Google News continues to label as “satire”

UPDATE: Google News says “We should begin to show your original site name “” within a few days. We appreciate your patience during this process.”

I don’t know why it would take this long.

Unfortuantely, Google News continues to label all original articles as “satire.”

They informed us on Friday morning that they would cease doing so, but they have either failed to complete the action or changed their minds.

Every week the Miami Herald runs Dave Barry’s column, but they don’t get their whole site labeled this way.

Please contact Google News to ask them to remove us as “satire.”

33 thoughts on “Google News continues to label as “satire””

  1. This definitely _is_ Bizarro World.

    Probably just one of the juniors in Google not old enough or too CNN addicted to distinguish the Onion from the real deal. Will probably be corrected once someone at Google reads his/her mail.

  2. To be “anti-war” in modern America is to be “anti-establishment”, “anti-capitalist” and “anti-Zionist”; all of which a corporation like Google will notice and attempt to sabotage. Congratulations – you have moved up from the curiosity level to the threat level in their estimation.

  3. very strange indeed. A lot of youths in teh college where Im at in england consider google to be "liberal" and I have always said this is not the case and that they must be joking.

    I guess capitalism has just too much to gain from war

  4. Google nooz, itself, is satire. What appears there must be checked carefully. is among the best news sites anywhere, so establishment google makes no real difference to the literate. The fix– just laugh at Goggle again.

  5. Here is a copy of the "complaint" I lodged with google after reading this piece: "Why is indexed as a Satire site? It is a straightforward news site. And, by the way, is a lot better at reporting news than most main stream media. I find it offensive that google has indexed as Satire. If I want satire, and bad satire at that, I go to Fox."

  6. was never able to resolve their difficulty with Google despite lengthy and thorough attempts at rectification. Atheo News is also suppressed. Try finding articles from Al-Manar or even Iran's Press TV, they will be harder to locate than minor blog posts.

  7. Could this be related to that editorial piece that mentioned that NPR guy a couple of weeks back? IIRC it was satirical, and he threatened to sue Seems someone contacted Google and they "fixed" it.

    Perhaps should apologize to him and settle for $20 million ASAP before this gets out of hand.

  8. Google News is indeed a joke, but it at least serves the useful purpose of linking all of the most prominent MSM e-propaganda sites from one location, where they can be ridiculed or ignored with minimal effort. As for Google "correcting" its "mistake", don't hold your breath. Regardless of whether or not they choose to do so, the "satire" label might actually benefit in that it might just serve as a draw for new readers, who will quickly discover its serious nature and spread the word to others.

    In closing, allow me also to correct an error I've noticed in several responses to this article. I notice many of you misapplying the word "capitalism" to the practice of profiting from war and state power. Unfortunately, "capitalism" is a term that, like "freedom", has been co-opted and distorted by the State and its adherents. The term you almost certainly mean to use in these instances is "state corporatism" (aka "fascism") which is NOT the same thing as capitalism. In fact, state-corporatism is destructive of true capitalism.

  9. I never use Google news. No one I know uses Google news.

    But Google also has been listing certain libertarian sites and blogs as porn lately.

  10. In Google News Canada they appear to index original stories from as "satire" after September 1. Stories from prior to September 1 are still indexed without the "satire" reference. Makes me wonder if this is a simple error. Regardless, Google needs to resolve this problem immediately as the "satire" reference creates a stigma or bias toward

  11. Just another example of feeding at the trough by the connected elite who no doubt serve the government as a informational mercenary. This is the hallmark of their increasing surveillance and control of the content and flow of information. Without doubt, is seen as a threat to the Sparta-like establishment that reigns in America.

  12. Liberranter,
    You are trying to defend the good name of “capitalist”. To paraphrase Groucho, “why should I defend their honor, they never have”. One can’t sully someone else’s good name – only they can do that themselves. If the fascists (state corporatists) call themselves “capitalists, why should I call them something else. Likewise, Zionist does not have to mean “bloodthirsty, land-stealing racist”; but obviously Zionists are comfortable with that definition.

