Student Essay Contest Winners is pleased to announce the winners of its first-ever Student Essay Contest, held summer 2006. We had numerous entrants, and we congratulate all who took the time and energy to give us their views. In particular we are happy to report participation from around the world – although as’s readership is quite international, this really should be no surprise. All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation; winners will receive a check and Certificate of Award.

Senior division (10th/11th/12th/just graduated)
1st: Michael Long, USA
2nd: Jamie Stern-Weiner, UK
3rd: Hilary Worden, USA
Honorable Mention: Masumba David, Uganda
Honorable Mention: Khadija Hassam, Dubai UAE

Junior division (9th grade or younger)
1st: Madeline Reese, USA
2nd: Ayn Codina, Costa Rica
3rd: Stephanie Augustine, USA

We will be running the winning entries over the course of the next two weeks. First up is Stephanie Augustine of the United States, 3rd-place winner in the junior division.