Wikileaks Shut Down — But Not For Long (Includes New Domain)

U.S-based domain provider shut down WikiLeaks Thursday night claiming relentless cyber attacks on the site, but WikiLeaks was up by the crack of dawn ET, on a new Swiss server, or WikilLeaks announced it via Twitter around 4:30: “Free Speech has a number…”

Pathetically, CNN International refused to include the new address in its own reporting of the event. Meanwhile, Jumpin’ Joe Lieberman has moved on from Amazon, and has  pressured another provider to drop a site carrying WikiLeaks-related content. This time, as Glenn Greenwald points out, the targeted website is independent from WikiLeaks and was merely publishing graphs based on WikiLeaks info on its site.

“(Lieberman) is on some kind of warped mission where he’s literally running around single-handedly dictating what political content can and cannot be on the Internet, issuing broad-based threats to “all companies” that — by design — are causing suppression of political information.”

Interesting times ahead.

One thought on “Wikileaks Shut Down — But Not For Long (Includes New Domain)”

  1. Of course Joe Lieberman is the ultimate corporate toady of the military-industrial-security complex. For this reason, and because of his perfidious crusade against Wikileaks, he deserves our utter contempt.

    However, even more despicable are the voters of Connecticut who re-elected "Mo Joe" to the U.S. Senate in 2006, preferring him to the antiwar candidate Ned Lemont. And just a month ago, the same imbecilic voters elected the Democrap Richard Blumenthal to replace another quintessential corporate toady, namely Chris Dodd, as the next Connecticut senator to join the millionaires' club (aka U.S. Senate).

    Pathetic is the word, and no other, to describe the voters of the state of Connecticut.

    1. "However, even more despicable are the voters of Connecticut who re-elected "Mo Joe" to the U.S. Senate in 2006, preferring him to the antiwar candidate Ned Lemont."
      Fascists and racist bigots are the norm in today's "AmeriKa".

  2. Check out the cool wallpapers on the WikiLeaks support page. Download and share!

    Some caveats if you want to donate via PayPal: 1) the page is in German, so have a translator site or app ready if you don't know the language. 2) the amount will be in euros, though you'll see the US$ (or other currency) equivalent on the confirmation page. 3) the number format is very specific — integers are not allowed, and the decimal place must be a comma instead of a period. So if you want to donate 15 euros, you must enter "15,00" in the form. It took me at least 4 tries before I got it right.

    As for Lieberman, he should be expelled from the Senate, stripped of his citizenship and put on the next plane to Tel Aviv (with the requisite pre-flight pornoscan and sexual groping, of course). Ditto the rest of the Zionist fifth columnists. Still, the voters of Conn. are less to blame than the "Progressive" movement that rammed the 17th Amendment through the Congress and states. IMHO it's unlikely the Conn. legislature would have appointed any of those clowns to the Senate. Nor would the NY legislature have appointed Hillary, or the Illinois legislature Obama, or the Arizona legislature McCain. The Founders knew what they were doing when they made the Senate the voice of the states rather than the people at large; it's time to rediscover their wisdom and repeal the 17th.

  3. Interesting. I live in the US. If I try to go directly to any of these addresses, I can't get there. Can't bring up the web page, and a ping or a tracert doesn't get to the IP address.

    However, if I go to a redirecting website like, and then put in that IP address, I can bring up the wikileaks website.

    Gee, its so nice to live in a free country like China, uh, excuse me, the USA.

    1. Hmmm, maybe it was just down. Now I can get their directly too.

      Still, there's something wrong when an American even has to think that way. And in a world where the government and the Joe McCarthy/Liebermans and corporations like Amazon are all working hard to make sure someone like me can't see a website like wikileaks, then one seems to have to think this way. Something's very wrong.

      And most Americans agree. A standard poll question that's been asked for years is whether or not the people think that America is 'headed in the right direction' or not. The 'or not' wins regularly and heavily, around 70% if I remember correctly.

      A vast majority of Americans know there is something very wrong. But, we are no longer a functioning democracy, so this doesn't change what our government does. Which means America today is in a very similar situation as to the Soviet Union of the 1980's. We know how that ended.

      Look to that event and see how it unfolded. Most people knew something was badly wrong. But they didn't know what to do about it and didn't think they could do anything about it. So, they just lived their lives as best they could. Until the day when it started to appear that they could do something about it. When that happened, when the vast majority of people who knew something was wrong all decided or realized that they could do something about it, when that happened, there were millions of people in the streets all across the eastern bloc demanding change.

