Qadaffi’s Norma Desmond Moment

Editorial note: Moammar Qadaffi’s Norma Desmond moment has finally arrived. Here is my transcription of his address to the Libyan nation:

” I greet you, the ‘angry youth.’  The agents and cowards try to distort, to cover up the truth, to give a wrong picture of the world, some Arab media are betraying you. And they depict a bad picture of you: they don’t want a revolution, they want people of turbans and long beards, they say you want colonialism, here in the Green Square. Libya is leading Africa, all African nations consider us the Mecca of revolution, they want to insult you. Moamar Qadaffy is the leader of a revolution, he has nothing to lose, revolution means the sacrifice until the end of life. This is my country, the country of my grandfathers, we deserve Libya: we will save it from those rats and agents. Who are these agents who are being paid, damn them?

“They don’t have originality, all the tribes came here to Green Square chanting the same slogans [of support for Qadaffi], we challenged America with its mighty power, and we achieved victory. Here they put their heads down … This was our victory. The media wants to give you a bad picture of our country. The Roman Empire fell apart on Libyan soil. I am a revolutionary, I am a Bedouin, Libya will remain at the top and will lead Africa and South America, we will save the reovlution from these rats and cats. My grandfather fell as a mattyr in 1911, I will not leave the country, and I will die as a martyr, the remains of my father are here, my grandfather, my uncle are in the cemetary, I will not leave their righteous remains. I am speaking to you from the house that was bombed by the imperialists.

“This [bombing] was an admission from the biggest power, you can poison me, you can bomb me: you people with big beards when this was happening, when 170 planes were bombing — where were you? You were bowing to your master, America. We fought back against the tyyranny of America, we were resiliant.

“You rats were given pills, to raid barracks and they also burned their crimninal records, but I don’t blame these youths, they 16 or 17, they are emulating what they saw in Tunisia. [Foreign agents] are giving money and hallucinogenic tablets to young people. the people who were killed are members of the police, but those who did it are outside the country, and they are encouraging your children to slaughter each other.

“When we freed Benghazi during the reovlution — 20,000 people under the Italian regime — where were you when we freed your grandparents? When there were Americans occupying our country, where were you? If the rebels don’t leave we will fight. We paid a price of Libya, we will not leave. We left the regime to the Libyan people. We have no authority: it is the people. It is the Libyan people who are concerned alone…. When America raided us we fought the French and Sadat, and we fought Haile Selassie. Even Bourguiba. All agents of the colonial masters were fought, and we left the country for you. Oil money we left for you. I call on the Libyan people to organize new municipaliities. Who are you? These are not the people of Benghazi….

[He’s screaming]

“The people’s committees don’t need the govt. They can run themselves….

“I am sure after this call the people will call for new committees. everyone will have their own municipalities in Benghazi. Young people were given armed vehicles to go to Benghazi. 90 percent of the oil belongs to the people. Go out in the streets, get rid of the rats, if we have to use the force we will use it, according to the law and the constitution, tomorrow or even tonite we will resign, I wouldl throw my resignation in your face if I was the President. I have the people behind me. You are a solid rock that was bitten by the American aggression. Take your children from the streets: they have taken your children away from you. Your chioldren are dying for what reason? For what purpose? -For nothing. To burn Libya. Your children died, but their children are in America and Europe. These are gangs, like rats. They were given these tablets, and they are just imitating the people in Egypt.

“The hope lies with the people. Barricades should be lifted. Get out of your homes: chase them! Do you want Benghazi io be destroyed, cut off from water? These rats will blow up the oil fields. I built Benghazi block by block and they want to destroy it and they are using your children. Even civilian planes were stopped in Benghazi, for fear of these rats. Derna has become a rebel city: cleanse Derna! Beware! The Americans will come to rule you. Like Afghanistan like Iraq. Is that whatyo u want? Go out in the streets! Arrest them! Prosecute them! They want a bunch of emirates: that’s what they want.[ They want to] bring in the Americans and drop bombs on the country. All free officers have been sent to  the tribal areas, to cleanse these areas, and [rebels] will be prosecuted.

“They don’t want me, they don’t want Libya. This is a criminal act. Anybody who lifts an arm shall be punished by death. Those who spy for other countries will be executed. Anybody who undermines the state will be killed. Those who commit crimes against the army will be executed. Anybody who is with bin Laden will be killed. {Incomprehensible babbling] We will not forgive. Anyone who undermines the constitution, by force or otherwise, will be killed. Anybody who uses bombs will be arrested and executed. Please please remain quiet so you can hear. This is a very dangerous: I haven’t even started to give orders using bullets. Any use of force agains the State will be pounished by death. Anyone who murders will be executed….

