BRAVO! One Down, More to Go

It is encouraging that the jury found Scooter Libby guilty on most charges.

It will be amusing to watch the conservative elite howl that the verdict is a violation of their sacred right to rule by deceit.

If Libby turns state’s evidence to reduce his prison sentence, the White House could need roof repair real quick. Libby was nothing more than a tool of Dick Cheney.   Thus far, Cheney appears confident that all his falsehoods since 2001 are legally immune.

The Libby verdict highlights the role of institutional lying in DC.  Ironically, the front page of today’s Washington Post carries a story showing how the Democrats have chosen to protect themselves by gutting their resolution to withdraw troops from Iraq. The Post states, “The idea is to force Bush to abide by his own promises [on Iraq] but to make sure he remains responsible for conducting and ending the war.”

The Democrats have not yet formally announced that people who voted against the war last November can go screw themselves.

The Libby indictment is a reminder that Americans should be far more cynical about Washington.

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