David Bernstein: Peace Is for Nazis!

This country is truly blessed with brilliant law professors, and Glenn Reynolds may not even be the brightest. Here’s David Bernstein of the Volokh Conspiracy:

Ron Paul is a tempting protest vote, and I did support him in 1988 when he ran as a Libertarian, but he strikes me as running less of a “libertarian” campaign than a pacifist, populist campaign that does have some appeal to young and idealistic libertarians, but has too much appeal to the old, paranoid, and racist pseudo-conservatives. There seems to be a right-wing version of the Popular Front mentality among many Paul supporters: just like it was okay for Social Democrats to ally with Stalinists for “Progressive” ends in the old days, it’s okay to ally with 9/11 and various other conspiracy theorists, southern secessionists, Nazis and fascists, anti-Semites and racists, against the common enemy of the modern “welfare-warfare” state. Count me out!

I know, right? I’ve always felt that the worst thing about Nazis was their opposition to war and statism.

UPDATE: Bernstein says that we’re not Nazis “whew, that’s a relief!“ but we’re “not going to be winning any awards from the ADL or NAACP any time soon, either.” I don’t get the NAACP reference – guess Bernstein was too embarrassed to just leave it at the ADL. By the way, how many ADL trophies has the Volokh Conspiracy received, since that’s apparently the measure of one’s non-anti-Semitism?

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  1. This is another in a long line of illogical attacks on Ron Paul for the beliefs of certain people who have expressed allegiance to Paul’s candidacy. Regardless of whether Paul has ever espoused or expressed these views, his opponents believe it is sufficient that the ideals he supports (limited federal government, states rights, a constitutional democracy) may attract potential voters with extreme and distasteful views (i.e. 9/11 conspiracy theorists, neo-nazis, racists and the like). People who have those extreme views support someone like Paul mainly because he is perceived as outside the mainstream and willing to effect actual change in Washington (regardless of what kind of change) as opposed to the business-as-usual “mainstream” candidates whose differences are so minimal it makes little difference who among them is elected. Paul has never courted these types of supporters (the number of which is too small, in any event, to make a difference in a national election). His real offense, according to the critics, is not “distancing himself” enough from those individuals. But by raising the issue in his own defense, he would merely attract attention to his candidacy for the wrong reasons: What he’s not for as opposed to what he’s for. He is better off ignoring these partisan attempts to bring him down and off his anti-war, constitutional libertarian message, a message that would resonate with a good deal of Americans if they could only get to hear it.

    Glenn Greenwald’s recent piece refuting the “guilt by association” line of argument was quite strong. Unless a critic can point to an objectionable position taken or a statement made by Paul, he should be ignored.

    1. “This is another in a long line of illogical attacks on Ron Paul for the beliefs of certain people who have expressed allegiance to Paul’s candidacy. ”

      Yeah. It reminds me of the attacks on suffragettes as “man-haters”. Does anyone doubts that marches for women’s rights DID attract a disproportionate number of women who could perhaps have been termed “man-haters”? Was that ever a reason to call off the marches (“Oh gee, I thought I wanted the right to vote, but I couldn’t think of a way to pursue it without getting the [i]man-haters[/i] all excited, so never mind…”)?

  2. Count him out indeed!…One thing is certain and that is
    he will remain on the sidelines as a cheerleader whilst the sons and daughters of others are shot and or shredded every day in this foolish quest for ‘Empire’…..

  3. Any Nazi who knows what he wants has a clear choice for Supreme Leader. Who’s promised a reved-up national security state, an exciting new leadership cult, and the death of hundreds of thousands of dark-skinned people? Benito Giuliani, of course.

    He might even throw in a little Cabaret-style extra for his loyal followers. Who else could play either the Master of Ceremonies or Sally Bowles so convincingly?

    All Ron Paul offers is a decentralized, peacenik agenda. Boring! What kind of Nazi would want that?

  4. I’m begining to wonder if Americans, and not just Palestinians, are living under a Zionist dictatorship. It’s time to clean out the “Neocons” rats’ nest from our land.

    1. And I’m beginning to wonder where Professor Bernstein could ever have gotten the nutty notion that there are conspiracy theorists and other questionable fringe elements among Paul’s supporters.

      1. Gee… you think maybe this person might not really be a Ron Paul supporter? Of course not. It fits your pre-conceived notion of who supports Ron Paul, so you latched on to the one single comment that fit your belief.

