When I first saw Sony’s adorable little AIBO, I remember mentioning to a friend that one day these robots would bare their slavering teeth at us, form an army and become truly a scourge unto all of mankind.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that the Israeli military has been working on this very thing. Indeed, they went one better: envisioning the mighty AIBOs flanked by a whole army of robotic animals, including robotic cats with razor sharp claws to use for climbing walls, and slithering robot snakes capable of sneaking into buildings through pipes.


11 thoughts on “Prescience”

  1. The jokes here are endless…

    It craps little sonys…

    It needs little walkmans daily…

    It only understands commands in Japanese….

    It only chases Japanese cars…

    It only chases mechanical cats…

    It only pees on mechanical trees…

    You get the idea.

  2. Just when I thought I’d heard it all, the prospect of an army of mechatronic megafauna does not seem like deranged fantasy anymore. Are we to be spared nothing? Now that the line between reality and parody has been blurred if not broken, we are truly living in the end of days.

    1. Yes, we do, but as you should have read, Russia (being the country chosen and favored by God) will prevail in the Armageddon :-)

      Seriously, the future of warfare are nano-robots, that would be able to easily void this planet of higher forms of life. IF there would be a way to make them self-reproducing. But that if fortunately is very difficult indeed, seems like God have considered that in the overall design.

  3. Yep, that’s a real pretty toy. Won’t do you much good against a suicide bomber though or long-term ethno-demographic trends. Likewise America’s hi-tech military didn’t stop 9/11.

  4. It’s expensive to program humans to kill humans.
    Not so with drones and robots.
    Just load the code and roll.

    During the Civil War the Generals were dismayed
    at how many loaded yet unfired muskets were left
    on the field of battle.
    Nowdays, by the time a child reaches 10 yrs. of
    age he/she has received the equivalent of 2 yrs
    of intense military battle training via tv and
    video games.

    Still, robots are much more reliable when it comes
    to insuring the killing mechanism as they don’t
    have any moral dilemmas to overcome.

  5. These weapons should be classified in the same catagory
    as nuclear doomsday devices.

    It should be a crime punishable by death to create a
    machine with the sole purpose of killing people.

    Absolutely abominable.

  6. Truly disgusting…just what you would expect from a hypocritical, lieing, thieving, racially narcissistic regime that created their country through terrorism, ethnic cleansing and massacres…Which is why I had to vote for Barr. Couldn’t vote for McCain-Lieberman ( his stand-in being Sarah Palin..) But, now it seems the other guy might be just as bad..

    1. Well said. I would add that both parties – the Republicrats I call them – are basically the same. Both are bought and paid for by ethnic lobbies, corporations and special-interest groups.

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