Take the Frum Test

Former Bush speechwriter David “Axis of Evil” Frum, the neocon who today poses as a “moderate” Republican, writes:

“There’s a lot of heady talk in the US media right now, from both liberals and conservatives, about the possibilities in Cairo. We all share those hopes. But we all also ought to recognize that popular protests in the Middle East do not typically generate stable democratic regimes, and that even free elections can bring very nasty people to power.”

Very nasty people like Avigdor Lieberman, Foreign Minister of the state of Israel, who, as Christopher Hitchens points out, is “a thug and a demagogue who has called with relish for the execution of elected Arab members of Israel’s parliament if they meet with Hamas, who has demanded the drowning of Palestinian prisoners in the Dead Sea, whose supporters chant “Death to the Arabs” at their rallies, and who has materialized the worst fears of those Arabs who have made the longest-lasting accommodation with the Jewish state.”

Frum wants Western journalists to interrogate anti-Mubarak protesters as to their attitude toward Israel — a “test,” he calls it. And if they don’t pass the test, according to Frum, then this will “warn” us that the protesters are “very nasty people,” and, by implication, inferior to the dictator they want to topple. Of course, one’s attitude toward Israel is the litmus test for Frum and the Israel Lobby. In his new disguise as a “moderate,” this is the one area where he hasn’t moderated: Israel first, always.  Even if it means supporting a dictator.

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  1. There is no need for a questionnair to find out what people think about Israel.
    Its a simple fact that there is a overwhelming majority of people in Arabia and even in Europe who are disgusted by Israel's politics, and probably 10 times more than Zionists. Actually, the term "Zionist" has so much negative meaning, that even Israel friendly people in Europe do not want to be called Zionists and even threaten law suits! That actually happened to me when I called a "Bundestagsabgeordneten" a Zionist.

    1. Total BS – you mean to tell me Israel and "Zionism" are more of an issue than radical Islam. Do you mean to tell us that the situation in Sudan, Congo and many many other places in the world are less important than the situation in Israel. Read up on your facts my friend and stop being so narrow minded.

      1. In my opinion, Israel is the most criminal country in the world!
        Why? Because they kill people almost emotionless, planned, based on pure arrogance,and without any need! They not only talk about about Nietzsche' s"Herrenrasse", but they also practice it. Almost everything they claim Germans would have done to them about 70 years ago, they are practizing today to others. Their attack on the Ghaza, their attacks on the boats, shows their mean and criminal behavior toward people of other religion. They always point to some negative aspects of the Muslim religion, but when you look more in detail on Judaism you will find even more frightening aspects of disrespect toward others. Do you want to compare Israel with Congo and Sudan, both countries are in much more difficult situation seeded by colonial powers. Israel is a wealthy country and could live without problems if they would respect the human rights of the Palestinians.

      2. Total BS – you mean to tell me Israel and "Zionism" are more of an issue than radical Islam.

        Both are enemies of liberty and human decency. Here in Amerika, it seems obvious that the former is MUCH more of an immediate threat than the latter.

        Do you mean to tell us that the situation in Sudan, Congo and many many other places in the world are less important than the situation in Israel.

        The governments of the Sudan and the Congo don't own the Amerikan Congress.

        Read up on your facts my friend and stop being so narrow minded.

        Follow your own advice first, jackass, before you dispense it to anyone else.

        [Putting away bag of troll food]

  2. How Frum can still command any media attention in the USA is beyond my understanding. Here we have one of the neocon devisers of the Iraq invasion pattinng himself on the back and saying that all is well. If loving how Israel behaves is the acid test for supporting democracy, heaven help this world. His highly selective acceptance and use of UN resolutions is "par for the course". When will he call for Israel to leave the occupied lands of Palestine and let those people have some degree of self determination?

    1. Unfortunately as we have seen in Gaza the "palestinians" are not looking for "self determination" as much as they (their leadership) is looking for the destruction of Israel and the Jews.

  3. According to the CIA's declassified documents and records, senior CIA operative, Kermit Roosevelt, paid $100,000 to mobsters in Tehran, in early August 1953, to hire the most feared thugs to stage pro-Shah riots.

    Other CIA-paid men were brought weeks later, on August 19, into Tehran in buses and trucks to take over the streets, topple the democratically elected Iranian government, and restore Shah Reza Pahlavi to his thrown. It took the people of Iran 26 years, enormous sacrifices, and a popular revolution to overthrow the imposed, corrupt and repressive rule of the Shah.

