The Wild and Wooly World of NATO Air Strikes

According to sources inside the office of the governor of Afghanistan’s Laghman Province, NATO forces launched an air strike on what they claimed were Taliban warriors last night near the town of Mehtar Lam.

When the helicopters finished firing, 200 were dead. Not Taliban. Not even civilians. 200 sheep. Apparently at a time when the ability of NATO forces to determine the difference between civilians and combatants is in doubt, they decided to underscore their inability to tell the difference between fierce Taliban warriors and a flock of hundreds of sheep roaming the countryside.

16 thoughts on “The Wild and Wooly World of NATO Air Strikes”

  1. Wow, I wonder how much they will pay for the sheep. Most likely they will pay more for the sheep than if they had only killed women and children. This reminds me of a time during Operation Just Cause when my unit had a fifteen minute firefight with attacking cows. Eventually we prevailed, but it was a tough fight. Yes, we did pay out for the cows, and yes it was more per cow than we ever paid for civilian deaths. Dark humor but true.


  2. 200 Afghani sheep murdered by USA/NATO bombs.

    Where’s PETA and those animal rights protestors when you need them?!

  3. But hey it’s okay, because they were terrorist sheep! Seriously the war in Afghanistan is lost.

    1. But hey it’s okay, because they were terrorist sheep!

      LOL, you took the words right off my fingers (and probably stole the central message of the official NATO press release on this incident, assuming that one is forthcoming at all).

      To continue the theme of a likely NATO/Pentagon (or do I repeat myself?) press release:

      “The sheep at the center of the air strike were deliberately targeted as a result of reliable intelligence indications that they were to be used as instruments of terrorist attacks against NATO forces by the Taliban. Among the purported planned uses of these sheep were the use of their meat for rations for the terrorists, wool for winter clothing that also provided camouflage against snow-covered terrain, and the use of at least a dozen of the sheep for suicide bombing attacks against NATO personnel (under the guise of strays wandering into NATO encampments within the province).

      “It is our official position that these attacks were fully justified and that countless NATO lives and property were saved because of this pre-emptive action.”

      1. I believe we did this to the Plains Indians, the Lakota when the US hired thousands of Buffalo hunters to destroy the Lakota Indian’s food supply, source of clothing and other materials that they use for their survival?

        1. We did indeed. I wonder if there was a dissertation written on this by some West Point alumnus (a Philip Sheridan wannabe?) now used in training new generations of Buffalo Soldiers?

  4. Just wait for the official explaination:
    “Those were Talibans hiding in sheep clothings”honstly.

  5. Any war is lost when you make enemies faster than you can kill them but 200 dead in one air raid ain’t bad.

  6. “The NATO command sincerely regrets the loss of sheeply life. But untimate responsibility for this tragedy lies with Taliban terrorists who shamelessly hide among flocks of sheep or otherwise put their sheep in harm’s way.”

  7. New information — It turns out under current rules of engagement the sheep were legitimate targets. They were in the midst of a wedding ceremony when the attack occurred.

  8. Anyone capable of getting past the idea that animals – and some human beings – are really nothing more than chattel ought to see the stomach-turning atrocity in the destruction of these poor, undeserving creatures by filth whose better they are by several orders of magnitude. The lives of these creatures are God’s to take, not some Hermann Goering in a USAF uniform. We’re told that one day the last shall be first and the first last. Can anyone doubt that God the Son, Jesus Christ, whose love is infinite, takes into the pain of His Cross the suffering of these poor little ones? I don’t.

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