WMD Cargo Cult

Remember the lost “weapons of mass destruction“? Saddam was supposed to be saving them up for one final blast of malevolence, but, somehow, they got misplaced in the shuffle. The ever-inventive Clifford May, of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, is on the case, however, and appears to have spotted them — in Syria! The source for this “intelligence” is one Olivier Guitta, who describes himself as “a foreign affairs and counterterrorism consultant in Washington, D.C.,” affiliated with the “Intelligence Summit,” an organization with a record of hysterical predictions and “warnings” that hardly inspires confidence: these are the same guys who told anyone who would listen that the Iranians were going to test a nuclear weapon by March 20, 2006. If it happened, it must have been a very small — microscopic — device, because no one (except, perhaps, the “experts” and “consultants” over at the “Intelligence” Summit) ever detected it.

Now we’re supposed to believe pretend “intelligence experts” when they barf up the same old stories, only this time with Syria (or Iran) inserted where the word “Iraq” used to be. These hacks condemn themselves every time they open their mouths, but the question is: whom do they think they’re convincing?

The WMD cargo cult lives on — and on.