Shame on Chris Matthews: Smearing the Egyptian Revolution

Neocon Marc Ginsberg, former US ambassador to Morocco, appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” the Chris Matthews show masquerading as an “expert” — as Matthews called him — descrying theEgyptian  uprising as a plaything in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is not at all surprising: Ginsberg is the same guy who described the Tunisian uprising as representing Al Jazeera’s “penchant for regional anarchy” — the people’s desire for freedom apparently had nothing to do with it.  Gisberg is a longtime warmonger and outspoken supporter of Israel whose views are so far from removed from reality — never mind “expertise” — that the distance can only be measured in light-years. “It doesn’t matter what the people in the streets want,” Ginsberg intone: “The Brotherhood is the largest most organized political organization in the country.” But why doesn’t it matter what the tens of thousands in the streets want? Are they just pawns?

I suppose the Israel Lobby had to get its two cents in, but the brazenness of this kind of nonsense is astonishing. Matthews just sat there and failed to challenge the “expert.”

The reality is that the Brotherhood is practically invisible in these protests: there are no leaders, no organizations, no party programs — just the people, outraged, rising up against a tyrant. The Brotherhood, as even the War Street Journal recognized, “was taken by surprise by the protests.” This revolution was organized by young people, both secular and religious, both Muslim and Christian, who are united by one thing: a hatred of tyranny.

Shame on Chris Matthews and MSNBC for giving a platform for Ginsberg the slanderer.

33 thoughts on “Shame on Chris Matthews: Smearing the Egyptian Revolution”

  1. In order to demonize and smear a movement such what is happening now in Egypt you have to bring the boggy man that would scare the hell out of the American public.It is same methods they used in their drive for war against Iraq.These neo-cons only care about only one thing and that is Israel.They are mightly scared that they might loose their control of Egypt.

    1. Damn straight.

      It's time the Egyptian people took their country back. They've got to get rid of Mubarak, that U.S.- and Israel-backed scumbag, and take it from there. . . .

  2. By continuing Egypt's state of emergency, Mubarak has effectively neutered the opposition, thus forcing Egyptians to meet in mosques – and strengthening the hands of the theocrats. Like so many other Arab dictators, he has then been able to frighten the Americans into believing that the only alternative to his rule might be an Islamic republic.

  3. Why is it totally fine that extremist Jewish religious parties enjoy wide representaions and support in the Israeli governement and Parliment?.

  4. Chris Matthews, living proof that the "punditry" needs nary a brain cell one to turn a buck.

  5. Chris Matthews was considering a run for the Senate in Pennsylvania. If you want to burnish your credentials for the war crowd what better way than to bring a war monger on to your prime time show.

    1. Chris Matthews is regime's and AIPAC's scum bag and opportunist hoping to "win" a seat with blood of Egypt's Patriots.

  6. Ginsberg may have a point. Just because the Brotherhood is not conspicuous now does not mean that they aren't hovering in the background, waiting for their moment to hijack the burgeoning dissent. They are indeed the largest and best organized 'political' force in the country, so it would be surprising if they didn't seize this moment. And it would be a fool woh was surprised when they did.

    1. Tom, Let us suppose that your conclusion will materialize, SO WHAT! the Muslim Brotherhood has had ,under restriction by Mubarak's thugs, over 30 members in parliament. It is no secret that in honest elections they would have won many more slots. By the way, why haven't you and other neo-cons as well as Israeli Firsters complaind about the Israeli Fundumentalists who,presently, control that country?

      1. I'm not a neo-con, Eric. Don't be so quick to start name-calling! I am a supporter of Just saw fit to issue a caveat. If you want to ignore it, do so at your own peril.

  7. The Muslim Brotherhood are moderates that renounced violence a long time ago. And they are also the strongest force in Egypt renouncing sectarian violence–they came out very strong against the bombing of Christian houses of worship, much more than the government did. Of course the Muslim Brotherhood should have a role in making a new Egyptian government, and a new Egypt.
    Only the Israel Lobby in the US opposes that.

    And once the Egyptians reform forces get power, they should start renouncing the treaty with Israel, unless Israel lives up to its agreement. The most important part of the agreement was that Israel would stop their aggression against Palestinians, and give them "autonomy." They didn't do that, didn't even try, yet the US started giving Mubarak billions just to be nice to the corrupt Israeli political class.

    The new Egyptian government should tell the Israelis that if they don't live up to the peace treaty they signed with Egypt, the new Egyptian government will start renouncing the treaty, item by item, until there is no treaty. And they should start putting every kind of pressure, including strong diplomatic pressure, on Israel to stop the slow ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the OCT. And they should open the Rafah crossing, and start taking humanitarian items into Gaza.

