Abrams to Parachute to Council on Foreign Relations

I guess this is breaking news on which I hope to have more to write later (I have a deadline on reporting Obama’s greenhouse-related announcements today), but I just confirmed that Elliott Abrams, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Near East and North African Affairs since December 2002 and Deputy National Security Adviser for Global Democracy Strategy since 2005 will begin work as a Senior Fellow at the new Washington offices (one block away from his old one) of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in mid-February. Abrams, the highest-ranking neo-conservative left in the Bush administration when it finally decamped last week, served, along with help from Dick Cheney’s office, as the bureaucratic foil for former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s to give some momentum to the Annapolis peace process; tried to persuade the Israelis to widen their 2006 war against Hezbollah to include Syria; and no doubt steadfastly encouraged the Olmert government to pursue its Gaza war as vigorously and as long as possible. To the extent that U.S. influence in the Middle East has diminished, Abrams can claim a good share of the credit. And his strategy to spread democracy globally (and especially in the Middle East) appears to have prospered in a similar fashion.

Author: Jim Lobe

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20 thoughts on “Abrams to Parachute to Council on Foreign Relations”

  1. Don’t tell me, neocon Abrams was just hired by the neocon CFR. Why am I not surprised. And as a security advisor. Oh, he’ll be great at that. Tee hee hee.

  2. Why is Abrams still around? Hasn’t he done enough damage along with the rest of the warmonger neocons? The CFR must be rife with members who have unclear motives, but they certainly have their say in this country.

    1. google maps used to be upfront about the PNAC location, now it’s disguised by “gary schmitt” for some strange reason… probably has something to do with the duck dive the ringleaders are doing now that the neocon philosophy seems to have infected the body politic.

      google map: “1150 17th St NW” PNAC

  3. These promotions seem perplexing only if we think of success and failure in terms of some articulated strategies like American interests, world peace, and “spreading democracy globally.”
    The actual strategy, spreading fear and loathing throughout the Muslim world and in the West, Israeli hegemony in the Middle East, war profiteering through military Keynesianism, the destruction of the Bill of the Rights and the rule of law and the consolidation of a military security American police state, has enjoyed remarkable success.
    Lots of broken eggs to be sure but also a very big omellette.
    A case in point is Obama’s plan to dive into Afganistan. In terms of historical precedent as well as the testimony of his former advisor Zbigniew Bryzinski, this would seem to be a disasterous decision. Bryzsinski after all boasted in an interview how he provoked the Soviets to invade Afganistan in the seventies “to give them their own Vietnam.”
    So I guess the strategy here is to give the US another Vietnam. Obama distanced himself from Bryzsinski at least publicly after the latter endorsed Walt and Mearsheimer’s Israel Lobby. Is the the Afganistan “strategy” a bona fide of that repudiation?

  4. Ah yes, Elliott Mess, one of the Unspeakables. He will continue to uphold tyranny and order everywhere across the earth.

  5. Elliott Abrams is a great public servant and a real ideologue. He has always carried out the policies that he thought would benefit the American people, and I think that most of them did. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with during his time at CFR.

    1. elliot abrams is “israel first” Americans second as providers for israeli wars. it was a disgrace to our nation that bush chose him for advice. In fact, his appointment brought attention to bush’s ignorance of the Middle East and his lack of judgment! Therefore, a realization that bush was incompetent and lacked the intelligence to guide American interests led to our demise relative to other nations! elliot abrams at CFR will only denigrate the organization and its publications.

  6. I cancelled my subscription to CFR when they considered they had an ardent obligation to invite Chalabis to speak several years ago so I cannot do a repeat for Abrams. Birds of a feather seem to continue to flock together.

  7. What terrible sin was committed that we should be cursed with this Neocon creep for what seems like eternity?

  8. Why do we allow zionist think tank panzers to kick americans around? Make them work for a living like the rest of us. I get sick to think of them slobbering champagne on my tax money.Abrams and his ilk are a disgrace to their jewish community.

  9. Bill Kristol, Eliot Abrams and the rest of the neocon pond scum: Let them float around on the top of the pond, be washed into the backwaters, whatever. It’ll give them a place to be while that special level of Hell is constructed for them.

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