Gabriel Schoenfeld is an Ass-hat

How dumb is Gabriel Schoenfeld? Pretty damned dumb, if we take his recent series of blog posts at Commentary as indicative of his mental capacity: he’s written a whole series of posts directed at former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer, the latest one entitled (for some reason”) “The Cheese Danish Affair and Ron Paul,” which, in his rush to spill his bile on his target, manages to get everything wrong:  instead of smearing Scheuer, he only manages to  embarrass himself (and Commentary).

For the past week, Schoenfeld has been asserting that Scheuer had “spilled the beans” on the kidnapping by the CIA of Talat Fouad Qassem, an Egyptian Islamist who had been granted asylum in Denmark and was subjected to “extraordinary rendition,” as Schoenfeld put it, while on a trip to Croatia, sent to Egypt, and executed. This is hardly a secret, as anyone familiar with Google could have easily discovered, but Senor Schoenfeld already knew what he wanted to “prove” — that Scheuer had revealed the “secret” rendition to the Danish publication Politiken, and therefore is liable for prosecution for revealing “secrets” — and so didn’t bother to do any research: instead, he rushed to demand that Scheuer be charged,  and jailed. After all, if poor “innocent” Larry Franklin — who got 12 years in prison for stealing US secrets for Israel — could be so charged with revealing classified information, he “reasoned,” then why not Scheuer?

Scheuer answered him in the pages of, here, showing that the Qassem rendition was public knowledge, and had been for quite some time. Yet that didn’t stop Schoenfeld, who now admitted he “will happily acknowledge” that he was “remiss in having raised a question about our hero to which the answer turned out to be readily available in the public domain.  Let us give Scheuer his due. He is right about this matter and [I] was wrong in suggesting that he had done something wrong and/or illegal with regard to the Danish affair.” Okay, fine and good: but, unfortunately, Schoenfeld doesn’t leave it at that — he just keeps digging a hole from which there is no extrication. He makes the mistake of making a big deal about the web site on which he first noticed Scheuer’s answer, an obscure blog known as “The Jingoist,” which nobody has ever heard of:

“As I predicted, he has been compelled to move from the mainstream to the margins. The latest sighting has occurred not in one of the mass-media outlets where until recently he had regularly appeared, but on a website called The Jingoist: When the Righteous Make the Wicked.”

Schoenfeld then goes on for three paragraphs, ranting about the content of “The Jingoist,” which apparently involves a lot of references to Jews as the Secret Masters of the Universe, and then avers: “Now that we illuminati have illuminated the stage from which our hero wishes to speak, let us turn to the substance of his comments.” Except that Schoenfeld illuminates nothing but his own cluelessness, because “The Jingoist” simply appropriated Scheuer’s piece, without permission from anyone: to tar Scheuer with what is posted on “The Jingoist” is utter nonsense. People take copyrighted material and post it on their own little web sites all the time: for example, here is a piece by Schoenfeld that originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times, posted on a web site that seems dubious at best. Did Schoenfeld post it there? I doubt it. Is Schoenfeld — who, after all, has had his work purloined – really responsible for the thief’s political views? Of course not: not even by Senor Schoenfeld’s rather dubious morality.

Schoenfeld then asks, at the end of his dumb-ass peroration, a number of questions which I will answer here:

“1. What does Michael Scheuer’s posting on The Jingoist tell us about him?”

Answer: Absolutely nothing, since Scheuer did not post anything on “The Jingoist.” Instead, this tells us a lot about Schoenfeld, starting with the rather obvious fact that a) he knows nothing about the Internet, and b) he’s a vicious nut-bar who is obsessed with defending a convicted Israeli spy and smearing a patriotic man.

“2. What does it tell us about the officials at the CIA who put him in charge of countering Osama bin Laden?”

Again: it tells us nothing about Scheuer, and everything we care to know about Schoenfeld.

“3. What does it tell us about the television networks that continue to employ him as an expert consultant?”

It tells us that they know how to do basic research, and Schoenfeld doesn’t care to know.

“4. Is Scheuer currently an official or unofficial adviser to Ron Paul?”

Neither — and what does Rep.  Paul have to do with any of this? Answer: Absolutely nada. But, hey, what the heck: why not throw in another gratuitous fantasy-based smear, just for the heck of it?