    1. and look what they have now! I would propose that Iran today is FAR less free than it was under the Shah – especially for women and minorities.

      1. I suspect if you looked past the evening news and shrill talking heads of talk radio you'd find that Iran is actually a pretty decent place all around. Yes, it has its problems, but no more so than many other countries in the world. Yes, it is governed by sharia law, but when that law is applied as intended one finds it is extremely fair almost to a fault- whatever excesses have been hyped in the media are just that- excesses- and should be recognized as such; Iran has their own set of judges just as we do in the US, and just like we have some who are far more harsh than others or more lenient than others, so too does Iran have the same.

        If the US would step away from the Israel-generated rhetoric, we'd see that Iran is, in fact, one of the nations in the Middle East we MOST need to engage and normalize relations with. They are in a far more strategic position than Israel, and we would do ourselves a huge favor by extending a handshake instead of a gun barrel.

        BONUS QUESTION: Immediately following the 9/11 attacks, the people of what nation were the first to demonstrate in the streets to show sympathy and solidarity with the US? If you guessed Iran, you'd be correct.

        BONUS QUESTION: What nation launched a murderous attack on a US Navy ship, the USS Liberty, intending to sink it with all hands and blame it on Egypt in order to bring the US into the war on their side? If you guessed Israel, you'd be correct.

        1. I suspect if you looked past the evening news and shrill talking heads of talk radio…

          Something that brainwashed Zionists like Robert would never dream of doing.

      2. your shah buddy imprisioned and murdered many more than the present bunch. why don't you have a good look at the reports that come back from visitors, other than zion boot lickers, to the promised land instead of spouting selective history.

  4. This lesson was not lost on the minds of a small clique of officials who were meeting in desperation in the afternoon of Monday, Jan. 31, 2011, in Cairo. According to several sources including former intelligence officer Col. Omar Afifi, one of these officials was the new Interior minister, Police Gen. Mahmoud Wagdy, who as the former head of the prison system, is also a torture expert. He asked Hosni Mubarak, the embattled president to give him a week to take care of the demonstrators who have been occupying major squares around the country for about a week.

    Not only he had to rapidly reconstitute his security forces, which were dispersed and dejected in the aftermath of the massive demonstrations engulfing the country, but he also had to come up with a quick plan to prevent the total collapse of the regime. http://www.counterpunch.org/

  5. Western governments have been alarmed by the deterioration of the situation in Egypt and were trying to give their preferred candidate, Gen. Suleiman, the upper hand before events favor another candidate that might be less amenable to Israel and the West, and therefore shift the strategic balance of powers in the region. http://www.counterpunch.org/

    1. That would be positive for the people of Egypt, more war, forced hijab, MORE female circumcision, MUCH less freedom of press and speech. Keeping Mubarik until a normal election can be held is the only option.

      1. Robert, you seem to be laboring under the huge weight of false impressions that the West has of Islam and, in particular, how it is practiced around the world. In Islam there is no force in religion- if a woman chooses to go without a hijab, that is her choice and she is the one who takes responsibility for her actions. No one is forced to worship Allah(swt) as Muslims do, period. As for female circumcision, you're dead wrong on that- whoever is practicing that is doing it from a cultural standpoint, not an Islamic standpoint. (In fact, mutilation of the body is forbidden in Islam; even tattoos are nearly non-existent among Muslims, and are usually found only on converts). It is easy to mistakenly combine cultural and religious practices, though, when one lacks the proper research into Islamic teachings and the culture in which it is being practiced.

        1. Robert, you seem to be laboring under the huge weight of false impressions that the West has of Islam and, in particular, how it is practiced around the world.

          Of course he is, but that's typical of the xenophobic Amoricon mindset these days, particularly on the Zionist neocon right. I seriously doubt that Robert has ever left the 48 contiguous states, or, if he has, has ever ventured any further East than Paris or Amsterdam. People comfortable with myths grounded in ignorance and fear don't wake up to reality easily, if at all. Better to heed the Confucian advise about arguing with fools than to waste time trying to force a hydrophobic horse to drink from the trough. Better to save the water for those who are truly thirsty.

  6. Frum was always a supreme idiot, even jewish groups brush the jerk aside. he tried to intimidate Chomsky once at a round table discussion and got shot down with 3 words. a true wanker

  7. The Egyptian people have spoken and that what Frum and the likes of Frum can not stand.They pertened to be freedom ,the rights of the people only when it serves their own agenda.

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