And There It Is: Neocons Test Idea of US Intervention in Egypt

Just now on MSNBC, neocon Dan Senor, former Iraq occupation spokesman, raised the possibility of intervention in Egypt.

Host Chris Jansing asked Senor, more or less, why Americans should care about what’s going on in Egypt. What are the implications for our country and economy?

Senor, as he is trained to do, conjured a dangerous false dichotomy that continues to embroil the US in pointless, expensive, deadly conflicts decade after decade.

“There are two directions it could go. If the Egyptian government — and other governments for that matter — is replaced by moderate secular, pro-American governments that actually want to truly partner with us in fighting terror and fostering some modicum of liberal democracy, progressive government, representative government throughout the region, that’s important for the United States’ security. If things go the other direction, and those governments are replaced by Islamist governments, you could have regimes there that actually incubate terrorists– that directly affect the West, the geopolitical and economic implications are enormous.

“Oil prices could really start spiraling… commodity price inflation… so this could really hit us at home economically — there’s a lot at stake right now. American forces are deployed in Afgfhanistan and Iraq today. If we have a failed state in the Middle East — a total collapse of a government with no real infrastructure that we can work with to actually succeed whatever government it replaces — we will have to deploy American resources at a time that we are pretty stretched thinly right now.”

Two options, says Senor. Egypt can only have a Renfield government that obsessively seeks to please its master to curry its continued favor, or it must descend into a benighted Islamic nutocracy and probably also somehow devolve into an undeveloped facsimile of Afghanistan. The “liberal, progressive, representative” bit is odd since Mubarak and many others like him including the recently deposed Ben Ali of Tunisia are staunch and valued allies of Washington — none embody any of those qualities.

But never mind that. IF Egypt, or the other states who are without doubt in the same line of teetering dominoes, falls, Senor raises the non-negotiable need to “deploy resources” — that’s code for invasion. In case any doubt remains, though, the mention of America’s strained “resources” makes it crystal clear. He’s testing the waters for a US attack on the most populous Arab country.

Egyptians — right now very angry with the US — are not likely to sit back, after ousting a powerful dictator, and allow this to happen. And frankly, the US doesn’t have the ability or resources to take it on, anyhow, as its utter failures in Iraq and Afghanistan prove, not to mention its perpetually botched foreign policy that consists entirely of threats and bribes everywhere else.

America’s foreign policy is still informed by the disproven — by reality, mind you — philosophy of the neoconservatives. Only the debt-fueled collapse of our own system, the Military-Industrial Complex, will end the madness. Since more elections clearly can’t.

39 thoughts on “And There It Is: Neocons Test Idea of US Intervention in Egypt”

  1. Dan Senor, sock-puppet PR guy for Amerikan "foreign policy" idiocy. Cause you know, Amerika really doesn't have any "foreign policy" outside of a genocidal shock and awe sort of blast bejesus out of anyone not in compliance with US dictates.
    Senor says, "gits on your knees world and OBEY! We decide which is right and which is an illusion…"

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  2. The scaremongers are once again doing their outmost to frighten the American public by spreading falsehoods and lies.Who really are these that the MSM presents as experts?And why they are scaring the American people?For the sake of whom are they trying to make Americans fearful of what happening in Egypet?They keep repeating the same propositions ad nauseam,Israel security.Islamists.Muslim Brotherhood,Iran,Talibans,and so on.

  3. The chances of an American invasion of Egypt are nonexistent, I believe. Senor can test the waters all he wants, but our unbreachable wall has been reached economically and spiritually.

  4. Huckabee dismissed the notion that Jewish settlements on land the Palestinians want for a future state are obstacles to peace. Instead, he backed the settlers' view that they have the right to build anywhere in {"the place that God gave them."}.

    Well who can argue with [THE PLACE GOD GAVE THEM]

    It is OK for one "special" groupe to use religion but not the other!

  5. "Only the debt-fueled collapse of our own system, the Military-Industrial Complex, will end the madness."

    Agree and would like to add learning to live within our means as well. Far too long have we been living in a debt fueled society. The Government is simply a reflection of our own society's shortcomings. You know as well as I that if it weren't being spent in the military-industrial-security-complex it would get spent somewhere. The state would still metastasize. If the security liberals aren't spending it, the social liberals are.

    1. At least the social liberals spend it on actual things — that is, even misappropriation and malinvestment is better than just borrowing money, buying up resources, and then blowing them up.

  6. Of course, the invasion of Iraq appeared to be total folly before it occurred as well.

    Although, this time I believe the JCS, the true rulers of DC, would say emphatically that they do not have the troops to do this.

    There’s a story of CT National Guard unit going to Egypt. But, if you read closely and do a little research, this is a unit of transport planes. Probably has more to do with getting US assets OUT of Egypt rather than anything to put more assets into Egypt

    We are a debt fueled nation because the bankers make money from borrowing. And has been stated by members of Congress, the bankers own the place.

  7. Sure go ahead and send troops in, and see what happens. Better yet, since it's Israel's interests that are at stake, why don't we just divert everyone in Afghanistan and Iraq and go after Egypt? I'll bet if Bibi asked realllll sweet, Obama and Biden- and Huckabee- would trip all over themselves to get-r-dun and attack Egypt for him.

