A ‘Potent’ Weapon of War

Among the world’s intelligence agencies, there’s a long tradition of using sex as a motivator. Robert Baer, a retired CIA officer and author of several books on intelligence, noted that the Soviet spy service was notorious for using attractive women as bait when seeking to turn foreign diplomats into informants.

“The KGB has always used ‘honey traps,’ and it works,” Baer said. For American officers, a more common practice was to offer medical care for potential informants and their loved ones, he said. “I remember one guy we offered an option on a heart bypass,” Baer said.

Friday’s Washington Post reports that the CIA is offering Afghanis a new form of payola for helping the US military: viagra.

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10 thoughts on “A ‘Potent’ Weapon of War”

  1. Sounds like classic Yankee strategy – trade beads and firewater to the Indians in exchange for the scalps of other Indians.

  2. We need to get out of there. I thought the whole idea of going in there was to get Laden and the camps he had established, not to improve the sex lives of Afghani males.

  3. Just great, the Afghanis were already addicted to heroin.

    The #1 rule has always been “don’t talk to strangers”, in this case the CIA are the worst kind of strangers you could probably run into.

    “You’re giving me what? You want to support your evil Pharmaceutical companies? I think not, those Kay Gee Bee guys had a better offer.”

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