Obama Will Go Naked to Stockholm

Obama, Kissinger, Wilson, Roosevelt and Moniz.

Quick. What do Barack Obama, Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Kissinger and Egar Moniz have in common? All won the Nobel Prize, the first four for “peace” either as sitting presidents, or in Kissinger’s case, while his bombs were falling on innocents in Vietnam. Moniz won the prize in Physiology or Medicine for his invention of the lobotomy. Of these five he wrought the least carnage.

Today we awoke to news that Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Some looked quick to see whether it was April 1. Most often folks mumbled resignedly “War is Peace.” I prefer the Vietnam era formulation that warring for peace is like fu**ing for virginity. A few wept tears of disappointment, certainly mainstream Medea Benjamin who, having recently come out definitively as a hawk, must have thought that with this adjustment the Nobel was certainly in sight. Code Pink needs a new name now. Justin Raimondo suggests Code Yellow. But I believe Whores for Wars might be better. (That would only apply to Medea and the national leadership, many of the local Code Pinkers being genuine anti-interventionists who cannot stomach the narcissistic national leadership like mainstream Medea.)

My good friend and Israeli expat Joshua was at first afraid he was having a bad dream or that the Nobel committee was working a cruel joke. After all, Joshua reasoned, Obama is war criminal, who has engineered the biggest military spending in human history, who daily drops bombs on innocents, women and children in at least three countries, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, who supports the worst war criminals and lodges some in his administration, who destroyed in a few months the “hope” for a peace in the middle east. The western world has gone crazy, no doubt, says Joshua. And since war is now peace we might rename all organizations appropriately – United for War and Justice, War Action, and so on.

This led Joshua to predictions for future Nobels.

Next year, literature: Obama for “The Audacity of Hope” – the greatest fiction ever.

Next year, economy: Obama – creating a new statistical metric for recovery.

Next year, peace: Bush/Cheney – based on Obama’s peace prize precedent.

Year after, peace: Netanyahu – the man behind Obama’s peace in the Middle East.

But to this writer we witness the second repetition of history. The US Empire’s first great colonial war on the Asian mainland in the last half century was Truman’s Korean war. This was repeated as tragedy in Vietnam at the hands of the Best and Brightest, with Johnson and Kennedy in the lead. And now the Iraq/AfPak war comes at us from Bush and Obama and Congresses both Democrat and Republic. If Vietnam was tragedy, then certainly Iraq/AfPak is farce. There were no WMD in Iraq and everyone knew it. By the military’s own admission there are about 100 Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, so the US troops are not there because of Al-Qaeda – and everyone knows it.

Now the ultimate comedic turn comes with the award to Obama of the Nobel War Prize. Perhaps the antiwar movement needs to adjust its tone from pure outrage to ridicule. After all Obama and the elite running this country are without clothes as they parade before us as men of peace, puffed up with talk of fake health care reform and assuring us of economic recovery that provides no jobs. It would be hard to make this stuff up. And through our tears at the predicament we are in, we can at least ridicule these hypocritical murderers. They deserve to be seen clearly as the cruel and absurd hollow men that they are. They march before us unknowingly naked.

John V. Walsh can be reached at john.endwar@gmail.com. He believes that if the Nobel Committee were serious, Cindy Sheehan would have won the award long ago.

45 thoughts on “Obama Will Go Naked to Stockholm”

  1. I woke up to the news and began screaming at the radio! How can this be? Have these people become unhinged? Giving a peace prize to an unconvicted war criminal?

    I wonder what the families of those slaughtered in Pakistan think of the Nobel committee. How about the millions displaced by the new Prince of Peace?

    What's even more absurd is that the balloting for this award closed only a couple weeks after he took office. Would someone please tell me what he did during that time to even hint that he's deserving of such an award?

    Outrageous. Disgusting. Shameful. I want out of this Orwell novel!

  2. So let's see now. An economic ignoramus like Krugman wins the Nobel Prize in Economics and Barack Obama. a self-interested narcissist who's waging two brutal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while being callous to civilian deaths (and even considering an escalation of one of those wars) gets the Nobel Peace Prize.

    What do these two men have in common? Both are big-government statists who favor the massive expansion of state power to the detriment of personal liberty.

    Note to future Nobel Prize aspirants: whatever be the field of your endeavor, be sure to be a full throated advocate for the welfare-warfare state.

  3. Just a small correction from a Portuguese reader: the fifth Nobel Prize you refer was called Egas Moniz, NOT Egar. He was, until the great writer José Saramago, the only Portuguese to have been awarded the Prize, and is still viewed as a figure of national pride in this country… As I said, it's just a small detail, but maybe you could correct it?

  4. When did the Nobel Peace Prize become the Nobel Speech Prize?

    Congrats Brand Obama for its thorough mastery of Junk Politics!

    Spectacle rules in the Empire of Illusion!

    1. Just goes to show how far a little bit of eloquence can take you. What you say doesn't have to make sense. It just has to sound good. Style always trumps substance.

  5. It is a good thing that he won. It will expose the hypocrisy of both the "left" and "right" in this country to anyone who still is paying attention and hasn't figured out that they both suck. Admittedly, that should be pretty few people by now.

    Suddenly Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge are outraged, while those at HuffPo have a full-page paean to his greatness (you'd think he died or something).

    I do feel sorry for those writers over at the Onion. Parody these days is damn tough.

  6. I hate to say it but TR does not offend me as much as the others-he did do the right thing in ending the war between Russia and Japan. Maybe the prize could have gone to one of the most vocal opponents of the American invasion of Iraq-Benedict XVI.

    1. Do you really think TR did the right thing? How did war between Japan and Russia in 1905 affect America? Why should we have got mixed up in it? The Russians always resented the loss of territory they ceded to Japan and partly blamed America for it. I don't see where TR did the world or America any good at all.