    Wait a minute here…… since this is Israel's ball of wax to be terrified of, let THEM send IDF troops in to Egypt to sort it out. Let them do something for themselves for a change. Think Lebanon was a hellhole for the IDF? Turn the much larger population of Egyptians loos on them and see the results.

  8. Congress would have to declare war for us to Invade, right??? Sure,,,then they would be following the Constitution! Fat chance.

  9. What makes anyone think that this is about anything other than raiding the national treasury agian. Neocons all read the same get rich quick ideas in the back of Mad Magazine. Make a fake war and suck the blood out of them. Lets see, do you think we could of screwed up iraq and afganistan so much if they cared about anything else,

  10. What is amazing is the experts only problem last week was how to get the traitor J. Pollard returned. People like Bolton has been beating the table yelling that we had to bomb Iran. Dear John Bolton if you are so smart why did you not say one word about the present situation? Are you not the smartest person in the world as proven by your wonderful contribtution to the Fiasco in Iraq? Please do us all a favor and just enjoy the massive dollars you got as puppet for Bibi. You are welcome to J. Pollard because I think you will not be happy because the entire world is tired of smart people. It is time to stop funding people who feel the biggest problem they face is how to get a traitor out of jail.

  11. One has to wonder: we've seen the "blowback" result from our foreign policy in the form of the 9/11 attacks, the Fort Hood shooting, and other incidents.

    I haven't really followed the details of the guy on the east coast who was found beaten to death, but given the description of his credentials, could that have been the result of some of our victims overseas or here in the states going after more personal revenge?

    With morons like Senor standing up and spewing their garbage – threats of even more killings and more invasions – could some of those actual or potential victims finally figure out that blowing up buses is not the way to protect themselves? That taking out these talking heads would actually be more effective?

    We should keep an eye on the news for indications that people may be shifting tactics. After all, adaptation to changing circumstances is what we're told is the key strength of "non-traditional" warfare. They can change while we cannot. Should be interesting.

  12. I have more wisdom about foreign policy than every neoconservative combined.

    Anti-American sentiment is fueled by our interventionist foreign policy. If the nut Senor wants to avoid outcome #2 in the future (it is very unlikely that it will occur in Egypt currently), then he will promote a foreign policy that respects the rights of others to self-determination, will see the people of a country and not its dictator as the friends with whom we should side, and that we should accept whatever government has legitimacy in that country.

      1. I found your chicken butt, comments via stealth. Critcising US soldiers and not an American citizen. You are the crud of the world. You have zero follwers on all the blogs you post to so I guess no one agrees with you. I can see why. You best hope you never need help from an American citizen or soldier, it won't be coming. Communist SOB. Don't go calling people ugly names unless you want to have your butt handed to yah in a paper sack. I know all I need to know about you archie1954. Canada wouldn't be a country if America wasn't nice, in 1789 we would have just annexed you. Ddenehie and we'll be in Afganistan as long as those terroists are trying to kill us. Come down to Biloxi Ms and let's talk brave heart.

        1. My goodness you really are frothing at the mouth aren't you. Perhaps you should see a doctor for a rabies shot.

  13. How ironic it would be that after months and years of hyping up a war against Iran, that the US would end up in a war against Egypt. Not that that is going to happen.

  14. Ok, then we should also go to Sudan, to Israel and to a few other places on the map to "intervene." Oh, but I forgot, Sudan doesn't have oil so too bad for Darfur, and Israel is our friend that just so happens to spy on us and kill our own military (USS Liberty) and destroy people by building up walls and bantustans to keep them caged up, and the rest of the countries, well, unless they find some rare resource then to heck with them. Seriously, Senor was having one of his moments and really needs to get back on his meds.

  15. The military subjugation of Egypt by the USREAL gorgon is a very likely eventuality. Unlike 1973, when the Egyptians, benefiting from a modest technological superiority and threatened Soviet intervention, forced an eventual return of the the Sinai to them, today's Egyptian army is entirely dependent on USREAL equipment. Does anyone for a minute believe this equipment would remain usable against USREAL in event of hostilities ? Has anyone heard of software "Back Doors" and "Trojan Horses". An invasion of Egypt today would be even more of a cake walk than 1967.
    Sadly !

  16. I wonder if Egypt's new government will be interested in developing nuclear power sources and/or weapons? Would they all of a sudden be classified as a 'rogue nation' in light of their proximity to Israel? I can imagine the howls from Tel Aviv if Egypt's new leaders announced the commencement of advanced nuclear research.

    I need to stock up on popcorn and soft drinks- however this wave of change in the Middle East turns out, it promises to be a great lesson in democracy and geopolitics.

  17. The US, if it is stretched too thin, will allow an Israeli invasion of Egypt to secure Gaza and the Suez canal. If the Egyptian air force or major armored units get involved, they would be quickly destroyed in their entirety. The Israeli forces would not cross the canal or the Nile and get involved in infantry combat.

    European and world leaders will approve this in the interests of keeping the canal open, oil flowing and stability.

    1. Fuck u all ! Egypt is the most powerful Arab country.The Egyptian soldier is the best in the world.Try to attack Egypt and you will see our severe retaliation ,mother fuckers.Egypt is not as easy as other Arab countries.It has the best military in Africa , the Arab world and the middle east.

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