    This is the chance for the Egyptians to get their honor back from the Nazis of the region, the Israeli political class. At the same time, they should institute reforms domestically that will provide an economic opening for the struggling middle class. But Americans have no idea how much harm the Israelis have done, and how much the Egyptians hate it. Of course, the power centers of media are almost completely controlled by the Israel Lobby here–witness the ugly neo-con advocacy of Mubarak's fascism.

    What we can do here is to oppose the Israel Lobby when they're wrong, and support the new anti-war and post-Zionist Jewish organizations that are forming, especially Jewish Voice for Peace, that have the guts to criticize the right-wing government of Israel. Until we can loosen the grip of AIPAC on the Congress, everything is going to revolve around Israel, and everything we do and say will be for Israel's benefit.

  8. It's long been evident that Matthews prefers to NOT work to present a quality product. He never prepares for his guest, preferring to take (most of) them at their word. I am continually amazed at the number of times he has people like Frank Gaffney (war monger and islamophobe supreme) and that turdball Delay on his program – and he never challenges them when they lie through their dentures. Matthews, for a while, ran a promo for his program where he emphasizes that he ALWAYS challenges his guests when they lie – my wife really cracks up when he says that 'cause it ain't so, no matter how many times he says it. Even he probably doesn't believe it. And the reason he doesn't challenge his guests, like Ginberg, is because he doesn't know they are lying – that would have required preparation. One thing I'll say about Tim Russert – they used to say that he worked constantly on his MTP program each week – because it takes that kind of preparation to be able to call the guest out when they fabricate. That is way too much time out of Matthew's busy schedule – it might interfere with his showing up on late-nite TV with Leno, or Dave or Jon.

    But, that's just this old curmudgeon's opinion…

  9. Any groupe or people who happen to oppose that their countries be controlled,dominated,exploited,invaded,occupied ,starved,blackeded ,or destroyed by westren powers they wrer labeled falselly as extremists,terrorists,anti-democracy etc to justify all those actions.

  10. Chris Matthews reminds me of a grammar school kid who thinks he is intelligent about adult matters. When he interviews someone "low on the totem pole" he always attempts to fast outtalk the guest. When he interviews someone with an "agenda" that Chris likes, he is all lovey dovey.
    Been that way for years. As an interviewer/commentator he is pathetic.

  11. Send.. email this message to all senators you know of:

    For democracy to function democracy needs to empower democracy.., the principals in democracy prohibits empowering dictatorial, tyrants and or apartheid regimes..; therefore,

    "As an American citizen, I am deeply ashamed of my government's lukewarm response to the protests in Egypt. President Obama and Vice-President Biden have an opportunity to influence the outcome in favor of a more democratic Egypt. Thus far, they have squandered that chance. I urge all my fellow Americans to contact their senators, representatives, and the White House. It is time to call on Washington to stop supporting tyrants and dictators. It is time for out vaunted American gospel of democracy to be more than empty words and hollow gestures. It is time for a free world, and a Free Egypt!"

  12. If the terms of the Camp David accord are abrogated in a mass way: gas sales to Israel, military free Sinai ect, would the above posters protest Israel retaking the Sinai?

  13. Below is from Statfor's reporting; are they just a zionist puppet? Query to the see no Muslim Brother crowd: who's busting out all those Islamists out of jail?

    The Egypt Unrest
    The Egyptian police are no longer patrolling the Rafah border crossing into Gaza. Hamas armed men are entering into Egypt and are closely collaborating with the MB. The MB has fully engaged itself in the demonstrations, and they are unsatisfied with the dismissal of the Cabinet. They are insisting on a new Cabinet that does not include members of the ruling National Democratic Party.

    Security forces in plainclothes are engaged in destroying public property in order to give the impression that many protesters represent a public menace. The MB is meanwhile forming people’s committees to protect public property and also to coordinate demonstrators’ activities, including supplying them with food, beverages and first aid

    Read more: Red Alert: Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood | STRATFOR

  14. It DOESN'T matter what the people in the streets want, nor does it matter who started it or why.

    This is a revolution. That is the use of violence and force to topple one's government. The winners will be whoever uses the most force to establish themselves in power. The odds that the mightiest will have the same objectives as the people or the organizers is small to vanishing.

  15. If the terms of the Camp David accord are abrogated in a mass way: gas sales to Israel, military free Sinai ect, would the above posters protest Israel retaking the Sinai d

  16. This is a revolution. That is the use of violence and force to topple one's government. The winners will be whoever uses the most force to establish themselves in power. The odds that the mightiest will have the same objectives as the people or the organizers is small to vanishing. dftyh

  17. The egyptian people have been struggling a lot for the past 30 years and now that they get a little bit of media attention now everybody cares, where have you been until now?

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