      Some day, some time, some place, there will be a tipping point. The 70% of the American people who know we are heading in the wrong direction will think they get a chance to change things. And they'll try to act. Actually, that's already happened at least once. Only, in 2008 is was a fraud from Obama promising change that he never planned on delivering that the American people responded to and backed trying to get the real change that so many want.

      That didn't work, as it was just a con from the Democrats to try to grab power for themselves. But, the yearning for change in the American people hasn't disappeared. Its just waiting for another opportunity.

      Which means for the non-intelligence officers reading this site, there's only really two choices to make. Do you sit back and wait for change that's certain to come? Or, do you try to work to provide the spark that's going to set the whole thing off? Do you do that work never quite knowing when tiny acts of protest might suddenly snowball into an avalanche that can crumble things like the Berlin Wall? For years, activists and dissidents in the Soviet Union worked to try to somehow change that system and educate the people around them. For years, that certainly must have been seen as a hopeless and very dangerous thing to do. Then, all of a sudden, in the span of weeks or at most months, suddenly the people decided that they could really change things, millions of people came out into the streets, and governments fell and so did the Berlin Wall.

      You never know when it will happen. But that constant and growing 70% poll number of Americans who say that this country is going in the wrong direction means that it will happen some day. And it will surprise not only the leaders and the pundits when it does, but most likely all the activists and dissidents who've been trying to accomplish that for so long.

    1. Amerika also have people that burns and bans books. Mine was banned before it went to print. Heil to the great old USNA.

  4. Remember, there was a very serious effort to remove Lieberman back in the 2006 elections. A man named Ned Lamont ran against our new Joe McCarthy and defeated Joe in the Democratic primary.

    If you remember, one of the first times Obama shocked the lefties in this country was when he, as junior Senator from Illinois and potential 2008 candidate, Obama went to CT and helped try to get Joe to beat Lamont in that primary. An early sign that Obama was who Obama really turned out to be instead of the mythical and fantasy progressive Obama that most people seem to believe in more than they believe in Santa Claus.

    Anyways, Joe gave his finger to the Democrats, and ran as an "Independent". Or, really as a Republican since the Republican candidate all but withdrew from the race and the Republicans strongly supported Lieberman against the Democratic nominee Lamont.

    Then of course, when Lieberman, who had just ran a nasty campaign against the Democrat's official nominee, was welcomed back to DC with loving and open arms by Obama and the DC Democrats who basically made Joe a part of the Democrats in the Senate even though he was officially an "Independent" and unofficially a "Republican."

    Although, to be honest, one needs an electron microscope these days to see the difference between Obama Democrats and the Republicans. After all, isn't everything that's being done with regard to wikileaks exactly what you'd have expected Bush to do if he was still President?

  5. Sorry Bezos, didn't know you had rosewater in your veins.

    Borders and Barnes & Noble, here I come!

    1. Amazon is also a pawn of the Department of Homeland Security. They send your records to the DHS. Borders that have those discount cards are also pawns of the DHS. Need I say more

  6. this is science fiction lunacy.

    if they are really this serious i guess we will see in the next few days how strong the pentagons cyper war capabilities really are.

  7. How is Zionist Lieberman still in the senate and not being hounded down Constitution Avenue by an irate mob armed with tar and feathers?

    The Senate's website currently shows …. "The U.S. Capitol has many exceptional furnishings and unique objects that reflect its status as the seat of our national democracy."

    It's 2010, do you know where your democracy is?

  8. Come on people there's more going on here than meets the eye…the same way the false-flag of 9-11 led to the PATRIOT Act ( which was already written ) and all that goes with it…( restrictions on money transfers, rescinding habeas corpus, etc ) now the whole wikileaks phenom is allowing Zio-Joe and co. to shut down the internet…( too many people are connecting the dots and concluding that 9-11 was a Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA false flag )..What do we know? Assange ( the figurehead ) used to work for the Economist ( owned by the Rothschilds and managed by the Economist Group- a known CIA front..)…and little else, but it's smells like controlled counter-intelligence..

