UK Govt Moves Against 12-Year-Old Dissident

Pointing to the Cameron government’s growing impatience over student protests, British officials have reportedly moved against 12-year-old Nicky Wishart, henceforth known as the Notorious Nicky of Oxfordshire, threatening him with arrest for threatening the public peace.

Nicky’s crime was to complain on Facebook about an upcoming plan to close his local youth centre, because “it’s a fantastic place to go and there isn’t much else for us to do round here,” and a plan to protest in front of his local MP’s office, which in this case is Prime Minister David Cameron’s office, sparked harsh police action.

Notorious Nicky was pulled from his class by police and warned that he was under investigation by the Anti-terrorist squad. He was repeatedly warned by the police that he ought not attend the protest and that police intended to hold him personally responsible for anything that happened at the protest. They also warned him that armed police would be on hand in case the protesters got out of hand. They also warned him that they would be monitoring his future Facebook postings.

Nicky’s mother was called by the school and told that police had “taken an interest in something Nicky’s posted on FB,” but was not allowed to be present at the police interrogation of her child.

The protest went off without a hitch, however, with a dozen students being watched menacingly by six police officers. Police insisted the “warning” to Nicky was appropriate and to “ensure his safety.” Nicky’s school said they are dealing with the matter “internally.”

21 thoughts on “UK Govt Moves Against 12-Year-Old Dissident”

  1. What the hell is this shit?! A 12-year old kid protesting the closing of a youth center draws the attition of the "Anti-terrorist squad"?! If government still have any relevence in society, they ought to listen to the grevinces of the people they're suppost to serve. Not intemadate and scare them off.

  2. WTF is *this* shit:

    "that police intended to hold him personally responsible for anything that happened at the protest"

    Uh … yeah? What if Random Royalty is messed up by a bunch 12-year old kids looking for aggro? Will his ass go to max-security for a couple of hundred years? I think police officers should get a little bit more training before they let rip.

  3. the psychopaths see their end comming; historically, militarism is the end of empire.
    now, even a little boy post can trigger a panic attack in this mentally sick, greedy brutes.
    the sad part is that the police and army forces, which are part of the working class, are so subservient to their "masters" and are used to criminally suppress their brothers.
    hopefully the BRADLEY MANNINGS and the JULIAN ASSANGES will start to multiply and stop the psychopaths before these finish the destruction of the planet and the human race.
    and please let's not forget:

  4. What a weak country the UK has become that its security is menanced by a 12 year old.
    By extension perhaps they should arrest all 12 year olds who can now be considered a dangerous age group in that fragile island. Have they no shame, no pride?
    What would Churchill say?

  5. Now that I think about it, citizens who fear their home being stormed in the middle of the night by black-clad troops jumping from all-black helicopters aren't batshit crazy at all.

  6. The uk has never been a free country they are subjects and granted the privilidges their rulers choose to give them

  7. Doubtless the ¨fingermen¨ made a lasting impression on this innocent youth (at what monetary cost to the British Citizenry? And for what purpose?).
    However, the absolute worst thing this young patriot could do is to learn of the Magna Carta and its history (
    When he understands what has been lost and what his true heritage is, he almost certainly will seek to rehabilitate the ¨fingermen¨ who terrorized him as a child.
    Those who live by the sword………

  8. Why is it a 12 year old gets charged with being a terrorist just because he wants to save the local youth center? What truth do the police have on Nicky that really gives them authority to arrest him? Nicky's rights of freedom of speech and to assemble are violated. The government should be ashamed to do this to a little boy. The police must really have nothing better to do if they have to try and jail a 12 year old.

  9. Children must be taught to obey all authority; question nothing; accept everything; do as they told; where they're told; when they're told. Thus we make good little soldiers for the nanny state.

    Elevating independent thought, free speech, autonomous action to crime status is expected in a police-state. Who are you to complain? Please submit your authorized credentials before logging your complaint. Unauthorized complaints will be investigated for terrorist connections.

  10. Great Britain is simply no longer a free country thanks to the Marxist labourites. They use "hate" laws to shut down all free speech and have millions of closed-circuit cameras to watch the sheeple. An Orwellian nightmare indeed.

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