Bogus War Party Propaganda

This weekend on, Justin Raimondo’s Behind the Headlines column “Home Front ‘Surge’: War Party’s Ad Campaign Will Boomerang,” concerns the Israel Lobby’s pushing of $15 million worth of propaganda ads to run on TV, shaming the Democrats for their supposedly weak Stay in Iraq Forever policy.

Is this ‘too little, too late’ for the War Party? Do the American people’s opinion’s even count?

Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is editorial director of, director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.

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  1. I mailed this out to many people I know. They were shocked to see the exact people identified and a lot of “doubters” did not have a comeback this time.

    They are getting so desperate they they have to expose themselves, which in the end is good.

  2. There has been considerable comment made concerning the interview Mike Barnicle (sitting in for Chris Matthews) had with one of the leaders of this new group formed to give more support for Bush’s War, Ari Fleisher. One of the ads in this $15 million effort was to show a 100% brain-washed wounded soldier expressing all the War Party’s gung ho cliches to support the war. Barnicle, in a stroke of genius, asked Fleischer “What is his name?” “I do not have that in front of me right now!!” was Fleischer’s reply. Of course he doesn’t as the victims of this war are nameless, be they Americans or Iraqis,in the minds of those who started it or who still support it. I do not know his name but I can come up with a small profile based upon who is presently serving in our forces. He is not wealthy as the Rich and Famous have been avoiding serving in our wars even when they support them. Another pro-war is under way organized by War Hawk, Melanie Morgan. Her group intends to mount a “support The War” convention in Washington. I suggest they could save a great deal of time and money if they instead found the nearest recruiting office and joined up. Nothing would more supportive of the war as would be this. As a vet I am amazed that any group would believe that by displaying a legless wounded soldier on TV this would gain support for their war. If doing this does succeeed then I suggest placing a wounded soldier outside every recruiting office would result in restocking the depleted ranks of our forces with new enlistees. Steve WW2 USN

    1. Barnicle ( speaks to the other side of the coin in an interview on MSNBC. "We have a president of the United States who is isolated. He‘s delusional. He is stubborn. He has had one intervention that clearly didn‘t work, the Baker-Hamilton report. He is clearly in need of another intervention."

  3. On Friday the Head of “Freedoms’s [Death] Watch,” Brad Blakeman, appeared on the PBS Lehrer Newshour. But he refused to appear at the same time as a reperesentative for the opposing group, “Americans Against Escalation In Iraq,” insisting that they were illegitimate because they didn’t have as much money as they said they did! Kudos to Judy Woodruff for making an enlightening issue of this. Obviously these creampuffs are just as chicken when it comes to an open and honest debate of the issues!

    As for Ari Fleischer’s amnesia about John Kriesel’s name, I wrote a poem:
    You can use him as a mouthpiece
    For sympathy’s part of the game
    But how many limbs must a veteran lose
    Before you remember his name?

  4. Bush is a man of God he actually negotiate with God to what he needs to do next.
    God has hinted to Bush to invade Iran.

    IF Bush does invade Iran, God must be right, and Bush is the right idiot 59 million other idiots who vote for him twice must pay the price.

    This is the only way forward for America to sink deeper and hope will never lift off again.
    Abu Ghraieb, Guantanamo, WMD, and most of all 911 USA planned and executed and blamed a man 12 thousands miles away and a bunch of peoples with BOX CUTTERS. even a monkey wouldn’t swallow this crap yet American who think themselves civilized and intelligent not just believed it they signed up to go to Iraq to fight for a lie bigger than the whole recently discovered in the universe.

    Clearly Bush is designated for a purpose.
    Iran is few inches from a third war USA is as Rumsfield put it a multiple theater wars, Syria is included.


