’s Angela Keaton on Fox News’s ‘Freedom Watch’

Judge Andrew Napolitano hosted’s Angela Keaton on Fox’s ‘Freedom Watch’ today.

Check it out:

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  1. On your site you claim just over 4000 american soildiers had died sence the begining of the war on terror (9 years), sure 4000 American men and women is a big number and by no means am i claiming that it is not a significant number but take this into concideration over 5000 allied troops died on D-day (less than 24 hour v.s. 9 years) .

    1. Ah but isn't it national survivial. first of all i was talking about the war on terror not just the iraq war. second the war started out against a syco-pathic dictator who endangerd many countries, (much like hitler) but now it has become about keeping suicidal syco-pathic american killing teroist out of the country also national survival.

    2. Okay I will correct my self and I apologize for my mistake ont the facts I know that they are important but my point is still clear as day even if over 4,300 American soldiers have died in Iraq since 3/19/03–less than seven years ago. But now its my turn to correct you .
      It is about national survivial. The iraq war started out against a syco-pathic dictator who possably endangerd many countries including America, (much like hitler and WWII) but now it has become about keeping suicidal syco-pathic american killing teroist out of this lawless country also national survival. For if there is a country run by Anti-American terrorist we are in some deep shit kind of how we are with Iran right now. AND IF I AM WRONG AGAIN PLEASE CORRECT ME

      1. @ Jay_ Young
        Okay I'll try to correct you, briefly, since I've done my homework on the root causes of terrorism. Look no further than your own government's actions for the last 60+ years to the peoples of the world. Specifically, those citizens (like you), who have become so afraid of ‘terrorists’ which are nothing more than a creation by the hands of our own government, need foreign policy history. Not only did the US gov’t fund and train what later became al Qaeda, they also funded the creation of the Taliban via the Pakistani ISI.

        This is historic record, but it’s like there is a 30 year time frame lack of citizen awareness of US involvement in this process that led to 9/11. No one understands or will look at this; it’s just lost in memory. [Specifically Operation Cyclone.] If you look at history, you can even see the wheels come off the bus of this covert gov’t plan gone awry under the Clinton administration in redacted documents in the National Security Archives where the Pakistani ISI ‘loses control’ of the Taliban. Guess what, Jay? We paid for all of this with our tax dollars. Terrorists are nothing more than covert agency plans gone awry.

        I’m not making this stuff up. Research Zbigniew Brzezinski, William Casey and Charlie Wilson’s roles in all of this. Even Benazir Bhutto told GHW Bush that we were creating a Frankenstein. This ‘Muslim threat’ is our own doing. Get it? Even Zbig has no regrets saying, “What’s a few stirred up Muslims?” all the while pumping in billions of US tax dollars to fund these radical madrassas, hence the problem…. What happened between 1976-1992 is the key here.
        It goes way deeper than the Wiki, but this should get you started:

        And if you want to know where the Iran hostility comes from, take a peek at this, while you're at it:

        1. Also Jay, if you want to grasp an understanding and background of the lies you were fed for the first Gulf War, I would highly suggest this well sourced article:

          "On September 11, 1990, Bush also told a joint session of Congress that "following negotiations and promises by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein not to use force, a powerful army invaded its trusting and much weaker neighbor, Kuwait. Within three days, 120,000 troops with 850 tanks had poured into Kuwait and moved south to threaten Saudi Arabia. It was then I decided to act to check that aggression." However, according to Jean Heller of the St. Petersburg Times (of Florida), the facts just weren't as Bush claimed. Satellite photographs taken by the Soviet Union on the precise day Bush addressed Congress failed to show any evidence of Iraqi troops in Kuwait or massing along the Kuwait-Saudi Arabian border. While the Pentagon was claiming as many as 250,000 Iraqi troops in Kuwait, it refused to provide evidence that would contradict the Soviet satellite photos. U.S. forces, encampments, aircraft, camouflaged equipment dumps, staging areas and tracks across the desert can easily be seen. But as Peter Zimmerman, formerly of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency in the Reagan Administration, and a former image specialist for the Defense Intelligence Agency, who analyzed the photographs for the St. Petersburg Times said:

          We didn't find anything of that sort [i.e. comparable to the U.S. buildup] anywhere in Kuwait. We don't see any tent cities, we don't see congregations of tanks, we can't see troop concentrations, and the main Kuwaiti air base appears deserted. It's five weeks after the invasion, and from what we can see, the Iraqi air force hasn't flown a single fighter to the most strategic air base in Kuwait. There is no infrastructure to support large numbers of people. They have to use toilets, or the functional equivalent. They have to have food…. But where is it? "

          1. Thank you honest. I did not know anything about the previous information that you just explained and I will look more into detail about it.

            Jay_ Young

          2. Not to worry, Jay. I appreciate you not dismissing this information.

            For all of our sakes, as a country, we need more and more people to be made aware of the truth. Because the truth is not even close to what we've been told. Please DO look into the info I provided and beyond. Granted, the more you learn about it, the more all the official lies start to unravel. It's like one giant multi-layered onion.

            No one will spoon feed it to you and the mainstream media stopped reporting real news years ago…. you have to learn it on your own. It's taken me years to get this far. I've simply planted the seeds with you and hopefully you will want to share what you find out with others and they will start their journeys too. This only happens one person at the time. And I have to say thank you, Jay…you've made my day!


    3. You are correct regarding the numbers,

      Omaha beach, these deaths are remembered, after 60 years as not squandered; because WWII was a declared war, and we had a clear enemy, and objective.

      Who is our enemy in this new war, with no clear enemy or objective……

      It is a "gulf of Tonkin" blank check. Our fallen dead in this latest war feels like a wast, it feels like Vietnam not Normandy.


  2. OK Angela, good work – now it's time for you to get on the Glenn Beck show and kick his ass. After that, a cage match with Teo-O-Con Sarah Palin.

  3. What a refreshing change to see this exchange on Fox, without the guest been yelled at or interrupted. Even more amazing was that Angela's comments were not treated as blasphemy or even controversial for that matter.

    Mind you, I can't help but wonder if this same discussion would have been permitted before November 2008?

    Oh and BTW. Angela, if you're listening (and you don't mind me saying), you are fox. Beauty and brains.

    1. I actually thought the judge did interrupt Ms. Keaton rather frequently but perhaps you were referring to the norm for other Fox moderators in response to guests with non-establishment views. I concur with the other points mentioned!

  4. should auction a date with Angela as part of its quarterly fundraisers. And I mean every quarter. :-)

  5. Angela Keaton. Intelligent and articulate spokeswoman for the true antiwar movement. Also, Angela, nice ummm, outfit you were wearing. We need to get her on television more often.

  6. Great stuff, keep up the good work Angela. The truth not only hurts but inflames the those who incline to evil.

  7. Wow. How "courageously" they both avoided any mention of the foreign policy elephant in the room: Israel.

  8. Angela Keaton did very well and we should all be in love with her mind. She is a Libertarian Beauty and America has reason to be excited. If the American voter could reign in the out of control Military Industrial Complex, we would have a prosperous country again.

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  13. On your site you claim just over 4000 american soildiers had died sence the begining of the war on terror (9 years), sure 4000 American men and women is a big number and by no means am i claiming that it is not a significant number but take this into concideration over 5000 allied troops died on D-day (less than 24 hour v.s. 9 years) .

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