C’mon, War Party — Let’s Get Cracking!

The poll numbers are in, and it looks like the War Party has its work cut out:

“A majority of Americans want the United States to increase diplomatic efforts over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, while 70 percent oppose the use of U.S. troops to thwart Iran, according to a Reuters/Zogby poll released on Thursday.

“Asked the best course of action for the United States in dealing with Iran’s nuclear ambitions, 45 percent said Washington should join with allies to increase diplomatic efforts and another 17 percent said the United States should step up diplomacy on its own.

“One in four respondents, 26 percent, said they supported the use of U.S. ground troops in Iran, while 70 percent opposed it. Nine percent favored air strikes on selected military targets in Iran.”

Hey, you guys, let’s get that propaganda machine churning! I can hear its gears whirring now: already we have talk that, contrary to our own CIA’s assessment, the Iranians will have nukes in a matter of months — and that Iranian agents are ready to strike at the U.S. at a moment’s notice. Now all we need is a few anthrax-laden letters, and lots more “intelligence” from a certain Middle Eastern exile group — helpfully channeled to the American public via the front page of America’s most venerable news source – and we’ll likely see those poll numbers reversed.