  5. Editor,
    Just read Justin Raimondo’s recent column on this at…He says it all. Maybe the only we to have peace in the Middle East is to resurrect the Ottaman Empire and give them control of the Holy Land…Or maybe a Christian Crusade that could drive the Muslims and the Talmudic-Pharasaical Zionists out of the Holy Land…If only Europe were Christian but the liberal ,modernist Churchmen ( and Judeo-Masonic infiltration ) have crippled the Church through Vatican II “reforms” so that won’t happen..Hang on, things are only going to get worse until the Pope finds the courage to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as called for by Our Lady of Fatima…..Bill Federkiel vet./USMC

    1. “Things” wont get “better” just because the Pope “consecrates” a country-Russia-that has been a bulwark of Christianity for more than 1,000 years (even during the Soviet period, the Catacomb Church strengthened th Russian people with the Holy Orthodox Faith!) Keep catholic piety an U.S> politics where it belongs-out of countries that have been Christian for hundreds of years longer than the U.S. has even existed!

  6. Low lifer Americans will revolt–when the upcoming recession becomes worse than the 1929 recession. On Fox News adds 2008, Chenny’s chant–give them cake if no bread :(

  7. This “support the war” campaign is probably too little, too late. Like this entire war, the problem has not been that we arent doing the right thing, it’s just that our feeble commitment to being SUCESSFUL at what we are doing is insufficent. I recently wrote an essay called “The Most Worthless Generation”, in which I point out both some good reasons for using our military and economic might to spread freedom and Democracy around the world, and the folly of thinking we can do this on the cheap with a pathetic commitment of 150K troops.( I think General Eisenhower had more troops in his motor-pool assigned to waxing his jeep than we have commited to our so-called troop surge. )In the essay, I compare and contrast our current commitment to fighting islamic fascism with what our parents and grandparents commited to fighting the nazis and the communists.I would love for any of you anti-war types to stop by and comment on and/or refute my specific arguments FOR militarism in defense of freedom in this world. The essay is also specifically directed at the younger generation, who I think doesnt have the heart or the courage to step up to their own responsibilities in their own time as other generations did before them. The link is –

    As for this Iraq business- a simple question- will the world be a better place if we suceed, or if we fail? Will it be a better place if we suceed? Not just for us, but for the Iraqui people? Answer that question honestly, and you should have no problem supporting the war. As for the question of “why Iraq?”, there are plenty of rationalizations, but I would say that the reasons really arent important at this point. The comedian Dennis Miller referred to Iraq as a “psychotic Salt-Lick”, and I like the analogy. I would have preferred Iran, or Pakistan, but the important thing is that we have engaged the enemy. Al Queada is there, and jihadists are going there from all over the world to fight us there, and we are burying them there. We are on Offense instead of Defense. In a tactical sense, I regret the feeble, pathetic,way in which we have fought this war, but in a strategic sense, it’s a good start. We have to fight islamic fascism, and as soon as we are done with Iraq, we should head right on over to Iran.

    1. “will the world be a better place if we suceed, or if we fail?”

      Who gives a damn whether you succeed or fail if all the reasons for doing so are based on lies and the violence used to legitimize them. It’s like busting into your neighbors house (not a particularly friendly one.. but who cares), based on another neighbors’ whispered rumors, that they might have been responsible for an earlier assault on your family. Never mind that there is no “proof” or that they haven’t a bigger gun than you. YOU and only you are allowed the big guns, you see, because you’re the “responsible” type who likes to spout off about liberty and democracy ad-nauseum. It’s your all purpose get out of jail card… recognized around the world…. OR ELSE! This magical trump allows doors and anyone else to be kicked in at any time. Kids?… Ah, shucks! Let Allah sort em out. If they knew what was good for them they’d bow down and kiss the boots that batter them daily. Resistance to the Empire is futile because the only true “peace” is one where they must submit.