        We usually just ignore them. You like to hold them up as examples (even though it might be 1/1000 posts.) What agenda do YOU have?

        You wanna do a one-to-one comparison count of unsavory characters associated with the various candidates? I’m willing to bet, we’ll stop having Ron Paul in that discussion long before the rest.

        Let’s start with YOUR candidate. Who is it?

        Go fly a kite.

    2. Quick Question: The Zionists run the world right? Jews control all and serve Israel only, right? So how come every President of the United States has been a Protestant Christian(except Kennedy who was Catholic)? If Zionists are so powerful why don’t they make sure Lieberman is installed in the White House? How did Jimmy Carter ever manage to get elected? How come the Zionists don’t silence him and his
      relatively pro-Palestinian books, if they are so omnipotent as you all think they are?

      Some of you are so obsessed with this “Zionist Conspiracy” hogwash, you really should get professional mental help. Maybe it is a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or even Paranoia? I’m sure that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are on all your Christmas lists to give to friends and family!

      1. Gosh Tim settle down. Sounds like you’re your getting a little frustrated. I know things are not as neat and tidy as when Zionists controlled all meaningful forms of communication. You probably think we should do away with this crazy internet or at least try to more effectively control it (get google to change its free speech policies etc.). Its probably somewhat frustrating that word about Israels murderous policies towards the Palestinians is finally creeping out. Not to mention their acts of treachery against the United States. Their treasonous minions in this country are not as effective either are they. The AIPAC, Jinsa and MSNBC cabal isn’t what it once was. People are slowly but surely getting educated about the USS Liberty, the AIPAC treason trial, Israel’s complicity and knowledge of 9/11 and so on. People are actually getting tired of hearing about the Holocaust thirty five times a week. What the hell is going on?

  5. LOL! All the fringe nuts and reconstructed Nazis who like to associate themselves with paleo-cons are big on Ron Paul. Why? Because he’s the only candidate whose policy stances dovetails with their prejudices and — get this — he isn’t from the ‘left.’ Stormfront goes nuts, finally they have someone who doesn’t come with the liberal baggage but whose pragmatic effect is anti-ZOG! Win-win.

    He’s the messiah as far as their concerned.

    You may be comfortable courting the race-baiting/white-power/Nazi/ZoG-conspiracy demographic. But the rest of us aren’t. The longer these kooks are marginalized the better for the mainstream conservatives.

    1. It’s hard to say which is the most comedic: The Socialist idiots or the Neocon idiots. In either case, neither of them understand Ron Paul’s broad appeal and neither of them have the slightest understanding of or interest in the Constitution.

      1. It has nothing to do with Ron Paul’s broad appeal. That’s easy enough to understand. I happen to like him myself, as does David Bernstein, as anyone who has actually read his post knows. It’s about why Ron Paul would find anything redeeming enough in the Stormfront types to allow himself to be associated.

    2. You might have to explain what ZOG means, since I can imagine the majority of Ron Paul’s supporters have probably never heard the term.

      On the other hand, it sounds like you are extremely familiar with the jargon of racists and bigots.

      What does that say about you vs. Ron Paul’s supporters?

      What does Zog mean?

      1. Sounds like the kooks are riled.

        NOP claims that he doesn’t know what “ZOG” means … then goes on to tell us that it is the “jargon of racists.”

        Which means that he DOES know what it means, and is just lying — and playing coy — to cover his ass.


        What does that say about you and Ron Paul supporters? A motley crew of liars, racists, and undesirables.

        1. I don’t know what “ZOG” means, either, but any idiot could tell from the context of your comment that it’s anti-Semitic. But so what if someone has heard that term before? You’ve heard the n-word before, right? Does that mean that you endorse the KKK?

          Listen to yourself. Your hatred of Ron Paul, and the antiwar movement generally, has robbed you of reason. Get a grip, man.

        2. ZOG: An Aryan Nation (among others term- ‘Zionist Occupation Government. I know that not because I agree with them or their ideas (nothing could be further from the truth!, but because I READ!!! And not just ‘government-approved’ screeds, I read people I agree with, people I don’t agree with, and people I am truly afraid of. That’s the only way to UNDERSTAND those you disagree with! This also allows me to see how certain propagandists use ‘hot’ words and phrases to generate false impressions of people… See a pattern here?

