Ron Paul on the Effects of Our Wars

On the House floor Thursday:

15 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Effects of Our Wars”

  1. Congresman Paul, Thank You. I don't know how ya do it.

    Last weekend one of those football playoff games was on the TV. For 90 minutes before the game every particular of each team & the players was excruciatingly detailed & boringly repeated by the next round of talking heads. So much effort, so much meticulous examination, the preparation of the public … for an entertainment event.

    Meanwhile, the MSM reports of war, " today, Drone attacks 18, Muslim funeral mouners 0. And now here's Monica with the weather".

  2. 2012 will be our last opportunity to put this man into office. Don't waste it people. I know citizens united was a terrible decision, but for once lets hoist the establishment by their own petard. There's got to be some big money out there that's sick and tired of the establishment. Flood Ron Paul with money. 10 Billion if that's what it will take to get the message hammered in through our thick skulls. We need to make it clear that America is dangling on the edge of the precipice and we need to do things that make sense; and that needs to begin yesterday.

    1. larry, one can only hope that something will aswaken the U.S. public. Ron Paul is the only honest person serving in the U.S. Congress.

      1. Ron Paul is the only honest person serving in the U.S. Congress.

        If that's true (and I have no reason to doubt that it is), then we as a nation are already too far gone to be saved by one honest man in the White House.

  3. So why, if he believes all this, is he a member of George Bush's political party (not that Barack Obama's is any better)?

    And how about a bit of a backhand to the military industrial complex that keeps it all going.

    1. *Sigh*

      If he believes this? Gee, maybe his voting record might be a little more important than which party he is affiliated with.

      Ron Paul runs as a Republican because it is close to impossible to even get on the ballot unless you're a Republican or Democrat. How many times does this need to be explained? Besides, who cares? What matters is his position, not what letter from the alphabet sits next to his name.

      A bit of a backhand to the military-industrial complex? Again, is his voting record and constant criticism of the US government's foreign policy not enough? Is that less important than the letter "R"? Geez.

  4. C’mon folks, Ron Paul as president would bump up against both sides in his efforts to make the changes he supports. Looks at the obstruction to Barack Obama’s policy decisions after receiving a SIGNIFICANT majority in’ 08. Ron Paul could get NOTHING done. It’s just not feasable. You’re just blowing smoke. Fix campaign financing and demand the TRUTH from all who aspire to politics. Then things will change. Until then, forget it.

  5. I agree with everything that he has to say. War is very expensive and look where it put us today, in more debt. As Ron Paul says, we need to make some changes so that this does not continue. All of these excuses to get ourselves into war has just killed many civilians and many of our millitary men and women. For what? Political interests? It has just made our country as a target to those who resent us. Has Ron Paul stated that we are more in debt and now less safe. something needs to be done and fast.

  6. A Great man. A true voice for humanity.
    Unfortunatly he resides in the seudo fascist country called the US of A.
    He will never get to be Prez. Just doesn't work that way. The MSM will sink him if he gets close.
    look what happened in the last charade known as US election (lol), EVERY TIME Dr. Paul got some tractionm the MSM was there to lie, obfuscate, manipulate, and do what ever they needed to do to make Dr Paul look unelectable.
    Instead you got a CIA, Israeli, Banker/Wall Street stooge. Continuing the charade against humanity.

    1. He will never get to be Prez. Just doesn't work that way. The MSM will sink him if he gets close.

      Sinking by the MSM would be the very least of his worries. Just ask Jack and Bobby Kennedy about that.

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