Moon-Age Nightmare

More visionary brilliance from the neolibertarians at TechCentralStation:

    For the 2006 midterm elections, Republicans should propose an idea so big that it stretches to the stars. Republicans should commit the government to building a space elevator by 2020. …

    Space elevators could make going into orbit as cheap as flying across the Pacific. They could make space vacations financially feasible for many Americans.

Bitchin’! Dude, I cannot wait to take a spacecation – probably in my new capacity as a slave, mining helium-3 on the moon to pay off my share of the quadrillion-dollar national debt the project will incur, but still. Space!

But wait, it gets better:

    Space elevators would also give the U.S. the high-ground in any future military conflict. With the elevators we could easily launch or destroy spy satellites. They would also help the U.S. set up a “Star Wars” missile defense system. Finally, space elevators would allow the military to deploy inexpensive non-explosive kinetic weapons that could be dropped from orbit on our enemies.

Now I know what you’re thinking: Matt, this is the raddest idea I have ever heard of in my pitiful, Earth-bound life! Thanks for giving me a reason to go on! And I couldn’t agree more: the welfare-warfare state has outgrown this tiny orb. But why wait until 2020? I want this thing up while I’m still young, dammit! That’s why I urge you to please write your congressional representatives and demand a space elevator (hell, make that two space elevators – think of the lines) by the end of President Bush’s second term.

(Via Gene Healy.)