Streaming Atrocities

A four-minute video of a Marine singing a “song” about killing an iraqi family may be a hit with the War Party, but it is provoking widespread disgust — and an investigation. AP reports:

“The singer is shown playing a guitar and singing about meeting an Iraqi woman and then being confronted by her brother and father, who have guns. The lyrics describe the Marine pulling the woman’s little sister in front of him and watching blood spray from her head. He then sings about blowing the father and brother ‘to eternity.'”

The video was originally posted on, but was taken down: you can see it here.

This is one aspect of waging a war of aggression that is often overlooked: it not only corrupts our political process, and brings us to the edge of bankruptcy, it also corrupts our souls.

Keeping this in mind, the news that the rest of the world considers us more of a threat to world peace than Iran hardly comes as a surprise. The International Herald Tribune informs us:

“As the war in Iraq continues for a fourth year, the global image of America has slipped further, even among publics in countries closely allied with the United States, a new global opinion poll has found…. All groups except Americans and Germans saw the U.S. presence in Iraq as posing a greater threat to world peace than the threat posed by Iran, which is pursuing a uranium enrichment program that the United States and other Western countries view as a prelude to developing its own nuclear weapons. Russians held that view by a 2-to-1 margin, and even the British did so by a narrow margin.”

Why do they hate us? Just listen to this jerk, and you’ll know the answer to that question….