Thanks for supporting, by buying on Amazon

Last month we got a record $1700 from readers who bought stuff on by clicking on the Amazon link on the front page (or by bookmarking our auto-link to Amazon).

When you click on the link to Amazon, everything you buy on that visit nets a commission, ranging from 4-15%.

In addition to books, Amazon sells an amazing array of stuff, free of sales tax and often with free shipping.

Last month, our sales have included the following (our reports tell us what is being bought, but never tells us who bought it):

Mosquito Net Safari Hat
Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube
Notebook computers
Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection DVD (in Russian)
The latest IPOD
A very high-end Desktop Computer at a great price
Video Camcorder
Cat Food
Chewing Gum
Heinz Canned Beans
Organic Honey
Vegan Jerky
Dr. Bronner’s Soap
Essential Oils
Electric Shaver
Fishing Lures
Toilet Paper
Quesadilla Maker
Vacuum Cleaner
Pasta Maker
Music CDs
Office Furniture
Music Downloads
Movie Downloads
Video Game Downloads
Computer Software
Magazine Subscriptions
Canoe Hoist
Hedge Trimmer
Battery Pack
Luggage Lock

One person even bought 13 External Hard Drives. If you buy for a company, you can really help us by checking Amazon’s prices and buying via our link.

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