  8. Wow. Ty, I can feel your pain. As a veteran of the Viet Nam police action, I can feel your pain. I was drafted but stuck around afterward for 10 years. Did my duty, so to say. Got to see the world, save Freedom, so to say. But, with this “war” I can feel your pain. So, as a “thinking” “feeling” “dedicated” advocate of death and destruction of those who are not like yourself, my suggestion is to take yourself down to your local recruiter and do YOUR duty. Sign up, go to Iraq and finally support this “fight for Freedom” you and your ilk so freely spout. As a veteran, it really irks me (disgusts me) to see all you who advocate killing and destroying of another society but can’t find it within their busy schedules to actually DO what you advocate. There is a word for that: coward. So Ty, where is your patriotism now? And btw, before you go advertising your writing “skills” you might want to invest in a spell checker. But, that’s just this old curmudgeon’s opinion. p.s. They have pills for people like you. You should ask you doctor.

    1. “my suggestion is to take yourself down to your local recruiter and do YOUR duty. Sign up, go to Iraq and finally support this “fight for Freedom” you and your ilk so freely spout….”

      Absolutely right. I’ve said similar things in the past to people who, in true Pavlovian manner, bark and foam like automatons. You usually get the “silent angry stare” or a fusillade of propaganda vomited your way. They, these murderous mumblers, seem to excuse all manner of horrors so long as they don’t actually have to participate in them. Better to let someone else bloody their hands, breaking mind and body, so that armchair generals can beat their chest in righteous indignation.

      You’ll also notice that once again the tired spectre of “defeat” has been wheeled out of its dusty closet. Time now to scare the children off the porch into the arms of blind obedience. Never mind the lies that brought us here and are laying the stage for future adventures…. Digging too deep into that would spoil the “magic”.

      1. Fighting for freedom is one thing, but the Iraq war is not about freedom. Oil, greed and profit at the expense of thousands of lives on both sides. Our troops are being cheated by bush and his evil cronies. Anyone can see this.

  9. Ty Harris must be smoking something. What does he refer to when he talks of victory? How would a victory look? And like his predecessors in the last century he invents a bogus enemy, who in reality does not pose a threat to America, to further the interests of a special group that benefits from any war at the expense of America. What did the valiant fight of Americans to save communism, triggered by a lie of a leader (FDR), resulted in, other than hundreds of millions dead at the hands of the communists in Russia, China, Cambodia etc.? What did the regular American gain? Ty must be living in bizarro world.
    Yes, there are winners in the bogus war against a new bogus enemy. Regular Americans have no beef with Muslims, and have nothing to gain from fighting them. However the real winners in our midst are those that are the recipients of the ungodly amouts of American taxes spent on this war, and those “Americans” that have residency rights in that certain country that is at the center of the overall controversy. In most instances those interests are overlapping. But the average American is kept deliberately in the dark by the Ty’s of our country.

  10. Re: Comment by Juan O… I would be delighted to answer your question intelligently IF it had been an intelligent question instead of the strawman you only know to present. Come back when you’ve got something to talk about.

  11. BTW Juan, the insantity come from doing the same thing and expecting a different result. When are you (collective) going to learn that you (using surrogates, of course) can never WIN a religious, sectarian battle? There is no logic in these cases, only zeal. But, that’s just this old curmudgeon’s opinion.

  12. Editor,
    Succeed or fail?? What are you talking about? The neo-cons idea of “success ” all along was the demolition of Iraq ( if things got beyond their control ) or turning Iraq into an arabic version of Puerto Rico where we could set-up a puppet state that would have friendly relations w/Israel ( why that’s the business of AMERICANS is never explained ) and in which we could privatize ( steal ) their natural resources…Meanwhile the one million Christians in Iraq who used to have a protected sanctuary under the old regime have had to flee into Syria and Jordan…That’s right..Under Saddam the one time a church was desecrated ( Catholic or E. Orthodox- no heretics ) Saddam found out who was responsible and had them killed..which takes some courage in that part of the world..Success??!! We don’t deserve to achieve any more “success” after spreading depleted uranium all over their country, not to mention cluster bombs and dropping white phosphorous on civilians as they sleep…Enough..Bill vet/USMC

