oil Exports After Attack on Pipeline
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Crown Prince Served US Court Summons Via Whatsapp
Saudi G20 Banknote Angers India by Showing Independent Kashmir
Middle East
Syrians Forced Into Cages to Queue for Bread
Iran Brands US 'Pirates' Over Seized Venezuela-Bound Oil
North Korea Blames Seoul for Killing of Fisheries Official
North Korea Accuses South of Twisting Facts About Korean War
Pakistani Police Fire Teargas at Protesters Trying to Approach French Embassy
Facebook Slammed for Blocking Govt-Critical Posts in Vietnam
Three Thai Protest Leaders Re-Arrested, One Carried From Van
Japan Picks Mitsubishi Heavy to Develop Own Stealth Fighter
'Himalayan Lie': India Raids Over Kashmir 'Terror Funds' Slammed
China Urges US Not to Be Haven for Criminals and Their Assets
Man Lynched in Bangladesh for Alleged Quran Desecration
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Church Attack in DR Congo
Magufuli Wins Re-Election in Tanzania: Electoral Commission
Germany Asks Libya's Sarraj to Delay Resignation
Egyptian Photojournalist Disappears After Interrogation
Ethiopia's Tigray Blocks General's Appointment in Blow to Abiy
Americans Still Dying
Navy Instructor Pilot From Michigan Dies in Training Flight in Alabama Along With Student
Union Co. (NC) Schools Mourn Death of Weddington High Grad Killed in Navy Training Plane Crash
The War at Home
Ahead of US Election, Facebook Suspends Political and New Group Recommendations
Helicopters Over DC Protesters Broke Regulations While Commander Was Driving Home, DC Guard Concludes
Two Arrested With Explosives in Van During Philadelphia Protests
For the First Time in 26 Years, a US Polar Icebreaker Is Headed to the Arctic
Space Force Vows to Defend the Final Frontier in Recruiting Ad
Space Force Has a Unit Dedicated to Orbital Warfare That Now Operates the X-37b Spaceplane
New Pentagon Report Reaffirms 'Systemic' Failure in the Military's Handling of Sexual Assault
Cyber Warriors Are Getting New Teammates: Information Operators
The Pentagon Is Building a School to Teach the Force How to Defeat Drones
Tens of Thousands of Muslims Protest France's 'Islamophobia'
Muslims Protest Across Asia Against France as Nice Mourns Church Attack Dead
French Police Arrest Second Man in Relation to Nice Attack, Attacker's Family Under Investigation by Tunisian Authorities
'War Against Islamist Ideology' Means More Attacks in France: Interior Minister
France Church Attack Victim Who Raised Alarm Was Brazil-Born Samba Enthusiast
Tunisian Family of Alleged Nice Knifeman in Disbelief Over Attack
Italy: Interior Minister Rejects Accusations Over Nice Killing
Malaysia's Mahathir: Post on French Killings Taken Out of Context
Never Flagged as a Danger, Nice Attacker Traveled Unimpeded
Ukraine Leader Asks MPs to Annul Court Ruling on Anti-Corruption Laws
Protests in Kyiv After Top Court Scraps Anti-Graft Laws
Belarus Leader Threatens to Leave Protesters 'Without Hands' as Strike Rumbles
Protesters Clash With Police Over Covid-19 Restrictions in Barcelona
Homesick and Bellicose, Karabakh's Exiled Azeris Yearn for Return
Corbyn 'Very Disappointed' Over UK Labour Party Suspension
Russian Police Kill Teenager Who Stabbed Officer in Tatarstan
Bulgaria to Block North Macedonia EU Path Over Historical Issues
Mexican President to Offer Former Journalist Top Security Post
Mexican Journalist Killed in Border City of Ciudad Juarez
Bolivia Parliament Approves Charges Against Ex-Interim President
Canada Border Agent Gave Huawei Executive's Passcodes to Cops
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