Can YOU do the math?

Based on a series of secret 1999 government war simulations called The Desert Crossing games, 70 experts suggested that an occupation of Iraq would require at least 400,000 troops and even that might not be enough. And “Desert Crossing” assumptions didn’t include insurgency or civil war.

For calibration purposes, at the height of the Vietnam “War” (Congress didn’t declare war, so “War” has to go in quotes because, according to the U.S. Constitution, it isn’t a war unless congress declares it — ditto the Korean “War” — “Desert Storm” (Iraq “War” I) and the so-called present Iraq “War”), the U.S. had nearly 550,000 troops “in country.”

So, Bush needs at least 400,000.

Right now, the U.S. has approximately 130,000 troops in Iraq.

Let’s do the math: 130,000 plus 22,000 = 152,000. 400,000 minus 152,000 = 248,000.

So, according to the most optimistic figures, Bush will be “only” 248,000 troops short. That means he’ll have way fewer than half as many as needed. And that’s the rosy scenario.

There simply aren’t enough troops available any time soon — even with a draft.

Thank goodness.

And 22,000 more troops are, to be kind, irrelevant.

Why is he doing it then?

We know someone in his Administration can add and subtract at least as well as we can. Heck Dubya himself is a graduate of both Yale and Harvard. Maybe they gave him a “pass” because he was a cheerleader?


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to explain Bush’s reasoning. Should you be caught or captured, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge – – –

P.S. How about this – – –