Baghdad Embassy Plans Leaked Here First

The Desk Murderer types were outraged! Their goons swooped in fast to stop the hemorrhaging of information to the masses. They deleted the page, pulled down the site, and scrubbed the Google cache.

How could it be that someone had publicized plans for America’s new Vatican-Sized embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone?! Oh, no!

Heroic, peace-loving editor Tom Engelhardt Strikes Again!

In his article, “The Colossus of Baghdad,” published here at on May 30, Engelhardt exposed the plans for America’s new Imperial Center on the Tigris:

[The Missouri-based contractors] can now be classified as architects to the wildest imperial dreamers and schemers of our time. And the company seems proud of it. You can go to its Web site and take a little tour in sketch form, a blast-resistant spin, through its Bush-inspired wonder, its particular colossus of the modern world.

As an outpost, this vast compound reeks of one thing: imperial impunity. It was never meant to be an embassy from a democracy that had liberated an oppressed land. From the first thought, the first sketch, it was to be the sort of imperial control center suitable for the planet’s sole “hyperpower,” dropped into the middle of the oil heartlands of the globe. It was to be Washington’s dream and Kansas City’s idea of a palace fit for an embattled American proconsul – or a khan.

Update: The rest of the pictures can now be found here.