AP Pulls Iran Nukes Story After Antiwar.com Exposé

Associated Press issued a story yesterday (Monday) entitled “Iran moves closer to nuke warhead capacity.” It was full of inaccurate and misleading information implying that Iran had admitted trying to enrich weapons-grade nuclear material. The story appeared on a wide variety of media.

Last night, Antiwar.com news editor Jason Ditz issued a story refuting the AP story.

This morning, Associated Press recalled the story without explanation and replaced it with another, much less inflamatory story written by a different author.

It is important to question the mainstream media and not let them get away with helping the warmongers with their agenda.

50 thoughts on “AP Pulls Iran Nukes Story After Antiwar.com Exposé”

  1. In a world where the Iraq and Afghan wars have gone on for years without end, despite a zillion lucid antiwar outcries, it's good to savor a little victory in the infowar. Thanks AWC

  2. I just recently read a book called "Conversations with the Crow – The Final Conversations of Robert Trumball Crowley"

    Crowley was the former head of the CIA's dirty tricks department and this is the closest thing one might come to a "death bed confession".

    These are transcribed conversations between two former spooks whose lives seemed to overlap and you get to listen in as they are talking shop. In it, Crowley admits the AP is a CIA mouthpiece and under the total control of the CIA

    Wickedly funny, disturbingly revealing, utterly fascinating.


  3. israeli pr firms in New york and washington have AP in their pockets. I would like to see antiwar report on these fims and their executives. Maybe Giraldi can handle it

  4. Don’t worry about losing your job to Wall Street cons or your job to 3rd world countries, or wonder if you can afford to see a Doc about that stomach pain.

    Jump up and demand that we bomb Iran for some reason or another and everything will be fine…

  5. What hogwash. Almost every political blog on the web was also debunking that AP story. To say they pulled it because of Antiwar's critique is laughably arrogant. Most likely AP doesnt even know Antiwar.com exists. Most readers dont, its one of the lower rated antiwar sites on the internet.

    1. To Annon who said that AP's pull of that big fat lie had nothing to do w this blog? You prob wrote the AP story…sad loser.

    2. Hey ding dong, who besides you claimed that the story was pulled because of AW?

      Maybe you should go back and re-read the AW blog entry. All it says is "This morning, Associated Press recalled the story without explanation…"

      1. "AP Pulls Iran Nukes Story After Antiwar.com Exposé" —
        Right at the top of this page in the HEADLINE, CAPS and BOLDED you ahole.

        1. Did it not happen AFTER? The headline does not say BECAUSE, now does it? One could infer that meaning from the headline, but you would have a hard time proving they took unjust credit for it my friend.

  6. "Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda. "
    John Brennan – Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism

    I suppose you should prepare for "cognitive infiltration"…

    Change??? anyone still believing that crap?

  7. I wish ther was law against instigating genoside sue them until they are out of lying
    how could any one be so heartless look at our own troops comitting suecide
    why can human being act like one have mercy on your fellow man please
    since all wars are for making money please make your money other ways.

    1. Simply put it, the world today is run like the mafia. The godfather countries are the ones that have nuclear weapons capability. Godfather with a bigger bombs are major god fathers and other ones have to watch out. No godfather wants more god father to pop up. Because one more god father equates one less country to bow and submit and perhaps one more godfather to share payoffs. Godfathers control pretty much everything specially the mass media and consequently most people. just like the godfather's children, people who live in these godfather countries really believe that they have nothing to do with any criminal acts and everything they do and have done is perfectly humane and justified.

  8. A lie will take a life of its own.It will be repeated by Rush and the likes of Rush and a great majority of Americans would accepet it as they accepetd the lies about Iraq and continued to do so .

  9. This is nothing new as far as I am concerned. We all (liberals and conservatives alike) live and thrive on innocent blood of the rest of the world. Is there any nation or peoples (outside of Western Europe) this country has not wronged? Frankly, most of our governmental and ‘non-governmental’ institutions are sponsors of state terrorism. Ironically, they are using terrorism and democracy as pretexts for neocolonialism; the west is like a bad/dangerous neighbour that one would die to avoid. Complete savagery; as if more than fifty percent of world’s resources is not enough….

  10. Good work! Stay on them.

    I'm a nuclear engineer by education, and I can say that pretty much everything I've ever seen in the American corporate media about nukes in Iran or in Iraq before that is total garbage. For someone who actually knows a bit about the topic, all of these so-called 'news' articles are laughably bad.

    1. Sorry to rant but Im glad someone else finally realises teh stupidity of letting people who have no knowledge of a subject write dangerous articles that could potentially spark wars, riots, unrests, will no doubt affect things like voting (which in turn affects governance supposedly).

