Seattle Protest Against FBI Intimidation (Thursday)

Protest Against FBI Intimidation of the Peace Movement

Greater Seattle Veterans For Peace (VFP 92) and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are working together to organize a Thursday afternoon rally outside of the FBI offices in downtown Seattle. Many local peace, solidarity and civil rights organizations are being invited to join us in denouncing recent FBI raids on anti-war and solidarity activists in Minnesota, Michigan and Illinois.

The protest rally and sidewalk press conference will be on Thursday, Sept. 30, 4 pm, at 1110 3rd Ave., on the northeast corner of 3rd and Spring.

For more information, call Gerry Condon at 206-499-1220.

It is critical that Veterans For Peace and all who believe in the rights of freedom of speech, assembly, and privacy make their voices heard now. If we do not, the FBI or other repressive police and military forces could literally be coming after us next.

National Veterans For Peace is calling on all VFP member to send letters of protest to the Obama administration, specifically the Department of Justice.

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