Why Do They Hate Us?

Via Al Jazeera: Protesters are pointing out to reporters that the gas cannisters being fired at protesters in the streets of Egypt’s cities have “Made in America” stamped on them.

13 thoughts on “Why Do They Hate Us?”

  1. Amunitions,weapons,and security forces are supplied and trained by the US.The US has been telling the Egyptian Government what to do for a long time and it was not for benefits of the people of Egyp.

  2. These dictators steal,rob,torture,and kill and the US pretends to have no knowldge of it.Where have the US government and its mouthpiece media been for the last 30 yaers?But when it comes to Burma or China that's a different story.

  3. The gas canisters fired at the protesters have "Made in America" stamped on them. Well, it's just the kindly U.S. Government sending its regards, so to speak. . . .

  4. America the exporter of death and destruction. Economic doom for U.S. domestic programs but can't cut any out of the budget for the war machine.

  5. usa mind your own business —————– before the whole world starts hating u which is rising to 100% very soon today it is 90% and============you guys are left alone on planet earth ————-some scenario??????????????

  6. As. An american, I am very upset that we are responsible for 70 percent of the arms sales in the world. As a people, we claim that we are for freedom, equality, and democracy. But our government uses its money and power to bully the world. I am sorry for this. I want us to return to being a true advocate for democracy, not tyranny.

  7. Hoping all this helps drive a stake in the heart of Pax American…
    It is our task to rise up to restore the Republic!!!

  8. Send.. Email this to all the senators you know:

    For democracy to function democracy needs to empower democracy.., the principals in democracy prohibits empowering dictatorial, tyrants and or apartheid regimes..; therefore,

    "As an American citizen, I am deeply ashamed of my government's lukewarm response to the protests in Egypt. President Obama and Vice-President Biden have an opportunity to influence the outcome in favor of a more democratic Egypt. Thus far, they have squandered that chance. I urge all my fellow Americans to contact their senators, representatives, and the White House. It is time to call on Washington to stop supporting tyrants and dictators. It is time for out vaunted American gospel of democracy to be more than empty words and hollow gestures. It is time for a free world, and a Free Egypt!"

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