People I’m Sick Of (Part V) — Bill Maher

Is Bill Maher never going to go away? That he ought to was proved definitively the other day during his interview with Rep. Ron Paul, who recently announced his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination. Senor Maher claims to be a “libertarian” — but doesn ‘t seem to realize that this is not (necessarily) synonymous with being a sleaze-bag. (Maher, you’ll probably not want to remember, starred in the role of Bill Clinton’s penis). The smarmy look on his face as he tried to snark Paul with questions designed to trip up the congressman was a cross between Smeagol and one of those gargoyles that leer from the parapets of medieval churches. Paul creamed him, and won over the audience — much to Mayer’s visible annoyance.

I had my own duel with the fake “libertarian” Maher, which you can read about here. Suffice to say that Maher represents the “liberalism” of the Hollywood crowd: facile, content-less, and, in this particular case, downright malevolent. This is a guy who said of the Kosovo war, “I’m for this war because it’s the liberal thing to do,” agreeing with his guest Bill Kristol that we ought to “crush Serb skulls.” Oh, but that was one of Clinton’s “liberal” wars, and therefore fine with Maher.

I doubt I’m all that alone in being thoroughly sick of the posturing “comic,” whose unique blend of condescension and cant is now fermented beyond the bounds of good taste. It is especially embarrassing to see one of my formerly favorite television newscasters, Keith Olbermann, treat Maher as if he were the oracle at Delphi — with Maher sneering openly at him the whole interview. If Olbermann, who I’ve defend in the past, is intent on turning his program into a left-liberal copy of Fox News – with Olbermann as the Bizarro World Bill O’Reilly — then that almost merits yet another entry in the “People I’m Sick Of” sweepstakes. (Shouldn’t we have a contest, at year’s end, to see who people are the most sick of?)

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8 thoughts on “People I’m Sick Of (Part V) — Bill Maher”

  1. Interesting site and while we have many differing political views I think we can agree that there are too many phonies on both sides that seem to get most of the attention….and that is too bad.

    Keith was pretty good when on ESPN some years ago….MSNBC? Not!


  2. Bill Maher now endorses the assassination of American citizens who are accused by the Obama administration, which means any administration now and to come, of adherence to terrorism. In this he echoed one of his guests who had declared that if you accept that the struggle against terrorism is a war, then an American citizen who is friendly to the opponent is a traitor subject to being hunted down and killed. Not a word from any guest, liberal or otherwise, or from Maher about requirement that a trial come before the finding of treason and the execution of sentence. Not a word in refutation of the poisonous doctrine that a president may, at will and without consultation, designate an American citizen for assassination abroad or on the streets of Tulsa or Oakland or Peoria.

  3. See, Alan, it's always like this. You get bored to death of pseudo liberal non comedians and you stop tuning in. Then, when you're not looking, they reveal the profundity of their stupidity and go all hard right . I lost Mr. Miller that way, too.

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