  7. Woodrow Wilson won the igNoble prize in 1919. After he ran on an re-election platform in 1916 that said the USA was NOT going to get involved in Euopre’s war…. We all know how that turned out.

    As for Code Pink, there’s a word for women who sell their virtue…

    Benjamin and her ‘ladies in waiting” used to foam at the mouth anytime GW Bush made a announcement for more war but when it’s their bud OBOMBA, well that’s different, after all, he wants to save Afghan women and children by bombing them to bits.

    Will we have to destory Afghanistan in order to save it?

  8. The biggest military spending in human history? I doubt that he is outspending FDR, unless you are failing to account for inflation.

  9. What upsets me the most isn't that the Nobel people would award this prize to a mass murderer (they've done it before) but that previously anti-war democrat friends are now cheering, "yay, Obama!" and ignoring or even patting him on the back for escalating the war in Afghanistan.

  10. Johnson was the bad guy in Vietnam. Kennedy had signed exwcutive order11101 to eliminate the Fed, CIA and check out of Vietnam. After they croaked JFK Johnson pushed on.

  11. Johnson was the bad guy in Vietnam. Kennedy had signed executive order11101 to eliminate the Fed, CIA and check out of Vietnam. After they croaked JFK Johnson pushed on.

  12. Of course Obama does not desrve anything but a dirty slap from his mama for being such a filthy call girl. The fact of the matter is that obama does not have any power.nor does he control anything.He was selected and dumped on dodo americans who had had enough of the precious bummbling,bellicose devil worshipping daxed and confuased burning bush who was equally dumped a few years back.
    What people should be aware of is that the europeans have a finger on strings manipulating everything. Anyway, they have figured out that some bloodthirsty geriatric ghouls who need constant bloodbaths are on the verge of pushing for another which is being fronted by the Kenyan president of the USA so they hastily dropped a leash on his neck.
    The zionists and their ultra conservative warmongering arm chair generals are not going to like it at all. and will be seriously troubled by the lack of haste to sacrifice humans to their sun gods.
    Obama while still a closet blood sucker is relieved that ,his puppet can’t easily drop kick him into another evil stupidity. Does he deserve a medal yes a big hammer blow to his forehead ro rearrange his oreo cookie pulp of a brain as he does not have a clue how he got to the white house and what the hell he could ever do given that he is just a zombie.

  13. Mohandas Gandhi, Corazon Aquino and Vaclav Havel were all passed over for the Nobel Peace Prize.

    What, these days, is the greater dishonor: winning the Nobel Peace Prize or being awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

  14. I’m in shock. I thought for sure Karzai or Musharraf would win. And this Nobel Peace Prize news falls only a few days after Rio beat out Kabul and Islamabad for the Olympics.

  15. Actually, he'll be going to Oslo. Other than that, I am shocked and dismayed over this. Can his massive ego get any bigger before his head explodes?

  16. Walsh's comments on Medea Benjamin are way off the mark. She is no apologist for Obama, and has reinterated her opposition to bombing, troop expansion and money for militarism. In her interview on Anti-war Radio, she shared the concerns that she heard face to face with Afghan women, IN THAT COUNTRY, that just withdrawing would leave them at the mercy of the warlords, which we installed there, and who are just as bad as theTaliban and al Qaida.
    She did not oversimplify the complex problems there with the attitude that what's good for the US is all that's at stake.

  17. Additionally, I don't know anyone on the left who's okay with Obama; just last week several CodePink members, with other LEFTIST peace activists, were arrested AGAIN at Creech AFB in the Nevada Desert, one of the bases from which they send the drones. A third protest is planned for December; maybe some of you would like to join it.
    CodePink has protested the bailout, foreclosures, faced down John Yoo at his house and his classes at UC, sponsored Israeli war resistors, Iraqi and Afghan women, held actions with Iraq Vets Against the War, promoted war tax resistance – I could go on. When invited by Canadian MP's to speak there, Medea, along with Col. Ann Wright, wasn't allowed to cross the border because of her arrest record, which is ONLY for protesting war and imperialism.

  18. I happened to attend a UFPJ planning session just after Obama's inauguration – it was like a funeral. No one there was happy at all about Obama's election. And then there's World Can't Wait. Between them and CodePink alone there are actions one could join in to protest US imperialism EVERY DAY!
    Maybe you are making the mistake, common in the US, of conflating 'liberal' and 'left'. Maybe you need to get out more?

  19. Words fail in response to the absurdity. But then, what the hey, Gorbachev was a recipient while he bombed the crap out of Afghanistan, Kissinger while he played God and turned Vietnam to rubble. I think it perhaps time to nominate Ariel Sharon for his acclaimed civic activities among the Palestinians, and Netanyahu for his contemporary peace overtures.

    And officialdom cannot fathom how or why the level of cynicism among us rises exponentially…us as in, you know, the ordinary lumpenproletariat.

  20. Medea Benjamin’s “justifications” for being in Afghanistan give aid and comfort to the ‘enemy’ which is the Central Intelligence Agency and the Mossad.

    they love us being there. We’re doing exactly what the european plutocrats want, and that is, ‘bankrupting ourselves chasing chimera’s and dragons’ over in Afghanistan.

    but back to the Obombya. He should resign his position as so-called president, and he most assuredly should ‘decline’ the Peace Prize, because just like ‘holy water’ it most assuredly will burn his Israeli puppet hands just like any good hot branding iron would.

  21. “How long until Obama attacks Iran?”

    Winning the so called Noble Peace Prize was meant as a preemptive strike for peace!So when the US attacks Iran peace will follow in the region.

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