[More crazy threats: rant rant rant]

“Do you want to be like Somalia? This means civil war if you do not apprehend them. Civil war. Anybody who is caught undermining  the country will be executed…  We are not leaving the building. They brought tanks, and on live TV, Yeltsin, they attacked the Duma building, and the West did not raise a voice. The Duma did not have any arms. They brought the tanks and those who were in front were crushed. The unity of China is more important than those people in Tiananamen Square. The unity of the Russian Federation was more impoprtant than those ein the building. They tear-gassed them and sent in armored vheicles. Those who went to Fallujah, the Americans, they flattened the city from the air, fightigt terrorism, we are looking for Zarqawi, [they daid], and they bombarded the city from the air. Nobody can be critical of what they did. But that was destroyed, civilians died. Wedding parties were bombed in Baghdad, how many died so we can finish al-Qaeda? Nobodoy condemned the Israelis, when they invaded Gaza. Do you know what’s happening in Somalia, or Iraq, certain groups are dong the same here. Dio you want to be like Fallujah? It’s the same gangs, the same group.

“From tonight, the youth — not those rats who have taken the tablets — the youth must secure the cities. We are under attack. Until the security personnel establish security once again, the people of the tribes of must protect the nation. Not agents of bin Laden or the Americans. Your children, not those youths who take drugs, they must be rehabilitiated. All people men, and women, go out in the streets, take over the streets, defend the revoluition, I am the head of the people’s revolution…. Get out of your houses as of now, organize the committees and join them, tomorrow the youth should be in all the Libyan cities and wear green armbands to show they are defending the ahcievements of the revoluition, which cost 71 billion dollars. And those who know about the Koran, the youth, who want to defend community values, we must hold our heads high.

“People are living in hell. Start from tongiht, apprehend them from this moment. We will form a new administration starting tomorrow. 

[He promises vague constitutional reforms: blah blah blah}

“I don’t have money, I don’t have a palace, I want everything for the people, the oil reserves belong to the people, we have dignity. People,  you outnumber the rats by ten to one. Bring back security. You have many officers who can help you: you can decide on the divisision of wealth, It is yours, do with it what you want, every one take his share.

“Our brothers who betrayed us, instead of relaying the truth, they are being spread by dirty [television] stations, and our media will respond. Airports, seaports, are not working, radios are not working, There are terrorists here, one who is shooting at schools (?), this is only very few [who]are terrorizaing Benghazi, a minority.

[Weird pause, one of several]

“Peaceful demonstrations about Gaza, Iraq, we have to resolve our differences peacefully. I myself led a peaceful demonsttration in the old days, but I did not seek destruction. Libyan people don’t need to demonstrate: they can go to the peoples committees. We will not allow separatism of Benghazi.

“The rebellion in the Russian parliament was dealth with by attacks. The Davidian s at Waco were dealt with by armed vehicles. Fallujhad was dealth with by bombing from the air. Because there was an armed uprising. Waco was dealt with by force. When students took to Tiannanemn square tanks were sent to deal with them. it’s not a joke. We cannot allow part of the country to be taken away. Peaceful demonstrations are different. Talking to foreign couintries and conspiring with foreign agents is a totally different issue.

“We brothers know each other. Those who stepped ont he Uinion jack flag calling them traitors we will rehabilitate the youth, they will become teachers. 

[He quotes a rhyme….bad translation]

“This young peoples’ revolution is not our revolution. these media have been abusing the events, just like in America, or Germany. We know each other by name, we know that area the sons of Aesir and other tribes, the …. [Breaks off at this point]

“You were with me yesterday, we know each other, from one tribe or the other, honestly, we know each other, who in the world would know each other better than us? The hero of the Musharaq battle, how can we ignore all this history? It is impossible. The mother of all tribes, are you from [unintelligible] or [incomprehensible], we know eafch other.

[Weird pause]

“Everything I’ve said just now, look at the television, they say I’ve ordered arrests, I haven’t said that. But Libya is in danger. The security of towns and cities–  the people must come out to protect it: all the local govts are supporting us.

[Weird pause]

“What’s required is giving up all the weapons which terrorize people, Benghazi is dying, no water no electricity, save yourself in Benghazi, you must run the city until the police come back.  Shame on you, are you gangsters? It’s impossible. Surrender your weapons to the authorities. Drugged young people with machine guns. Arrest the troublemakers and turn them over to the security people. Drugs are harmful: they are bad for the heart. Don’t destroy your contry for no reason. What’s come over you? We were living in safety, security, prosperity, and happiness: what happened? Why are you burning your countgry down?

