Boeing: Bringing Death From the Skies

With all the talk, pro and con, about the WikiLeaks video “Collateral Murder,” not much attention has come to the company without which the whole operation would be impossible: Boeing.

This excellent video combines Pentagon collateral damage videos with Boeing’s well-known commercial. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

Check out some of the dialog:

“We have a black Bongo truck picking up the bodies, request permission to engage…”
“This is bushmaster 7, roger to engage.”

“I got a wounded girl we need to take to Rustamyah.”

“Well it’s their fault for bringing their kids into battle.”

“That’s right.”

This sort of warfare enables the soldiers to operate like they are in a video game, and they talk like that’s what they are doing.

In 2008 alone, Boeing earned over $31 billion from military contracts.

One thought on “Boeing: Bringing Death From the Skies”

  1. In the future, could it be that our "enemies" will learn to build killer drones just like we have? Damn likely, they will.
    Can you imagine the smug smile on the face of the first monkey who learned that he could throw a rock and hurt another monkey without having to get close enough to actually touch that other monkey. Can you then picture the first monkey's smug smile turniing to real worry as the second monkey quickly learned to throw the same rock back

    1. No, I think the drones will continue to be made by Boeing– the definition of who is an "enemy" will likely change. Coming to a Theater near you…

    2. Don't bogart that drone, my friend
      Pass it over to me
      Don't bogart that drone, my friend
      Pass it over to me

      Roll another drone
      Just like the other drone
      You've been hangin' on to it
      And I sure would like a hit…

      Country Joe and The Killer Whale

  2. Sounds like the semi-codswallop the crazier lefties used to tell each other about during the Bush years. I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of civil strife comes into being, but I don't think it'll be like this.

  3. In 2008 alone, Boeing earned over $31 billion from military contracts.Merchents of death and destruction.The business of the US is death and its apptite never satisfied.

  4. Don't be surprised if Boeing gear will be used against you, The American Citizen. Once things get bad enough in the country with the banks demanding "their lost collateral", the banks will pick up the phone and call the Pentagon. They will issue the orders as to who (what city) is to be made an example of. The boy scouts will put on their make up, load their weapons and fly in for the kill. All this in the name of national security which really means pointing guns to innocent people's heads for the federal reserve, aka the international bankers.

    1. once that happens, its open season on the company and anything associated with it, and American citizens dont need to cross oceans to get there. The elites dont need civil unrest to get away with what they're getting away with. I'd worry more about a flase flag attack (number 2) from the right than I would anything from Obama. The teabaggers have lost their marbles if they think the left is the threat. The right is the threat. Lord, people are suckers.

  5. The intellectual wasteland is direly short of symbolic capital.

    This is a consequence of having no culture or true history to speak of, only bottom lines and endless specious presents.

    In addition, moral pablum left and right, overlaid by unimaginably thick Judaeo-Christian hypocrisy, interferes with pattern recognition.

    A Michel Foucault, for example, might immediately recognize the US use of drones as both peculiarly American and the technocrat's equivalent of the suicide vest.

    The fact this technology does not work for its stated tasks, even for assassinations, is by the way.

    It's real purpose is obviously psychological–thus all the fanfare and publicity.

    Quite simply drones are terrorist in thrust and intent, like Churchill's approval of the use of poison gas from the air on Kurdish villages in Mesopotamia, which he openly called "terror".

    The wogs are supposed to be wowed by magic at a distance, and, properly terrorized, concede US incompetents–who can't win mano a mano–to the office of Global Great White Father in Washington, D. C.

  6. The intent of drones ,rendtins,kiddnaping,torture ,sanctions, etc,etc is to terrorize ,intmidate and force those who stand in the way of the the US empire to stand aside.

  7. Is nobody else disgusted that the war criminals in that video – caught gleefully slaughtering men, women and children – enjoy the widespread support of the American people? That the American people – who funded this slaughter, the Iraqi genocide, torture chambers, etc – would screech in 'outrage' at the suggestion that the murderers face justice? For that matter, did wartime Germans cheer on Hitler AFTER his atrocities were widespread public knowledge- like Americans do? Just curious.
    God Bless America.

  8. Boeing doesnt give a damn WHO gets murdered by their weapons, as long as they get their money. They are the enemy of decent people everywhere. Anyone who works for Boeing should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Hear, hear, and that goes for Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Raytheon Company, and General Dynamics Corporation, among others.

  9. What America is perfecting is the use of the "sucker punch" in warfare. We have coupled the overwhelming force concept of Gen Colin Powell with the back shooting tactics of the Mafia. Drones shoot projectiles at people at no risk to the shooter. That coupled with torture, pre-emptive warfare, and collective punisment completes our repetoire. We now "shoot first and ask questions later". And without even warning the target first.
    We have become what we fought against in WWII. And what a flock of foul birds we have scattered without thinking about where they are going to roost. What happens when our own wedding parties get attacked from out of the blue blasting the ring bearer and flower girl's guts all over, or when our own citizens get kidnapped and tortured, or when one of our school houses becomes collateral damage? Are we going to pray for justice, then?

    1. But of course! Poke around and you'll see how the gangsters moved into Wall Street. Wall Street owns/controls the CIA and always has (since the days of Red Shield controlled Herriman gang and JP Morgan). The events of '63 and later taught the Administration and the Legislators what happens to thems as crosses the secret police. So, with gangsters firmly in control of the big banks (ie., hedge funds), should it be any surprise the collective institution now favors gangster methods over any others? Terrorism is THE gangster method. So.. simple logic.

  10. you left out all the other merchants of death, like DynCorp, and FLUOR, and C.S.C., and Jeppeson-Sanderson (boeing sub.) for their excellent work on RENDITION FLIGHTS for innocent scooped off the street people, globally! I.T.T. and TESLA, in MD, who build the power converters for all of the DRONES used to murder people from the skies without trials.

  11. The total value of Boeing’s military contracts in 2008 may have been $31 Billion, but that wasn’t what it “earned.” Boeing is a great company that responds to the needs of it’s customers or it couldn’t stay in business. Those weren’t Boeing people pulling the triggers in that helicopter. It’s shallow-minded to blame Boeing for how its products are used or to presume that if one military supplier ceased to exist no other would arise to take it’s place.

    1. sounds just like a death camp guard. I vas only taking ze orders…America is full of complicit people like YOU excusing murder of children, women and men. Or I guess it's ok to kill as many men as possible. Ridiculous.

      1. Works for Boeing. Also Nuremburg: that was for THEM, not US. Different strokes for different folks.

  12. the Military Industrial Complex is a parasite and a BLIGHT on this nation. It needs to be GONE, as in made illegal. And that goes for your wonderful BOEING, Mike! Get a real job, doing real good, not harming people, nimrod!

  13. The banks, energy companies, insurance companies, and arms manufacturers used to work in service of the nation. Now the nation works in service to them. The elites are sending the teabaggers astray, so they won't come after the deserving targets, the wealthy elites on the street, in the country clubs, at the airports. They can't hide everywhere they go, and they know it. Until the citizenry scares the elites to the bone like the unions did to corporate goon squads in the 20s and 30s, nothing will change. A lot of these elites really believe they were born at the top of the food chain, and they need to be dragged off their pedestal if they cant listen.

  14. Voting,contacting reps,writing editors; all a waste of time and effort. This system we have ,called democracy was a communist contrivance from it's inception. What happened to our beloved republic? HELP !!!!! Where you have a government that robs Peter to pay Paul it can,pretty much, rely on Paul's vote. That's the bottom line!

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