In Their Hearts, They Know She’s Right

I understand a lack of enthusiasm for the top-tier GOP presidential candidates – really, I do – but isn’t it a little early yet for the neocons* to endorse Hillary?

Not that they’re logically wrong to do so…

*UPDATE: A reader writes in to say that Bruce Bartlett, author of the National Review piece linked above, is not a neocon. I was ascribing the term more to the publication than the author, but fair enough. My apologies to Bartlett, who appears to be merely a hawk of the old school. To wit:

Given the views of the Democratic base and the enormous unpopularity of the Iraq War, it is a real act of courage for her to steadfastly refuse to say her vote for the war was wrong. Of course, like all Democrats and most Americans, she opposes the war today and favors a rapid pullout. [I’m not sure that she opposes the war or favors a rapid pullout, even rhetorically, but I haven’t been over her campaign literature with a fine-tooth comb. -Ed.]

That is why the easy thing for Sen. Clinton to do would be to just throw in the towel, admit her vote was wrong, and move on. And that’s why it is an act of courage for her to refuse to do so. If conservatives weren’t so blinded by their hatred for her, this would be obvious.