Krauthammer: WikiLeaks show the U.S Military’s “Restraint”

This has got to be the quote of the day — maybe the week, maybe the month. After agreeing all around on FOX News’ Special Report tonight that there was “nothing there, there” in the 400k documents dumped by WikiLeaks on Friday (a massive release of classified reports that martyr-hero-analyst Juan Williams deemed “unnecessary and mischievous”), neoconservative war hawk Charles Krauthammer said, “the overall the impression I got was how restrained the United States was.”

Charles Krauthammer

Yeah, I’m sure to Mr. Krauthammer, the killing of  681 civilians, including 50 families and 30 children — non-insurgents all — in their cars, at manned checkpoints, over a five-year period is pretty restrained (only 120 actual insurgents were killed at checkpoints in that same period, by the way). It’s pretty hard, however, to read the emerging individual stories of what actually happened and think “restraint” had anything to do with it.

But I guess the Americans were showing tremendous restraint when they turned over all those Iraqi prisoners to Iraqi military torture chambers that make the latest “Saw” installment look PG-13. They could have questioned their “orders” to ignore the abuse because international laws and the laws of humanity certainly prohibit torture — but our soldiers showed restraint (which is pretty impressive considering how many “Christians” there are filling the evangelical church services on any given forward operating base these days). They also showed great restraint in not questioning their Iraqi brothers doing the torturing — many of whom were part of the deadly U.S trained Wolf Brigade, so you could say there was some familiarity there. But the Americans followed orders and looked the other way. Restraint.

Sarcasm aside, just what might be “unrestrained” in Mr. Krauthammer’s world? — I am afraid to find out.

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    1. … finally found the model for Michael Jacksons final nose…there just wasn't enough nose left to make a Krauthammer cephalic forward appendage… (all apologies to MJ): I guess giant insects wanna be white, too.

  1. How do people like Krauthammer get to keep their TV pundit jobs? What kind of oversight/supervision allows the Krauthammers of American TV to spew their shit? Who makes these decisions?

    Would an actual human in "the real world" keep their job if making incorrect claims/predictions day after day, year after year?

    1. Even on antiwar any comments including the words mentioning the "chosen" ones are censored before being approved by the higher authority. PC is everywhere except in the corridors of the propaganda machines.

    2. "How do people like Krauthammer get to keep their TV pundit jobs?"

      Because the people running the networks have the same viewpoint?

      1. I have considered this to be The Answer yet it seems too simple to be credulous.

        I liken many of these commentators to the fan favorite playing centerfield the past ten years who is hitting .180 in the middle of June; the stats no longer match the hype / expectation and change is needed yesterday.

    3. You should keep in mind that Krauthammer was neither born nor educated in the US and comes from a Uruguayan zionist family. As such it is the "tribal racism" that keeps him in position to propagandize Americans for wars that benefit foreign countries, even though he is hardly American. Since his education was as a psychologist, his manipulative "emotional diatribes" are effective for his masters.

      1. I've read that Krauthammer was born in Uruguay several times now. It had been my understanding that he was born in New York City. Cursory web searches have been unsatisfactory in providing anything definitive, although the more mainstream sites provide New York City as his place of birth.

        Can anyone clarify this matter for the rest of us?

  2. Krauthammer and several other neocons, many Jewish, have lost all sense of justice by their continued support for occupation and extrajudicial killings. The collective suffering of the Palestinians and the Iraqis at the hands of Israel and the USA, respectively, is a blot against all humanity. What has become of Judeo-Christian ethics?

    1. It is impossible for Krauthammer and people of his ilk to lose their sense of justice because they never had one to begin with/

    2. Down the Born-Again Dispensationalist toilet. Really, the tens of millions of fundamentalists eager for Armegeddon, the Rapture, and ruling the rest of us with a rod of iron in the millenial kingdom are his real audience.

  3. This refreshes one of my favorite peeves: how can one be so crazy stupid, immune to all contrary evidence, and sometimes so self-contradictory in closely spaced columns that you can’t believe they were written by the same person, and still be this popular?

    Perhaps it’s a result of truckling to idiots. Maybe the skeptical weighing of assertions in America is a lost art (if it ever existed on a large scale). Could be that thinking hurts and thus is avoided. Any road, quarter-wits like Krautslicer look pretty pathetic compared to their predecessors, such as Pegler or Sobran.

  4. restrained!

    The Vietnamese,Combodians,Loatians,the Afghanis,Pakistanies,and the Iraqis would very much disagree.

  5. Krauthammer's the same thing that Alex Cockburn called Norman Podhoretz back in the 'eighties: "a mass murderer every time he stands up to speak or sits down to type." Oh I forgot, Krauthammer's afflicted and can't stand up. I don't have cable so I've never seen him on Fox (I just read his garbage in the Post every week), but I'm beginning to get the impression he must look and sound real funny.

  6. This a very funny looking man and I am sure his comments about killing people like himself would be very funny to.
    If he look nice maybe his comments will be better?
    Since we are talking about war killing innocent people his look on this occasion suitable. Can we imagine a devil in the hell how he would look like?

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