  13. Islamo-Fascism?? Anyone who uses that phrase is obviously an Israel First neo-con hanger-on who needs to be dismissed out of hand..Fascism was a EUROPEAN phenomenon which grew out of the leftist camp..the same camp that gave us Judeo-Bolshevism which killed tens of millions of Christians throughout Eastern Europe..I don’t think Spielberg will be making a movie about the White Sea Canal “project” anytime soon..Since the victims were nearly all Christian…And SADDAM WAS AN ENEMY OF AL-QUAED-NOT AN ALLY…WHEN WILL YOU DAMN NEO-CON BASTARDS STOP LIEING? Bill vet./USMC

  14. This is what’s really happening: The Pharisees and their war-profiteering Masonic allies are all up in the owner’s box and their watching the Christians and Muslims kill each other…and they just can’t get over how dumb the goyim/rubes are….

  15. The way it could have been:
    1. July 1990: Ambassador April Glasbie reassures our ally Saddam that we will not respond if Iraq takes back Kuwait ( it was once governed out of Basra but was broken off by the British about 90 yrs ago )…
    2. Our ambassador actually said the above..but Pres. George H.W. Bush responds by acknowledging that Kuwait is the Persian Gulf version of Luxemburg and states unequivocally that it matters little to us whether that area is controlled by the Iraqis or the Saudis…
    3. The world keeps turning and we keep purchasing oil fm Iraq and there are no oil fires, no spreading of depleted uranium fm American munitions, no Gulf War Syndrome…No Emperor Bush in ’07, no 1/2 million Iraqi dead ( we’ve killed more Iraqis than the insurrectionists and Iranian collaborators that Saddam killed )…
    4. There is no American air base in Saudi Arabia, no brutal sanctions against the Iraqi people…and if we could just stop subsidizing the subjugation and dispossession of the Palestinian people our Middle East foreign policy would be alright……and there would be no:
    5. 9-11……..which put this new round of lies and murderous war-profiteering into motion…which the neo-cons were longing for ( PNAC ) and which conveniently fell into their lap 9 mos after taking power….which ( along with many coincidences on that day ) has made people think it was ( at the very least ) allowed to happen in the first place…Oh the sight of those ” moving company ” Mossad agents on that rooftop videotaping the first plane’s impact and celebrating..Yes, whenever anything hapeens always ask ” Cui Bono?” Who benefits….indeed…

  16. So much for freedom of speech, apparently if you’re not in line with the ANTI WAR NUTS you dont get to post and debate with the ANTI WAR LEFTIST

  17. What is the solution to the War on Terror and AL QAEDA?

    THE ANTI WAR LEFTIST solution is crawl under a rock and hide until attacked.

    Oky Doky!

    1. I deleted your earlier comments (I think it was you) because they weren’t civil and you simply repeated the same insult across multiple posts. If you saw me in person, how would you hold a conversation? Yell at me some silly statement like your above comment?

      We ( are not antiwar leftists. We are antiwar conservatives and libertarians. I hate taxes, big gov’t, regulation, and all violations of my liberty. However, we are not pacifists. I believe in the complete right to gun ownership (in fact, all gun types, no exception. They are the last defense against a tyrannical gov’t.) So…?

  18. I think, nay, I am positive that the most effective thing we can do at this time is band together and raise a bunch of money to send Ty Harris to Washington, where his knowledge and conviction will win through to the hearts and minds of our leaders. They will embrace his plan, and maybe find some girls to embrace him in the bargain, you never know.
    I mean, when you’re the man-with-the-plan, the women positively flock. ZZ-Top says, with a certain authority, that “Every Girl is Crazy ‘Bout A Sharp-Dressed Man!”, so we might have to buy Ty some clothes, too. No matter, any expense can be born if We are to put Ty’s plan for Victory in front of our leaders, who I am sure, will adopt it in its entirety instanter. Or even quicker!