[Weird and very long pause]

“Now i want to tell you finally. It is impossible to allow the country to fall apart or to fall into the hands of crazy people. [Editorial note: Pot, kettle, black] I’ve just been informed that the poetry I cited wasn’t heard through a technical fault: I will repeat it.

[He does so: it’s still incomprehensible]

“The young people do not know anything. All those people who are revolting, young people are destroying the country, they are following the fundamentalists and the foreign agents. If they don’t follow Qadaffi, it is impossible that they follow them.”

[Al Jazeera breaks off the translation, complains that he’s still talking, and tries to summarize.]

Commentary: Clearly, Qadaffi is off his rocker, but we’ve always known that. His speech — a mixture of pathetic pleas and bloodcurdling threats — merely confirms the diagnosis. Yet it’s interesting to note that it wasn’t all babbling. Notice how he mentions several times the alleged threat posed by “men with beards” — Glenn BeckPamela Geller, and Andrew McCarthy over at National Review will be glad to hear that the Libyan dictator is taking them seriously, even if no one else is.

Listening to Qadaffi rant on about how drugs (“tablets”) and rampaging disrespectful youth are destroying the country — “Why are you burning down your country?”, he asked — the Libyan despot seemed to be channeling the spirit of Spiro Agnew, who implied antiwar protesters were hopped up on drugs , and of Richard Nixon, who famously tried to rally the “silent majority” to quash the youth rebellion.

One thought on “Qadaffi’s Norma Desmond Moment”

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  1. Several years ago Qadaffi threathened the Libyan people that he would not hesitate to burn the whole country.He is very mentally sick person with severe Inferiority complex due to his upbringing that later morphed into narcissism,grandiosity.He is full of hate towards every one espacially the Libyan people.

  2. " My grandfather fell as a mattyr in 1911"

    None of his suposdly parents fought the Italians .They were sheep herders for other tribes.He fibractes history and lies without shame.

  3. Summary:

    /Begin Rant

    I'm awesome!

    Drugs are bad, mmkay?!

    Therefore if you don't like my awesomeness, then you must be on drugs.

    Logical conclusion: War on Drugs!!!!!!!

    /End Rant

  4. "This is my country, the country of my grandfathers,"[ we deserve Libya]"

    "It is mine,it is mine,it is my precious.give it back."

  5. 'if we have to use the force we will use it, according to the law and the constitution"

    Since Qadaffi sized power in sep.1969,Libya has had no constitution, nor law. Qadaffi has been the law.

  6. "to allow the country to fall apart or to fall into the hands of crazy people. [Editorial note: Pot, kettle, black]"

    hahahaha :)))))) very good

  7. "Do you want to be like Somalia? Wooeee! You think it's bad here! Have you not, my angry youth, seen 'Black Hawk Down'? You want an RPG up your wazoo on your way to 7-11? Do not be fooled by the bearded ones! What do these infidels know of the pause that is so pregnant? Go ahead, Harold Pinter! I throw my shoe at you! Brando! He paused! But could he pick up the dung left behind by my flagrant lapses? Ha! I laugh at you, evil ones in your beards! Ha ha ha!"

  8. …selected group of independent and objective experts" who could portray Libya in a better light. Among those who worked for the Monitor Group in this capacity was Richard Perle…

    …among the participants in the Libya program prominent academics Francis Fukuyama and Bernard Lewis, and MIT faculty member Nicholas Negroponte, brother of former deputy secretary of state and director of national intelligence John Negroponte.

  9. Oh B.S. Lear K. its oil . Get off your anti-semitic kick . You make up sheet just like Fox News .

  10. Mr Amused,

    The comment I refered to was made by non other than Daniel Levy,the former Israeli peace negotiator.And it is all about Israel,try as hard as you might to pretend it was not so.The last US veto in the UN speaks valumes.YOu actually the one who make up sheet just like FOX News when you lable any accuse any point view you do not like as being anti-semitic.Daniel Levy is then an anti-semitic.

  11. You are actually the one who make up sheet just like Fox News when you accuse any one who have a different view of Israel than the usuall scripted nartive demanded by Israeli suporters as being anti-semitic.Therefore Daniel Levy,an Israeli, must get off his anti-semitic kick.But then he is a Jew.Again call me whatever your heart desires ,and it is still that the American policy in the region is about Israel.

  12. So, just because "an Israeli "says it , it must be true huh Mr.Lear K ? This has got nothing to do with any support for Israel , it's got everything to do with your anti-semitic statement . So you put your brain up on the shelf and blurt out you blather . "The core of American interest in the Libyan situation is Israel "? Can you even think for yourself ? Sorry chump , try your pathetic excuse on some 3rd graders . Your remark was based in your own anti-semitism , and the Libyan situation, merely another excuse for you to spit it out .

