Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning

Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg is interviewed by Shelia Dean of Beat the Chip.

Explaining the parallels between WikiLeaks and the Pentagon Papers, Ellsberg compares himself to Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange to the New York Times.

7 thoughts on “Daniel Ellsberg on Bradley Manning”

  1. Wiki wouldn't have prevented the Mossad/Mossad asset/rogue CIA false-flag that was 9-11..I think the only thing that might have stopped it is Patrick J. Buchanan's being sworn in as President Jan. 2001.

    1. Legendfary Bill , go to market and see if you can buy a working brain ….the one you got is broken .

  2. But you are right about one thing , wiki wouldn't nor couldn't have prevented 19 of your brothers from their insane spiritually inspired mission on 9/11 .

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