Backstage at the Torture Signing Ceremony

The feds have become super vigilant in tapping our phone calls, tracing our movements, and intruding into our lives over the last 5 years.

Wouldn’t it be great to have hidden microphones around the White House this morning to hear what was said by dignitaries, congressmen, and other sociopaths invited for the signing ceremony of the torture/dictatorship law?

The microphones could capture the gloating  – the  gleeful hand rubbing over the coming suffering of Muslim detainees – the macho strutting about their courage in sanctifying barbarism in the name of freedom.  We would likely hear about how the Republicans plan to hype the signing ceremony in the final weeks of the congressional campaign – the ultimate sign of the GOP’s respect for average voters.

If Bush often sounds insipid and mildly deranged when the television cameras are on him, one can only imagine how inspiring he is off the cuff. And many of the congressmen who championed this bill are as blackhearted as Cheney himself.

On the other hand, Bush and his supporters have made so many false and bloodthirsty comments already regarding torture and other atrocities of the war on terror.  Perhaps nothing Bush could say at this point would wake Americans from their slumber.

Comments on this post and on the signing ceremony are welcome over at my blog here.  Also, if people hear interesting comments by politicians or others on the signing ceremony today,  that would also be most interesting…

UPDATE: The White House posted Bush’s signing statement here.

One highlight: Bush promised, “The passage of time will not dull our memory or sap our nerve.”

Who had the bright idea to have Bush mention “dull” and “sap” in his wrapup?