  13. I guess your thought process is just as confused and disconnected as your reply . You made an assinine statement about US "core interest in Libya being Israel , then jumped to three different subjects , -support for Israel – a U.N. veto – then to US interests in "the region " none of which explained your statement …that is none except it's anti-semitic nature .I won't call you "whatever I desire " …I'll call you what I know you to be . And you know it too .

    1. "…I'll call you what I know you to be ..And you know it too."
      Wow.You must be clairvoyant to know what I am.

      The statment applies to the whole region ,not just Libya.During the recent events in the region the thing that American officials,politicians,and commentators that they most concerened with was Israel security.Any one who questions the realtionship between Israel and the US is usually labled anti-semitic in order to silence them.

  14. Man , you must think everyone's as dumb as you ….look dufus , I know what the flavor of this blog is concerning any support for Israel , and that's fine , I'm sure you're a devoted sychophant in that respect , …and that's fine with me …..but atleast have the intelligence to know when your bigotry is applicable . YOU stated that :the "CORE" of US interest in this {Libyan Situation ] is Israel " , do you even remember what you said ? Probably not ….parrots need to hear what they are about to say , and I doubt your attention span is roughly on that level .You see and hear things through the clouded lens and filters of your anti-saemitic views . So be a good little anti-semite and see and hear what you wanna see and hear . You're FULL OF IT MAN !

  15. All "comments and concerns expressed by US politicians ,Officials and most commentators" have been regarding A) the safety of Americans still in Libya B)the violoence being perpetrated upon the Libyan population by it's dictator C) evacuation of said Americans safely out of Libya -D) Strategic and Military concerns over destabilization of the region , because FYI the US has it's Fleet stationed in Bahrain ,and it's operational HQ for Iraq and Afghanistan in Qatar -E ) the effects of destabilization of oil prices on the economy due to thgis crisis . So cut the bull and go blow smoke up someone elses arse . You're an anti-semite .

    1. For you information I did not make the statment.('The core of what is the American interest in this… is Israel," [said Daniel Levy, a former Israeli peace negotiator}. And, "the problem for America is you can balance being the carrier for the Israeli agenda with Arab autocrats, but with Arab democrats, you can't do that."

      You're getting to sound very much like a broken record that keep repaeting the same thing over and over.anti-smite….anti-smite.

      The core policy of the US in the region revolves around Israel and its security.When the people of Egypet were rising up against Mubarak the question that was often raised was what would the departure Mubarak have on Israel .

      JOE BIDEN: Look, Mubarak has been an ally of ours in a number of things and he's been very responsible on, relative to geopolitical interests in the region: Middle East peace efforts, the actions Egypt has taken relative to normalizing the relationship with Israel.

      And I think that it would be — I would not refer to him as a dictator.


  16. LOL…..NOW you say you didn't make the statement…..but you DID QUOTE IT AND THUS CONCURRED . And I can conclude your purpose for putting it up as a post you would sign your name to, obviouslky was NOT to point out that Levy was an anti-semite , nor anti-Israel , NOR critical of US support , or the "core interest " you alleged as anytrhing negative . It was YOUR implication as a negative , and YOUR use of the quote , which illuminates your agenda , which is quite clear .
    So now your disowning your own statement ? Abdicating responsibility for even posting it ? Did you think no one would know the point you were attempting to make ? What a dance you do Lear K .
    You can make things alot easier on yourself and save yourself alot of backpeddling , if you considered doing a bot more thinking before putting a post up with your name .

  17. FYI – Lear K – Sadat made the peace with Israel , and was subsequently ASSASSINATED because of it. Mubarak took the reins of Government , a military man . He knew as well as you or I , that the people of Egypt were never for any peace with Israel , but the Military controlled and still controls Egypt . For lack of a better word , the US BRIBED Egypt to keep the peace after Sadat , and thus approx . $1.5 Billion a year in aid has ben given to Egypt ever since , the majority of which went to Egypts Military , and THAT to blunt the humiliation which drives Arabs to do most of the things they do . Especially in Egypts case after being defeated several times by Israel . In turn we looked the other way regarding Mubaraks human rights violations . The people in general did and do not want any peace with Israel , but Mubarak , not the people controled the military .

  18. Now , that staus quo has changed -IN EGYPT ,and depending on what group or party rises to the surface , there is a strong possibility that Egypt will once again threaten Israel . LIBYA has nothing to do with this . But it does have alot to do with the flow of oil to the west , as does Egypt with the Suez .

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  20. “This [bombing] was an admission from the biggest power, you can poison me, you can bomb me: you people with big beards when this was happening, when 170 planes were bombing — where were you? You were bowing to your master, America. We fought back against the tyyranny of America, we were resiliant.thanksgiving day limousine

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