2 thoughts on “Antiwar.com’s Kelley Vlahos on Fox News’ ‘Freedom Watch’”

  1. Is judge on the TV now, or is he still just streaming on the internet?

    Anyway, great on the judge for touching upon a more foreign policy issue. I think so far he has been over concentrating on the domestic side of the equation.

  2. Absolutely everything that was said is true, I couldn´t agree more. But Fox News took direct part in creating this new policy under the Bush Administration – they got what they wanted, it´s just that they don´t like this new guy using "their" new policy. They sold their souls to the devil and now they want to rectify.

  3. Okay: I gotta say it. Wow! Kelly is a babe! A libertarian love goddess! Beauty and brains. Man, what a combo!

    Okay, got that out my system. Judge is right on here. The gubmit stooges of the oligarchs claim we are "exporting American democracy". What could that possibly mean but spreading the principles of the American Constitution to places where other oligarchs rule? The Constitution should absolutely apply everywhere BUT it scarcely applies now in America itself: thanks primarily to the previous gang of oligarch stooges who started this meme: "the Constitution is just a piece of paper" (W). BUT what did the judge say when Bush gang started down this road of strangling the Constitution? Is this nothing but an Our-Thieves/Their-Thieves thing? We all know horribly well that Faux "Noose" is A-No.1 onside with that cabal of super rich oligarchs that have instigated and propagated the wars as a way to increase their wealth and power. Is this like at saying about the stopped clock? (ie being right twice a day inspite of itself.)

    Is there nobody (outside of this website) who has any principles at all?? Is "Bizarro World just the anteroom of hell? Or what.

  4. Fox News, eh? I hope Kelly has a shower which exceeds the 2.5 GPM flow limit imposed by the US Government.

  5. I like Napolitano and the fact that he has Antiwar.com journalists on his program such as Kelly and Angela Keaton.

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  7. Maybe they should try to interview Awlaki. I find it hard to believe he's more "anti-american" than a lot of Fundamentalist Xtn preachers in the USA.

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