  9. I am sure, whatever they try, they can't shut down WikiLeaks permanently!
    Once the material is in networks like p2p-networks (emule, Kad etc) they can't "shut down" anything there, because the date is distributed from PC to PC directly (Kad-network) and there is no server neccessary in between… it's leaked… it's out there… nobody can get it back – and everyone can access it !

  10. U.S-based domain provider shut down WikiLeaks Thursday night claiming relentless cyber attacks on the site, but WikiLeaks was up by the crack of dawn ET, on a new Swiss server, or WikilLeaks announced it via Twitter around 4:30: “Free Speech has a number…” ♥

  11. So I'm guessing that the FACT that WikiLeaks is impeding on every right of Americans isn't a factor? You all are nuts. Lets look at what others are doing bad, but completely be ignorant and not see how far over the line WikiLeaks has gone.

    Quick history lesson, The constitution gives us Free Speech, UNLESS!!!!!!!!! It impedes on the rights of others. Not I don't know about you guys, but when sensitive war info is released that pretty much gives the enemy an intellectual advantage, that might be a rights problem. Considering it puts more soldiers lives at risk, the soldiers that fight for us.

    Another food for though, NO GOVERNMENT IS PERFECT! They aren't here to spoon feed you boys and girls, they're here to make sure as a country, we live on strong and free. I remember a time where Europe ruled over us, where countries invaded and claimed it as their own. The US does not do this. They make sure our rights stay with us, and they have been. Go cry me a river about your cries about how the US is like China. If we were like China, you wouldn't even be able to get to this site in no way possible.

    Grow up. Plain and simple.

    1. Get off the ledge brother, he hasn't leaked much that we didn't already know..What do we know about Assange? 1. Vague history, used to work for the Economist mag, owned by the Rotschilds, managed by the Economist Group-CIA front..3. Travels the world w/o visible means of support..4. His parents? Members of an LSD "cult" that abused children..Hmmm…4. He's not against war..5. He hates the 9-11 truth movemnt 6. Has no info on the Bush or Obama WH or the "Federal" Reserve or Goldman Sachs ( but he's helping to take down B of A )..His "leaks" paint Pakistan as a threat and every foreign politician the CIA doesn't like as a jerk..

  12. Trying to tame WikiLeaks financially can be a two way street. I just cancelled my PayPal account with this explanation.

    I am cancelling my account because of PayPal’s complicity in the censorship of WikiLeaks. Think of all the poor people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Palestine, who have been killed, crippled, maimed, widowed, orphaned, driven from their homes, starving and freezing in the winter because of the lies of American political and military leaders. Think of all the people held without trial in black hole prisons, unable to communicate with their families, and tortured horrendously by CIA operatives, all paid by U.S. taxpayers like the people who work for PayPal.
    The people of PayPal should stand as one to shine the light of truth on war crimes they finance, and not look the other way. Shame on PayPal for collaborating with the cover up of evil and despicable government secrets that hide Crimes against Humanity.

  13. In as much as I am against censorship- has anyone given any thought to the basic fact that perhaps there might be some things better off left out of the worlds eye? Nah, your right- nothing should be secret from anyone. Open up the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Kremlin, let the world see it all! I am most certain if everyone knew everything, then there would be no conflict. Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it. I pray the line between censorship and common sense is one that does not get crossed, for I fear the light of "truth" may blind us all……

  14. Also, he believes Osama is stil alive and probably in Pakistan..The MSM loves him..The "right" hates him and is using him to justify censoring the Net..It sure looks like another intelligence agency spectacle…This is part of my reply to Adam, up there…

  15. Granted many countries have done things that the public have no knowledge of but Wikileaks is leaking classified information that was no publicly released. There is public information on the site, but also illegally obtained information.

    EVERY country, no matter how pristine you think you are has committed acts that would would despise. People need to understand that a lot of this information endangers lives and this site should be shut down for good.

  16. why does the U.S. government keep stutting this sight down ……. is it cuz they need to cover up there lies ……

  17. Hatewikileaks: dude you need to open ur eyes they LIE to you same as all of you that think wikileaks sould be shut down …. so what ur sayin is it ok that ur govenment LIES to you covers up stuff that afects us all like iraq were the f-ck are the W M D`s ??????? there was NONE a LIE just a way for the U S to push its corupt VALUES on other countrys …… there some food for thought .

  18. The Government is strongarming the providers of service to wikileaks. The guy in the armed forces should be given a metal of valor because they gave one to a bunch of murderers.

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