    1. Richard:

      I continue to point out –and correct– this misuse of the term* because to not do so, to allow such co-opting of key pieces of the language to go unchallenged, is to tacitly abet the Orwellian effort to corrupt it beyond repair. You're no doubt familiar with the old expression (paraphrased) that "a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth." To this end I feel compelled to act on that maxim oft attributed to Burke and "do something", no matter how insignificant or perhaps ultimately futile the effort.

      More to the point, GENUINE capitalists, which is to say those entrepreneurs who strive to offer a product or service that others VOLUNTARILY wish to purchase with their own money in a free (of external interference) marketplace, ARE defending their good name. They do so constantly by speaking out and, with what resources they have, fighting against the state-corporatist machine steals their precious capital under the threat of force (say after me: "I-R-S") to give to well-connected thieves (think "corporations" like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, various utility providers, etc.) seeking a monopoly in a controlled marketplace. Also, add the fact that the lapdog institutions of academia and mainstream media constantly reinforce this perversion of the language, and the problem becomes nearly intractable.

      OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.

      (* "Libertarian" is another word co-opted and distorted by Establishment elements that are nothing of the kind. Warmongering radio blatherskite Neal Boortz comes readily to mind as an example.)

  13. "In order to continue delivery of news as a trusted source, we will no longer run articles which are satire unless they are clearly labeled as such."

    Considering the Bizarro World we live in it may be quite a challenge to distinguish satire from reality.

  14. what i thought it" was supposed to be funny.with a name like google what am i to think,this changes everything and stop that snickering or you'll be sued at dawn,seriosly though ? does this mean we/i can quote antiwar now that it's popular,bless your starzs

  15. Eric Garris: "we will no longer run articles which are satire unless they are clearly labeled as such".

    Does that mean was running satire without clearly labeling it as such?

    Then one cannot blame Google for doing what they did. One can only wonder how many similar complaints they receive each day. It seems to me a learning moment for news. No need for paranoia, lets leave that to the government agencies and military.

    1. What about newspapers that carry Dave Berry? All of his stuff is satire or some sort of humor? They carry the columns weekly and don't get classified that way.

      What about MSNBC carrying Andy Borowitz's columns? They are satire, often the type that some people don't get, yet they don't get the blanket "satire" label.

  16. Good for Google. Maybe, one of these years, C-SPAN will do the same. Statist a-holes. It's always one of these:

    — "This morning, in a NY Times editorial, …"
    — "The Washington Post's frontpage reads: ' … '"
    — "According to an AP report, the Pentagon says …"
    — "An 'expert' from the CFR (or the FBI, the CIA, the Fed, Harvard, etc.) is here to 'explain' …" is THE source. Jason Ditz, you rule. (Garris and Raimondo are "pretty okay too.")

  17. I think us anti-war people should change our name to the Satiric Party. The Libertarian brand has lost its meaning…

  18. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now; it is a holiday weekend and the 'only' person who can fix it might be at the beach.

  19. I say issue a formal apology for that satirical piece and settle the lawsuit with Guy Raz (NPR) for the $20 million and end this standoff with Google.

  20. We live in Orwellian times. Since a large percentage of (especially young) Americans now get most of their 'news' from the likes of 'The Daily Show' and 'The Colbert Report', it stands to reason that a real, unfiltered source such as would be branded satire.

  21. Hmm.. what about Google ads? I see these as direct attacks. This site, for example, gets Google ads for vicious war games, and such. I think they do it on purpose to poison the site. It's intended to disgust people and drive them off these pages.

    1. if you can give us the links to any inappropriate ads we can filter them out. We always try to remove stuff (like "Join the Army" ads) but it's been hard to keep track of ever since google started trying to target ads to individual users: all I ever get are ads for foreign marriage sites (which tells you what their algorithm must think of me)

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