Newt Gingrich, Loser

Are we to be spared nothing? Christiane Amanpour prefaces her interview with Newt Gingrich this morning on her boring Sunday tv program by saying the Newtster is running for president and is fresh from the CPAC conference — he then bloviates on about how we “abandoned” Mubarak, and what a shame that is. What Amanpour doesn’t mention is that the Newtster garnered a whopping 5 percent at the CPAC presidential poll.  So why is this loser given a slot on national television and the winner isn’t? My theory: the liberal-Obama-ite media has a vested interest in holding up losers as emblematic of the Right. An anti-war, anti-Fed libertarian isn’t politically correct. (Oh wait: she’s also  going to interview “later in the program” Tim Pawlenty — who got less than Newt in the CPAC poll.)

21 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich, Loser”

  1. Newt Gingrich is a scumbag–a chickenhawk, neocon, Israel-First scumbag. Yeah, I can see why Gingrich isn't crowing about that five percent showing in the CPAC presidential poll.

    Hey, Gingrich, how much loot do you think your buddy Mubarak has stashed away?

    1. Mr. Larson is precisely accurate in his statement. Newt is a protege of Henry Kissinger, the NWO Bildergerger. He's a pseudo-conservative. a pseudo-Christian, a pseudo-American. The real enemy of America is the "gang of 545" in Washington, DC. , 560 if you include the worthless secretaries. America is in deep, DEEP doo-doo. An endless, aimless war, the send of 44% of our mfg to Mexico and Red China, the bailout of Bernard Shalom Bernanke's banker buddies, the irreversible and unsustainable debt are all results of bi-partisan (mostly Republican) treason.

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  2. Ummm, the CPAC "straw poll" produced one clear winner. That winner would be… wait for it…
    Dr. Ron Paul!
    Amanpour is as clueless as is the Newt. Well and she is possibly shameless, disgraceful, whiny, whorish (possibly a shade harsh and I can admit that), jaded, biased, craven, and she needs a shave. Her five-oh-clock shadow can't be hid with even the trowelled on pancake goo she uses for the tv lighting. Now that's harsh and I do admit that.

  3. Hear hear, Justin. And no outlet is more prolific in such pernicious fraud than the "news" cartel known as The Associated Press. For example, the recent anti-Paul report — "Energized conservatives hear from 2012 contenders" — which highlights all the statists, no-names, no-shows, frauds, and losers, while omitting Rand and Ron, and Gary Johnson. In other words, the AP lied to its readers via omission: Rand and Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are not scheduled to speak at CPAC. Nothing new under the sun, really, for "the world's largest and most trusted source of" state-worship.

  4. The mainstream media has no shame.

    It's past time Americans wake up and realize that every major institution in this country is hopelessly corrupt and broken beyond repair.

  5. The right is full of losers like Newt. That's where the fun is, seeing how much money the corporate sponsors are willing to put behind losers like Newt, Sara Palin, and all the rest of those losers. I was hoping to see Rand Paul up for his next time in the spotlight.

  6. I can't believe, Justin, that you are buying into Rush Limbaugh's Liberal Media delusion. Do you think Dennis Kucinich was ever treated with respect by the establishment media?

    Anyone–Democrat or Republican–who is not a supporter of the corporatist status quo is going to be marginalized by the corporatist media companies.

    1. It's not a liberal media, and I don't think Justin said that. It is an establishment media that ignores the left, the right, and the libertarian.

      Ken Prazak

  7. " Christiane Amanpour's Semitically Correct Husband Jamie Rubin & Other Gabbyruse Who Pound Your Brain Every Day Telling You How To Think " Now you know why she has her own show–fool the public at large–she gives the arab side ? Sure :^(

    1. The biggest joke of a Zionist with a show is Eliot [ socks on } Spitzer. Only a connected Zionist could get a show with those looks and lack of talent.

  8. IF, emphasis on IF, there really were an "liberal-Obama-ite media" then yes, a vested interest in promoting losers on the Right would be warranted. And there are so many losers on the Right – not a single one that even in the old days might have been considered a "statesman." But, the media really isn't left-leaning as is bandied about by nearly everyone. As stated above by Heathcliff, they are most assuredly Corporatists. They slant their emphasis to suit their readers – except for FOX who don't bother trying to fool anyone. But the underlying message is generally unified.

  9. Who the hell pays ANY serious attention to Gingrich, Amanpoure, or anyone/anything else vomited up by Faux News*? Certainly no one who has decency and sense enough to vote for Ron Paul and everything he stands for.

    (*This question excludes professional journalists like Justin, who haveto watch/listen to at least some of the insufferable drivel because that's part of their job.)

  10. The ZOGist Gingrich is one of the most servile, spineless, brainless, wish-wash AIPAC-toadies in American history. He really ought to try for speaker of the Knesset ……… watch for him to out-grovel even the pathetic Huckabee in the cominh months for AIPAC approval.

  11. Newt sold his soul to AIPAC ……… so when the Devils says "Dance!" Newt asks: "Waltz, Foxtrot or I do I just get up on my hind legs like a circus dog, and prance to your tune?"

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