          Ignorance is NOT strength, despite what we’re spoon-fed by the media. Most Ron Paul supporters are critically thinking people, something the mainstream Media and Political Bosses have a hard time dealing with, since they prefer people that act like sheep and cattle, just absorbing propaganda like sponges sothey can regurgitate ‘their’ new-found opinions.

          This is the trap that so many pundits fall into, they become lazy and fail to rationally support their ‘arguments’, and instead resort to guilt-by-association, ad-hominem attacks, straw-man arguments and any number of Nazi-Tested, Neo-Con approved propaganda methods. Unfortunately, the internet has led to the rise of a loose collective of critical thinkers, who are now becoming a critical mass supporting Ron Paul.

          And still the media and party bosses don’t get it… Their loss… America’s gain!

    3. Let’s see if I have this straight. Ron Paul wants to cut funding to all foreign countries as a matter of constitutional principle. This cut necessarily includes Israel, which pleases certain bigots. Therefore Paul is a bigot? Blimey, my farts are logically more coherent than your reasoning.

      And as for mainstream conservatives. Are you referring to the big government bootlicking buffoons who’ve never cracked a book in their lives? Who would slit their grandmothers’ throats, sell their children into slavery, and betray everything America is about in order to gain “security”? Who are more afraid of 3000 men 10,000 miles away with 60-year-old rifles and kitchen-made bombs than they were of the USSR and its 6000 nukes? The hopeless twits who wet their pants when Clinton went to war against Serbia but now that a Repub is president, would gladly march over a cliff for the prez?

      The clowns who dare to trash the struggle of ten centuries to carve out liberty against the tyrannical state whenever even a minor threat comes along? The craven jerkwaters who think habeas corpus is a town in Texas?

      Mainstream straight to hell, it seems to me.

      1. R. Nelson, learn to read. No one said Ron Paul was a bigot. People are saying that a section of Ron Paul’s SUPPORTERS are bigots, and that Ron Paul’s reluctance to explicitly distance himself from them is disturbing.

        Your farts are as logically coherent as your babbling. Try basic reading comprehension before you flatulate in future.

        Anyway, you sound bitter about being marginalized. I wonder why? But you’ll get over it.

        1. Nice use of the third person, nutsy. “People are saying…” Actually, you are saying it, and reinforce it with your mockingly informal “Ronnie find[s] it so hard to disown his racist supporters.” It must be my fevered imagination that makes me think you’re implying something unfavorable not just about Paul’s supporters, but about Paul himself. Silly me. I bow before your superior wisdom and insight.

          And I’m not bitter, I’m angry as hell. Since you don’t dispute my description of mainstream conservatives I’ll provisionally assume you agree. So how do I explain to my kids that our so-called conservatives are in fact a pack of unread, gutless lemmings who are easily led about by a imbecilic demagogue? That bringing hell and death to countries that never threatened us is just plain evil, not to mention the effects of warmongering on our own liberty?

          So, nutsy, I won’t get over it. Better anger than idiot conformacy.

    4. By mainstream conservatives, paulnuts must be referring to the delusional cult of Bush Republicans who have run our country into the dirt over the past few years. We could never fight enough wars for Apartheid Israel for paulnuts. Thats why many on the left find Paul an attractive candidate even though we disagree with much of what he has to say. As commander and chief he can extract us from this ridicules war in Iraq and prevent a coming Iran catastrophe. Other than that with the congress he would inherit he would accomplish very little. Thats okay. There are many of us who are awaiting one candidate with the balls to stand up to Apartheid Israel and their treasonous lobby. America and the world have been betrayed.

      1. Question: Israel is aparthied? And what do you call Saudi Arabia? Its ironic how you only go after Israel but leave Saudi Arabia and the Islamo Facists alone. During the first Gulf War, while we are there defending their good for nothing asses, our troops could not even celebrate Thanksgiving because it might “offend Islam.” A Catholic priest is not allowed to even celebrate Mass in Saudi Arabia. A Jew? Forget about it, you will probably never get into the country. A Hindu or an athiest who wants to tour Mecca for its historical value? Forget about it! Its for Muslims only. So go ahead and keep bashing Israel and let the Islamo Fascists off the hook.

  6. Simple test for Herr Bernstein..
    If Ron Paul had from the beginning stated undying support for the Israeli state, then I wonder if Bernstein would waste his time on this hit piece on Ron Paul..

    As an example, it is well known that a large number of the “born again” types support israel only because they think the second coming will occur in their lifetime.. however many of these people can also be described as anti-semites according to some folks.