  19. Hey Juan O,, if you haven’t noticed is entirely anti-interventionist from the RIGHT…in case you haven’t noticed…Yes, Paul Craig Roberts, Patrick J. Buchanan, and all those other people fm the Reagan Admin., just a bunch of leftists….yeah sure…

  20. Mooser- I like your idea. You raise the money, and I’ll go set them straight. I like the part about being emraced by chicks too. On a more serious note, I just posted a rather long rebuttal to one of the anti-war commenters, in the comments section of “The Most Worthless Generation” essay. His take on things probably represents some of the other opinions expressed here I think. I am too tired to re-type it all here. If you want to read his comments/ criticisms and my response, feel free-

  21. So this is where we’re at Ty? Anyone who doesn’t share your enthusiasm for global interventionism ( no exaggeration when you count all the overseas military bases ) empire-building and overreach are just slobs who think their country ” is the cause of all the problems in the world”..Don’t you ever stop and question that line of reasoning?

  22. Mr. Federkiel- I believe that my exact statement was: ‘Whereas today, many young people have been brainwashed by liberal public educators to look at America as the source and cause of all that is WRONG in the world- that is if they hold any opinions AT ALL about their own country…”. I also stated that “patriotism has been replaced with guilt at what we have as Americans, and kids are taught that America is the great antagonist of the poor, opressed peoples of the world, instead of their greatest hope.” I see that you have hacked one of my sentences in half, parphrased it, and then subsituted your own sound-byte synopsis of all my arguments in front of that sentence fragment. The resulting statement is then attributed to me for the purposes of easy refutation. I believe this is called a “strawman” argument, and It’s a good rhetorical device for debate when you want to avoid actual fact-based arguments. I will stand by my actual statements. Case in point, a student co-worker of mine showed me her text-book last week on “Rhetorical Analysis”. I opened it to a page ( at random), and found the words “imperialism, multiculturalism, colonialism, and feminism- literally- used all in the same sentence ( !!! ) in reference to Pocohontas. This was a course on PUBLIC SPEAKING, and there was NO legitimate relevance to any of this crap, but they seem to lose NO opportunity in ANY subject now to undermine patriotism and to make kids hate their own country. And this was just the local community college. It’s MUCH, MUCH worse at University of Colorado near where I live. There, it’s not so much subtle propaganda, as it is unabshed hatred. I have a problem with this because it’s a false picture of my country that is being presented. By any reasonable measuring stick, it would be accurate to say that America has improved the lives of more people in this world- who have lived and died over the last two hundred years under freedom, democracy, and prosperity- both here and abroad as a result of our culture’s values, AND as a result of our military intervention- than any country that has ever existed. We have done a LOT of good in this world. If you want to refute that, then show me some facts to the contrary and stop it with the rephrasing of what I am actually saying.

