Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich: US Troops Out of Pakistan

Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich introduced a resolution to amend the war funding bill aimed at enforcing the War Powers Act to get US troops out of Pakistan.

The amendment failed, receiving only 38 votes (32 Dems and 6 GOP). Shortly thereafter, the House overwhelmingly approved the war funding bill 308-114.

At least it provided an opportunity for some actual debate.

Here’s Ron Paul:

Here’s Dennis Kucinich:

One thought on “Ron Paul & Dennis Kucinich: US Troops Out of Pakistan”

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  2. This was a good move but congress is biast against Muslims, they are financed and run by Israelis and multi nationals and their vision is only kill and kill.This sign of decaying nation nobody can help.

  3. Get us out of there! You don't need to influence nations with force. "Violence is force and force is arrogance." Mahatma Gandhi single handedly overcame the British Empire by uniting the will of the people without raising a hand in anger. The same principal has also been demonstrated quite dramatically in South Africa by Nelson Mandela. Winston Churchill never needed force, and Gorbachev brought about total revolution in the largest political monolithe in the world without firing a shot. The intrinsic dignity of man, his right to freedom, sovereignty, and self determination are universal prinicpals that are virtually unconquerable.

  4. Sooner or later , US politicians will realize that the "attempt to "democratize " countries which have absolutely njo desire for such , is an exercise in futility .Afghanistans nature is trival , and will remain so . The respone to 9/11 attacks was justified , but not beyond the immediate vanquishing of the Taliban regime which accomodated the perpetrators . Time to get out now and leave them to their own devices .

  5. We will not leave Afghanistan without a "VICTORY". Were we to leave Afghanistan because the job is impossible or not worth the price, or because it was just stupid to invade in the first place, how could we possibly have military color guards at every public function or military plane flyovers at every sporting event. These are functions for winners, not reasonable adults. Only adults rethink a situation and we are juvenile.

  6. Pakistan plays a conflicting role in the global war on terror. The country is a U.S. ally in the war, but is often accused of supporting Taliban and Al Qaeda presence in its northern provinces. Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Taliban head Mullah Omar are probably hiding in Afghanistan but many believe bin Laden is assumed to be in Pakistan, with other senior al Qaeda leaders. Unstead of accusing Pakistan in supporting Taliban we should work together and stop the war on terror.

  7. lol….no one's" accusing " Pakistan of supporting the Taliban , Pakistan CREATED the Taliban , and is acting WITH and AIDING the Taliban .
    Pakistan is no ally .

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