    However I never heard Prof Bernstein asking Bush to renounce the support of these these people..

    Just asking..??

  7. What’s funny is that instead of saying “yea, as Ron Paul supporters we want nothing to do with Stormfront-types and other crypto-Nazis”……Ron Paul supporters are instead girding themselves into a rage and going into denial mode.

    Listen to yourselves.

    Why does Ronnie find it so hard to disown his racist supporters?

    Why do YOU find it so hard to disclaim fellow supporters of the neo-Nazi ilk?

    I think we know why.

    Your defensiveness is telling.

      1. Those are some nice generic platitudes about collectivism and race that you linked to, but they certainly aren’t by any stretch a disavowal or even distancing from the fringe groups. If you haven’t been to Stormfront recently, I suggest you hop over and get a sense of what’s going on over there. I just sampled it myself, including Stormfront Radio, which was a real ear-opener. I never would have imagined there were so many ways you could use “Jew” and “Ron Paul” in the same sentence. That’s right, Ron Paul is very much the topic of the hour (along of course with the old standby, JEWS), and by “topic of the hour,” I mean “foreseeable future.”

        Nobody’s saying these nuts are representative of Paul’s supporters, much less of Ron Paul himself. But there’s some sick, ugly stuff being said, if not actually in Paul’s name, certainly in ways that might lead the uninformed to believe it was. For example, one of the Stormfront radio “personalities,” Paul Fromm, went on at some length tonight about how Mike Huckabee’s growing popularity is entirely a fictitious creation of the Jews to suppress Ron Paul. No white patriot would ever consider voting for Huckabee, he said, and if the Jew scheme of using Huckabee to keep Paul out of the White House succeeds, the white Zionist Huckabee collaborators should expect a long, angry grudge to follow. (Presumably he gave the Jews credit for being smart enough to figure out without him saying so that they won’t be getting any valentines either.)

        That’s just one very typical example of the chit- chat over there. There’s worse, and lots of it. And significant to why this should concern Mr. Paul, there doesn’t seem to be any real dissent on the choice of candidate. It’s a virtually unanimous endorsement for Ron Paul, unlike say, 2004, when it seems nobody managed to escape the taint of ZOG.

        The Stormfront “folk” are entitled to their views, however loathsome, just like everyone else in this great country. And I’m not really surprised that all of you would rather defend the indefensible than just admit that in this instance your guy might be wrong — sadly, that’s apparently an inviolable rule of blogosphere engagement (the Volokh Conspiracy, by the way, being a notable, if imperfect exception). But why a decent, intelligent man like Ron Paul would allow himself to be associated with such nonsense is frankly beyond me.

        1. What’s wrong with a blanket condemnation of racism? Is Ron Paul supposed to go through Mein Kampf line by line and tell us everything he hates about it? Why? Why is Ron Paul the only candidate expected to put his campaign on hold and divert all his energy to renunciations of a few powerless dipshits with Web sites and nothing more? How come Rudy Giuliani can actively solicit the support of a homophobe and anti-Semite and embrace him onstage, yet Bernstein still regards him as a viable choice?

          Answer me. Or go f**k yourself. Your choice.

        2. Furthermore…
          “If you haven’t been to Stormfront recently”

          I’ve never been to Stormfront, as***le. I don’t give a damn what they think about anything, nor will I waste my time “distancing” myself from them (i.e., prostrating myself before Bernstein and other thought police). Why do you spend so much time at Stormfront? Unemployed? Lonely and looking for a blonde? Or feeding your idiotic conspiracy theories about libertarians ushering in a 1,000-year Reich?

        3. I’ve never been to Stormfront either. I’ve no doubt that I would find their views as repulsive as the neocon apologists. Zionism is racial supremacism too.

        4. My mistake. I thought we were having a conversation. Since you prefer abusive rants, I’ll move one. But credit where credit is due, you have at least convinced me I may have been too harsh on the characters over at Stormfront. They’re the ones who should be concerned over the association with you. If you keep this up, you may give white supremacists a bad name.

          Before I go I’d love to know one thing: Who’s tender sensibilities do you think you’re protecting by pixellating your obscenities, and more important, since you obviously have no regard for the norms of civil discourse, why do you care?

          Thanks for all the kind words. Have a wonderful holiday.

        5. I didn’t censor those posts. That was done by a moderator in order to stop them from being filtered on public computers. And I will not have a polite conversation with anyone who continually insists, with no evidence whatsoever, that I have an “association” with white supremacists.