  23. America is the “greatest hope for the world” ? Not the love of Jesus Christ and the Sacraments and Doctrine of His Church? I’m sorry but the world won’t be saved by Burger king, MTV, the Gap, abortion on demand and pay-per-view porno…Not to mention Extreme Fighting, monster truck shows and Monday Night Football…A materialistic, naturalist world-view is not going to appeal to a world that is more sceptical of modernity and is yearning a more transecendent faith…I know that’s all up for grabs in the grand marketplace of ideas where everything is pretty subjective and ” freedom ” for the sake of freedom is all that matters…
    Actually I usually encounter more naive, school-boy patriotism than a loathing for our country..( Which, of course, is wrong..You should love everything that’s lovely about your country and should love it even if there’s nothing lovely about..because it sustained you fm birth and because of it’s potential..Of course, there is much that is lovely ) On the other hand:
    1. Was the Mexican-American War anything more than just a land grab?
    2. Was the ” Civil War ” ( actually the War for Southern Independence ) anything more than coercion to keep the continental empire intact? To keep the South a captive customer base behind a high-tariff wall?
    3. Did the Spaniards blow up the Maine? Not likely..,Ask who benefited and you’ll likely have your answer..Did we do the right thing killing thousands of Philipinos to bring those pagan Catholics Christianity?
    4. Was the Lusitania not carrying a ton of munitions? Did the Germans not attempt to put ads in papers warning people of the danger? Didn’t our involvement prolong the war? Could that have contributed to the fall of the Christian Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Judeo-Bolshevik takeover of Russia?
    5. Did not the the Roosevelt Admin do everything it could to provoke the Japanese? See Lt. Commander McCollums 8 Point Plan memorandum in Oct of 1940 designed to get the Japs to make the first move..Pop-up cruises in Japanese waters, oil embargo..Read Day of Deceit by Fleming and you will have no doubt that Eddie Layton and the rest new of the coming attack far in advance and didn’t warn Kimmel and Short..( The enemy was counting on total surprise-the meaning of the code ” Tora, tora, tora ” and would have turned back if we had gotten our ships out of the harbor and our planes in the air…
    6. Did we not say that Korea was outside our sphere of influence and then dive right in? And then made our best general of the modern era, Douglas MacArthur walk a tightrope by telling him to save S. Korea but not allowing him to do what he needed to do to keep the Chinese out of Korea?
    7. Wasn’t the gulf of Tonkin story a lie?
    8. Did Ambassador April Glasbie not tell Saddam that ” we have no interest in arab to arab border disputes such as the one you have with Kuwait, in fact….” Why go on? Do you ever question the morality of tipping munitions with depleted uranium and poisoning a country forever? Dropping white phosphorous on civilians? Destroying a country under false pretenses? For what? To make nuclear Israel feel safer? War profits for defense and reconstruction co.’s, empire, the ” privatization” of Iraqi oil?
    9. Oh yes, and JFK was killed by Oswald, who was behind him in the book depository..Yeah, that was the first boomerang bullet I ever heard of…
    I agree…Sniveling teenagers who aren’t fit to shine General Lee’s boots do bother me..but naive, schoolboy patriots who watch only Fox Noise and can turn a president into an Emperor are perhaps worse..Especially since they can generate much more unnecessary blood…..Bill Federkiel vet./USMC

  24. 4. Yeah the Austrian-Hungarian probably would have shrunk even if the war had ended a couple of years earlier but at least it would have gotten a decent burial..For the record Emperor Charles was trying to give the different regions more autonomy..And he was the only ruler out of all who truly wanted peace. To be fair, the Czar originally wanted to keep his country out of the conflict but two of his generals ” took the initiative” so to speak…Why bemoan these Christian monarchies? Well would you rather have Kaiser Wilhelm or the National Socialist scum that came after? Would you rather have Czar Nichols-a decent man canonized by the Orthodox Church-or the Judeo-Bolsheviks who came after? The Austr-Hung was keeping the different groups in the Balkans at peace, no simple task and it was an enlightened Catholic monarchy…
    WW I was a disaster for Christian Europe, it’s never been the same..Pope Pius X tried to prevent and seeing it come killed him..Pope Benedict XV tried to stop it and Pres Wilson’s response? ” What’s he wanna butt in for? ” Dark forces WANTED that war..Read that transcript of the trial of the man who killed the Archduke ( his name was Princip ) it’s pretty revealing….
    And with the Balfour Declaration the Zionists had their first sponsor for their eventual takeover of the Holy Land-in exchange for helping get the U.S. in the war…
    Still think WW II was a good war? What did we have to show for it? 50 million people dead. The Soviets have 1/2 of Europe..The communists are poised to take over China..and the Zionists a little later create their state in Palestine through massacres, ethnic cleansing, target assassinations and terror……
    That bother you? Well consider this: when the Catholic Croations have to deal with the Bosnian Muslims they’re supposed to use kid gloves…When the Orthodox Serbs have to deal with the terrorist Albanian Muslims in Kosovo they mustn’t drive them back to Albania…When the Orthodox Russians have to deal with the Muslim Chechnyans they should take tare ( Not that the Chechnyans don’t have legitimate grievances )..But the spiritual descendents of the Pharisees can be as brutal as they want when dealing with the Muslim and Christian arabs……
    Bill Federkiel vet./USMC Semper Fi..God / Corps / and Country…In that order because you can trust a Marine Corps general more than you can an American president.