“5. If elected, would President Paul appoint Scheuer to run the CIA?”

Schoenfeld really hates doing research, doesn’t he? Because, as anyone who knows the slightest thing about Ron Paul can tell you — and I include his enemies as well as his friends — there wouldn’t be a CIA if Rep. Paul had anything to say about it.

Research, Gabe — research!


16 thoughts on “Gabriel Schoenfeld is an Ass-hat”

  1. Yeah, thanks Dan, Scheuer and his indoctrination sure shows why the CIA should be abolished.

  2. I think that both attorney Mukasey re waterboarding, and writer Schoenfeld re Scheur, have done their topical research, and indefensibly THEY ARE LYING/PRETENDING, in order to further their nefarious goals. They both make me ill, and I only hope they both get their due.

  3. I see little point in engaging these folks, actually. Doing so simply serves to legitmize their point of view. Better, perhaps, not to make a contest of the matter, casting Commentary and its fascist devotees by default into an oblivion only too well deserved. I’m reminded of the tactics used by neo-cons years ago – and still – to exclude competing conservative visions from their then developing orthodoxy. I say accept this exclusion. In my view, we have nothing to discuss with authors at Commentary.

    John Lowell

  4. Memo to John Lowell,

    You are a little wide of the mark here, John. Justin
    isn’t discussing the matter with authors at Commentary.
    He has, just as was necessary, laid out the reality
    in plain sight. When your teacher corrected your mistakes
    on your math test, did that serve to legitimize your
    point of view?

    Jack Dennon

    1. Hi Jack,

      I’m fully conscious of what Justin’s done here, Jack, reporting as he has on a commentary of Schoenfeld’s on Scheuer. The question I raise is whether or not anyone really would want to be Schoenfeld’s teacher at this point, clearly ineducable as he’s proven himself to be. The effort actually to teach in this instance presupposes a belief that the underlying facts might prove otherwise and that belief intrinsically legitimizes, eh? You may want to ponder that.

      John Lowell

  5. So I post a comment proving that Scheuer is a thug who doesn’t care if the CIA ruins innocent lives and it gets removed? Why?

  6. This underlines the diminishing sensibilities of the war pimps. Pinnochio’s nose is 30 feet long and he keeps burbling hogwash – and they don’t see it. Not only is no one listening – their platform has become a laughing stock. Like the American radical Left, the War Party preaches to the converted and the sheepishly imbecilic; they take solace in murmured hurrahs of blinkered True Believers. And the world speeds further past them.

    Michael Scheuer is emerging as their most potent nemesis: He simply Knows What He’s Talking About. Their obscene pipe dreams and illogical doubletalk can’t counter his trenchant analysis. To be sure, Scheuer’s reports are bad news – for this country, for our treasure of lives and resources, for our future and that of the Middle East. But his words are necessary tonic if we’re ever to awaken from this deep national nightmare.

    As far as Commentary and Schoenfeld are concerned, well, if you can’t come up with a legitimate argument to rebut your opponent, attack your opponent personally – every five-year-old learns that “tactic” on the playground. Somehow, I don’t think Michael Scheuer and Ron Paul will be sorely wounded by these torpid slings and rubber arrows.

  7. Wow! There’s an American Radical Left? I hadn’t noticed, but then again, I learn something new every day!
    Best wishes to you, my Radical Leftist friends! May your zeal be exceeded only by your adherence to humanitarian principles!

    Will they be on TV anytime soon, so I can check them out?

  8. “May your zeal be exceeded only by your adherence to humanitarian principles!”

    See? …Sheepishly imbecilic…

  9. his dumb-ass peroration

    If a peroration was ever dumb-ass, this was it. :)

    Thanks for this post, I was a bit confused by Scheuer’s article.

  10. So I post a comment on Schoenfeld’s “The Cheese Danish Affair” pointing out how he is attributing the plagiarist’s comments to the plagiarized and guess what…

    They delete my post from the site.

    Schoenfeld is spineless.

  11. I just went and posted again on “The Cheese Danish Affair” and saw that after posting, my post said “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.

    He really is spineless.

    BTW: Sorry, I misused plagiarized above… But you get what I mean.

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