          Let the record show that LM did not answer my questions above.

    1. Yes, we know why. Because it’s a free country, or at least, if the Constitution were followed, it’d be a free country.

      Ron Paul has stated what he believes and what his program is. I didn’t see anything in it about a second Holocaust or reinstituting slavery or segregation or any of that jazz. I’m not going to assume that Ron Paul has a secret agenda to do that stuff because someone from a storefront Nazi organization with the grandiose name of “Stormfront” decides to give him $500, and I don’t expect Ron Paul to waste his time “repudiating” views he’s never expressed or “distancing” himself from money contributed by anyone unless it’s given as part of a corrupt bargain to serve the interests of the contributor in office. And while I think other candidates have certainly taken contributions from interest groups with that corrupt understanding, I’m confident that Ron Paul cannot be “bought” with contributions. And if that’s the case, why worry if storefront Nazis give him $500?

      Give it up, neo-cons. You blogging a dead source.

  8. God’s chosen people and master raceS are the only ones who have God given might to build walls and commit humanitarian genocides in order to civilize and liberate the savages.

    They been doing that since 1095AD with billions served!

    1. A woman is Saudi Arabia was raped recently. Gang raped. In America she would get help and support from both government and private victim services organizations. Do you know what she got in Saudi Arabia? 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for daring to be out and about without a male relative escorting her.

      And who are the savages again?

      1. And who are the savages again?

        READ the history written by historians instead of HollyWOOD or propaganda services of new Evil Empire!
        It’s been recorded and memorized by freedom loving people everyWhere.

  9. What many of those posting here don’t realize is that the true hiers to the Nazi mindset are ALREADY in power! They’re also known as the Bush/Cheney Administration (or should it be Chain-y?). And, the real nutcases are those who blindly believe the party-line on 9/11, while most of the critical evidence has been hidden, (over)classified and otherwise obscured. Where are the Air Traffic Controller transcripts and testimony, the photos of the strike on the Pentagon (which are known to exist), the full story of the multiple, same-day, military aviation exercises on 9/11 that had more than one Air Traffic Controller asking if radar images were “real world” or not, and which seemed to paralyze the normal FAA-NORAD lines of communication that would have normally put up fighter intercepts within minutes of any aircraft going off-course over the US (especially over the northeast corridor)??
    None of this 9/11 scamfest would have been allowed under Ron Paul.

    1. Thomas, perhaps you should call Agents Mulder and Scully from the “X Files” or even contact the Twilight Zone. Sounds like you and your conspiracy theories are living in an alternate reality.

  10. One would assume that these large swarms of nazis and 9/11 truthers voted in the last presidential election. Who did they vote for? Why didn’t anyone point out who they were voting for and insist that these candidates denounce those views?

    The reason this is occurring now is because it’s the only way Ron Paul’s opponents can think of to tarnish his reputation, since his record is unassailable. Opponents of liberty are simply trying to derail Ron Paul’s momentum by diverting his successful campaign. Ron Paul will continue to do what is obviously working and his supporters should do the same.

      1. The modern day non-argument to end argument, simply label one as a conspiracy theorist. This ignores the fact that humans on all levels conspire to achieve common ends, whether that conspiring is concentrated in a focused political campaign or the conspiring is a loose technique engaged in by seemingly unconnected groups and people. Ron Paul supporters are conspiring to win a political race and Ron Paul antagonists are conspiring to stop him. The government conspires to achieve all sorts of ends, businesses conspire to put competitors out of business. Conspiracies are everywhere. The idea that believe who believe conspiracies are crazy is just another conspiracy designed to deflect attention from yet more conspiracies.

        “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.”

        Who was this “they” that Gandhi was talking about?

  11. Ron Paul wants to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the drug war. The two worst things about Naziism were the foreign invasions and the death camps. The Middle East wars and the prison-industrial complex, (the first with a million dead and counting, the second with a world record for inmates), are the two closest things America has to the two worst Nazi atrocities. And Paul opposes both.

    Now who are the real nazis again?

    1. I’m sorry Ben, I must have missed something? Who has attacked the United States and the West time and again for 30 years? Oh thats right it was the Muslims. Who bombed the trains in London and Madrid? Oh yes, wasn’t it, um? The Muslims? But yet somehow it is all OUR fault right?

