Appetite for Destruction

I certainly wouldn’t call him the worst candidate, but does anyone else in American politics today so perfectly embody the welfare-warfare ethos as Mike Huckabee? I mean, sure, some of the other candidates want to be the Führer, but Huckabee seems as if he’s really running for secretary of health and human services in the Fourth Reich.

To wit:

“National security isn’t going to mean much if we have a generation of kids so physically incapacitated [by obesity] they can’t go to war.”

Never mind that he unthinkingly equates “national security” with going to war; I’m more concerned that he’s committing a grave political blunder. Huck should forget the Atkins Diet vs. al-Qaeda angle and offer all those young James Tarantos out there what they really want: perpetual war for perpetual pizza.

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  1. How ridiculous. Kids so physically incapacitated they aren't able to physically commit themselves to placing themselves in physical danger?!

  2. Matt,

    “I certainly wouldn’t call him the worst candidate, but does anyone in American politics today so perfectly embody the welfare-warfare ethos as Mike Huckabee?”

    Oh, God, yes! Hitlery Clinton. Sure, Huck is just a deceptive, calculated and genial version of ReichsChurch, Oberstgruppenfuehrer John Hagee, but warfare/welfare ethos? That’s the provenance of Clinton and – despite the verbage – her institutional insider pals, Rahm Emmanuel, Sten Hoyer, and Chuck Schumer.

    Huck’s the kind of guy that sells you Jesus only after you’ve been primed for it, you know, in private, after they’ve softened you up with the picnic meal and the “see-aren’t-we-regular-guys” softball game. This time he’s pitching himself and not the Lord although the style’s very much the same. The “empathy populism” is certainly just as greasy, and the product behind it just as concealed, but he’s a rank amateur compared to Clinton when it comes to pandering and being in the pocket of lobbies like AIPAC. Now Huck may aspire to such an identity but he’s really still an ingenue. Jim Dobson and Tony Perkins aren’t on board yet so there’s lots to learn about sounding like a pro-life Christian and being something else and knowing and profiting from work with folks like Abramov and Ralph Reed. Huck’s still harmless. Its Hitlery that you’re looking for.

    1. Got the bead. I summarize same under the emblem: “Christian Rock and Roll.”

      The fact that a hundred Neo-Cons could take over the foreign policy of the United States, mainly in the interests of a foreign country, suggests the gravity of the structural problems.

      The fact that Huckabee is running on more of the same, and worse, suggests that at least fifteen percent of the electorate are certified lunatics.

      Clearly, nothing was learned from Prohibition.

      These are the same small segment a generation or two down the line.

  3. But the good news is that if they are too fat, they can’t join the Army. I dub thee the Reluctant Peace Candidate or better yet, as Curly was dubbed in a Three Stooges movie, … “Baron of Grey Matter”

  4. Let us never forget that with the exception of Ron Paul, all of these candidates believe that the purpose of the individual is to serve the state.

    1. Well, he certainly visited Hagee’s beer hall just recently, didn’t he. But there’s something more benign about Huck than Clinton. With him you get the sense that he’s stumbing into National Socialism. With her you know its calculated and, like roughly a third of the Nazi operatives in East Germany that changed skin and served as Communist Party functionaries after the war, that she is simply featherng her bed.

  5. So God said, “on the third day let there be war and rumors of war. Let there be ‘lean’ children that shall fight those wars. Then let there be political demagogues that shall champion war and rumors of war. Let there be rendition and detention and torture. Let there be genocide and ethnic cleansing. Let there be illegal wars of naked aggression and let there be ‘ministers’ of corrupt whoredom that shall call all the evil by My Name.” So let it be written and so let it be done!

      1. He’s as serious as the Mega-Church, financed by faith-based initiatives, is about attacking homosexuals. That’s a tactic to get out the vote. Talking about fat is preparation for higher food and fuel prices as oil hits $100 per barrel.

        Indeed, the ground was laid a few months ago with a news article on the health benefits of higher gasoline and food prices.

        Never underestimate lunatics.

  6. The real joke along the same lines is “core inflation”. Works rather well as an index where the populace lives on air and prays itself on empty to work and back.

    Meanwhile, lower interest rates give the appearance of being a response to the sub-prime and credit debacle, when all they are designed to do is jump start a corporate expansion that doesn’t have a prayer of competing with the Japanese.

    Longer hours, less pay in devalued dollars, eager conscripts–it’s patriotic, don’t you know?

    Republican Theo-Fascists or Democrat Neo-Fascists–name your poison.

  7. And now slick Hill is campaigning in New Hampshire speechifying that if she isn’t the one to enter the Whitehouse the day Bush exits, there will be a terror attack. Unscrupulous powermonger.


  8. What good are the future generation if they will be useless in our ever growing Quest for Empire building? Manifest Destiny is quite clear about America’s right for World Domination. And Americans are winners unlike that loser Hitler, the US Military kicked his butt in Stalingrad and liberated Russia.(I am pretending to be ignorant here)

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