  25. And please stop using the disingenuous and propagandistic phrase ” Islamo-Fascism”..They’re not fascists…Some leftists and statists became fascists when they saw the threat of international communism and came up with a really, really bad cure…Fascists and communists are of the same ideoogical ilk.
    It must be said, to their credit, at least the Muslims reject the worst of modernity; bad fashion, bad music, porno, birth control…At least they have children..At least they’re anti-Zionist unlike the “Christians” who view the Talmudic, Pharasaical Zionists as allies…Give a true Christian an army and he’ll drive the Muslims and the Pharisees out of the Holy Land and allow them back whenever he saw fit to do so..The Holy Land should be controlled ( ideally ) by those who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ…Anything less is not the ideal…If you’re really a Christian..And if you’re not then what exactly are you so eager to die for: you’re materialist, naturalist, souless Ayn Randian concept of ” freedom”….

  26. Bill, any “true” Christian wouldn’t care at all who was in control of a piece of property. They had Romans controlling the territories at the time and never called for revolution or acts of violence. Purely a message of love and reconciliation. Something so simple and powerful that it turned the world upside down. It was only later, through the passage of time and mans own innate evil ability to “F” things up, that a corrupt politicized church began bellowing about holy lands etc. The land is irrelevant, the message is everything. So either we focus on the essential basic message or get caught up in historically twisted arguments that lead nowhere. And you are absolutely correct in pointing out the supposed “freedoms” people bellow about. Just what freedoms are we defending? The freedom to produce more degenerate “entertainment”? The freedom to sell more death dealing devices to corrupt and evil governments abroad? The freedom to twist any nations arm and do as we say even though we don’t abide by the same? Is that what life in these States is all about? Hypocrisy is Americas middle name.

  27. Perhaps you’re right MOT..Still, I believe the First Crusade was a just and gallant war to protect Christian pilgrims..And I will always think that the IDEAL is for the land where Christ walked to be ruled by his modern day apostles..And, for the life of me, I can never look upon the route of the Way of the Cross where Christ dripped His most prescious Blood on the way to Golgotha as just a piece of real estate…Or the hill where He was crucified..Or the manger ( actually a cave according to Blessed Anne Catherine Emerich in her mystical visions-a nun who bore the stigmata ) where he was born…Or the town where he grew up…No, not just property….
    When the Ottoman Turks controlled the Holy Land the women were always modest ( but look at women’s fashions just 100 yrs ago with the loose flowing styles and they could have been recognized by the Blessed Mother or Pilates wife and now? )and the Turks did not allow any prostitution…Now with the Zionists in control of the Holy Land there is prostitution in Nazareth, in Bethlehem and in Jerusalem..So perhaps it does matter who controls the Holy Land ( IDEALLY )…
    I feel the First Crusade was a blessed undertaking and if the Christians had behaved more like Christians-after their initial victories-many of the Muslims would have converted..But things went downhill and the Fourth Crusade ( which was re-directed towards Constantinople ) was an abomination…They disobeyed the Pope and those responsible for the sack of Constantinople were excommunicated…
    But we’ll agree to disagree….Pax Christi be unto our country as soon as possible…….

  28. Mr. Federkiel- I posted a response to some of your comments over at my blog ( comment section of “The Most Worthless Generation” ).

    I find the wordpress comment sections to be preferable, because apparently there are charachter-limits on these comments here, but they dont tell you when you have reached those limits. Being something of a windbag, I would hate for any of my comments to be cut short or lost again.

    – sincerely, Ty

  29. Russia must be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary because it was requested by Our Lady at Fatima…that means Heaven itself wants it doesn’t matter what you or anyone else thinks..The Orthodox Church has a lovely Mass and a valid priesthood but there must be “one flock and one shephard”..The only unity is with Rome and Russia must be consecrated by the Pope on one holy day in union with all the bishops of the world…then Russia will be converted whether or not YOU think it needs to be..

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