      As for as the war on drugs though, I agree with you. If people want to do drugs that is their own business and we should stop locking people up for non violent drug offenses.

      1. They attacked 3 new Evil Empire and 2 countries whose leaders figured they the master race to RULE over others.

        Isn’t it interesting or at least why they didn’t retaliate against Italy par eXample?

        What would be YHO?

        Merci and Dankeshen!

  12. As Gandhi intoned with respect to his journey from obscurity to lead the forces of freedom in India, with respect to the powers that originally opposed him, “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win”, or something pretty close.

    Ron Paul has been ignored, then laughed at and now they are attacking him. What is left? I, for one, hope in my heart, soul, mind and body that his journey is completed as Gandhi described and he achieves the fourth phase, a WIN. How else will America regain what made it America? How else will the conversion of America, the free, to amerika, the police state be averted?

    1. Well, I guess we’ll all find out soon, because Ron Paul is not going to be the next President. That I guarantee.

  13. Wow, what’s up with David Bernstein? Did American Cossacks chase him down Fifth Avenue at lunchtime?

    When is American political discourse NOT going to be dominated by people still nursing grudges over – what? – an Ellis Island customs clerk getting huffy with great-great uncle Isidore long, long ago? Their constant yammering about Nazis in the woodwork has morphed into a signal disdain for all things “nativist” or “populist” or rural… or American. Or Not Them…

    Why must the rest of us be hauled up against the wall for their dark fantasies and delusions about a part of this country – and part of its population – they know nothing about, other than their own jumbled stereotypes and ugly boilerplate?

    Support for Ron Paul has nothing to do with the phantom Klansmen of their own invention. It has to do with people recognizing honesty and integrity – regardless of whether they support every plank in his platform.

    1. Pot, meet kettle. That was very poetic, as straw man renderings go, but why don’t you respond to Bernstein’s actual post (assuming you read it)?

  14. I get it now. Unless Ron Paul repudiates all these Nazis and white supremacists that are supporting him and giving him all these vast sums of money (who Prof. Bernstein has now convinced me are 99% of his constituency), if he’s elected, he’ll inexorably feel morally obliged to, say, take the foreign aid Israel now gets and build Vernichtungslager with it. He’ll forget that he wants to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, and he’ll back up and repeal the Thirteenth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments instead.In fact, we can take it as an article of faith that whoever Ron Paul takes money from, owns him, just as the case is with AIPAC and Giuliani, HRC and Clinton, etc. If Paul takes $500 from someone in the Animal Liberation Front, it’ll surely mean that he’s going to have to shut down cattle feed lots and impose mandatory vegetarianism if he ever takes the oath of office of the Presidency.I don’t know why I didn’t see all this before. I almost thought Ron Paul meant that stuff about restoring Constitutional government, and I would have voted for him if not for that Half Grand he got from Storefront. Thank you, Prof. Bernstein, for saving me from myself.

  15. This a tactic to head off what the Neo-Cons fear, which is exactly a United Front, comprising perhaps eighty-five percent of the electorate.

    Moreover, a United Front makes perfect sense constitutionally.

    Radical Socialists and Libertarians disagree on property and the role of government, but the disagreement is purely theoretical at the moment with both groups out of any real power.

    They also both reject Corporate Fascism, Democrat and Republican, though from different directions.

    Most important, both are actively anti-war.

    Paul and Kucinich both demand respect, the latter especially for introducing the impeachment of Cheney as a legislative possibility.

  16. It even makes one wonder–what would a Paul-Kucinich, Kucinich-Paul presidential run look like after the primaries?
    How much money would be available? Who would be mobilized? How many votes might they collect?

    Kucinich, by the way, is a savvy politician, though also an extremely intelligent fellow, as is Paul.

    What would a United Front program look like?

    Getting out of the War and restoring the Constitution are big ticket items.

    Most important, their supporters are rational and capable of analysis.

  17. The burden of proof is on those who believe this donation is any way Paul’s responsibility. I’m sure white supremacists have donated to plenty of other causes. What makes a campaign donation any different from say, buying an Ann Coulter book?

  18. There is another key item that Libertarians and radical Socialist Democrats agree on fully–separation of Church and State, and the repeal of faith-based initiatives, which, among other things, fund the Religious Right political machine.

    Michelle Goldberg on the Mega-Church, their tactics and goals, and the role it played in stealing Ohio, is highly commended, whatever one’s conventional political coloration.

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