      I personally am not a fan of Iran but I certainly think that muslim problems should be resolved by muslims. The west had its own revolutions and now they try to force the results on muslim lands at the expense of a lot of lives and they need to understand that the islamic world will evolve in its own way and they are going to have a hard job ever convincing muslims to accept the western way of life in the Islamic world i.e. sex, alcohol and everything else that is against the religion.

    2. I am a 22 year old english convert to Islam and I have studied my religion in massive depth and I can say that the articles about Islam are just as laughable as the articles on nuclear wars. Its bizarre why they let those idots right articles. I bet very few people can even tell me what a wahhabi is. They simply think its "Saudi funded extremism that inspires terrorism" when the taliban are actually sufis (deobandi) from afghanistan and thats where people go for training. As a slafi myself, I know that its ridiculous to accuse us of terrorism 1 Because Saudi ARabia itself is a victim of terrorism (WHy would they incite people to blow themselves up in ryadh???) and 2 because the teachings are available for all to see.

      See the official website at http://www.salaf.com and they have refutation websites of takfiri qutbis (Known as al qeada in the mass media) and they even run a site called http://www.islamagainstextremism.com/ and they have mosques all over the UK. My local one in Bristol actually handed the terrorist Isa Ibrahim into teh police after all other mosques failed to.

  11. Jason and Eric? Thank you! I read that AP crap piece and what a load of bullsh#t. The AP has become a hollow and corrupt zombie. Feeding on war's dead. Hmmm, the AP must need "fresh" war dead to feed on. Bastards!!!

  12. Thanks antiwar.com!
    The George Jahn story from AP reads like the drums beating for war, just like happened and is happening today with the US attacks on and in Iraq and Afghanistan and Yemen and Pakistan ….

  13. US wants UN debate on Iran’s human rights!

    This is not a joke.

    “The United States hopes a U.N. debate next week on Iran will shine a light on Tehran’s” mistreatment of prisoners”, its repression of protesters and its “imprisonment of journalists and intellectuals”, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday.”


    This coming from the US government!

    Indeed they creat their ” own reality!

  14. Now that Antiwar admits that AP twists and prints kosher lies–why does it post these articles on a frequent bases? AP is pro-war and Israel–sad affairs!

  15. the same ignorance they spew against Iran they also spew against Saudi Arabia and Salafi Muslims.

    Please read http://www.thewahhabimyth.com/ it is a decisive refutation that salafis are violent.

    I am a 22 year old western convert and I follow the salafi Islam that is propagated by Saudi Arabia and I feel sad that noone cares to speak up for the media attacks on "Saudi funded Wahhabism" :-( my local salafi mosque even handed Isa Ibrahim the terrorist into the police.

  16. Anti war does a very good job and I have been following your website for a long time. Please try to look into the branding of salafi islam as terorism and help get the truth out. You are welcome to contact me. THe givernments wants all muslims to be sufis and spinning round and sitting in circles chanting and singing. I follow strict Islam and wish to live that way but I wish to live that way in peace and I know the salafi movement is not violent. Please start your research with the link I gave you and also the salafi organisation for the UK is called Salafi Publications, please see their views on terrorism here http://www.islamagainstextremism.com I really hope this plight will not go unheard as there is noone who speaks up for us :-( thanks everyone, keep up the good work

  17. In matters of foreign policy in the Middle East, the AP should be viewed as nothing but an agency of the United States government. Truly shameless journalism.

  18. Anti War needs to put the hammer down on this type of reporting. I have often wondered why Anti War, LYNK TV and FSTV don,t come up with a program that reports the known lies. Cable news (fox, cnn and msnbc) would run for cover just like AP.

  19. Hey Jason and Scott,

    Can you guys get onto the the latest article fromn Reuters on the subject?

    Iran atom bomb seen attainable despite snags: study

    This article is so bad, it makes the AP article look credible. I am not sure what I am most alarmed at, the hysteria and lack of substance in this report or the fact that Reuters allowed themselves to publish it. It's an appaling piece, and completely incoherent.

    Newmax went even further, by including the Reuters piece and then changing the headline to read:

    "Study: Iran is Working on Nuclear Bomb, Not Energy"

    The study refers to a new report by ISIS (who else), and includes some absolutely absurd and bizarre quotes from David Albright. Scott, when you last interviewed Albright, he sounded at least a little reasonable, if not way off the mark.

    Either Reuters are totally mischaracvterizing Albrights comments, or Albright is a 2 faced propagandist. Scott, is there any chence you could get Albright back on your show and fire some hard questions at him? When you interviewed him, he claimed that Braod and Sanger were mischaracerizing his statements, but they continue to cite him (along with the Times Online) so I can't help but feel that Albright is jsut an opportunist who is seeking his 15 minutes of fame.

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