Veterans for Peace on Libya Intervention

Released today by Veterans for Peace:

VFP Statement on Military Intervention in Libya
April 21, 2011

“The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.”
~ Senator Barack Obama, 2007

On March 19, 2011, the President, without Congressional approval, ordered the attack on multiple targets in Libya. Under the guise of enforcing a “no-fly zone” the United States launched over 110 Tomahawk cruise missiles and flew over 113 sorties. At a cost of $1,066,465 per missile that amounts to $117,311,150 for just the munitions, not to mention the fuel and operating costs for the ships and planes used in the attacks. A USAF F-15E Strike Eagle was also lost in the conflict at a cost of $31.1 million. There was also the unseen cost of the aircraft used in the rescue mission and an unknown number of civilians injured.

From 1979 to 1989, the United States Central Intelligence Agency conducted Operation Cyclone, the largest and most expensive CIA operation in its history. Hailed as a great success, Operation Cyclone successfully led to the unseating of the USSR supported People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA). Operation Cyclone exploited fundamentalist Islam to motivate a group which became known as the Mujahedeen, funding and arming them to push the PDPA and the Soviet Union out militarily. Members of the Mujahedeen included Osama Bin Laden, and many other global figures in the group we now refer to as Al Qaeda.

Operation Cyclone, aside from being almost entirely covert, bears a striking resemblance to the current US operation wherein a sectarian and rather brutal totalitarian regime is being overthrown with US support by exploiting Islamic fundamentalists. While we know little about the rebels the US is aiding, we do know that many have fought against the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US has a long history of fomenting the overthrow of governments not supporting our financial interest. That history also shows repeated violent backlash against the US both by those supported, and those who have been overthrown.

Oil prices have also climbed to their highest levels since 2008, another unseen cost of war. As unemployment continues at 9.2%, many Americans will be unable to keep up with rising fuel costs. This problem may lead to increased unemployment if people can’t afford to get to their jobs, leading to a further downward spiral of the economy. In Yemen and Bahrain uprisings seen as part of the “Arab Spring” have been violently suppressed without significant action from the US; it is worth noting that both governments have been extremely compliant with US corporate interests in reference to our energy interests, and both nations allow US bases to be housed on their soil.

While Gadhafi’s actions against the Libyan people are reprehensible, the air strikes have not prevented his ground forces from being able to attack rebels and civilians. There are many atrocities occurring around the globe, but the United States government does not have the capability to fix them all. Additionally, bombing military targets and imposing a no-fly zone does very little to assist starving people and prevent human rights violations. Turkey has proposed diplomatic solutions to this crisis, yet the UN and NATO have continued military strikes. With no clear goal in mind, when is the end of the mission? Is the ousting of Gadhafi the only goal? Is it the role of the UN, NATO, and US to set up a new government by use of force? Is collateral damage and enormous costs from air strikes worthwhile without an endgame in site? Has the US government not learned from interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan that going to war without a plan leads to exorbitant and never-ending costs? History shows us that this type of intervention rarely goes without blowback and unintended consequences, perhaps with a $1.4 trillion deficit and a domestic budget in crisis our best outcome would be to support peaceful alternatives and not add to the violence of a Libyan civil war at all.

Todd Arkava, MD
VFP Member
Chapter 89

Will Hopkins
NH Peace Action/ NH Peace Action Education fund
National Board of Directors
Veterans for Peace

6 thoughts on “Veterans for Peace on Libya Intervention”

  1. Dissolve the democratic party.., there is no democracy in democratic party.

    Is about time for the leader of the Democratic Party.., in this case Barak Hussein Obama to dissolve this non-functioning political party?

    The social political and Communism economic structure didn’t worked for the people of USSR; therefore in hope for a better life for the people the USSR by Gorbachev was dismantled.., now right or wrong is another time and for another argument.., in US however the capitalism is the main social system in politics and capitalism economic structure which haven’t and it doesn’t work for people, capitalism been synchronizing itself as it is the only system that ever would work for people in USA and all over the world.., as the idea in communism.., capitalism needs to be proven by the US capitalism or the democratic party. During what was called the “cold war” the argument was about managing the world by either side; therefore, both side was running a arm race against one or the other.., it was this arm race which ended the USSR and since 1990 for capitalism taking advantage of the situation conducting wars to prove its points with its militarism regime.

    It is not an argument that capitalism doesn’t work for peoples.., the argument is written within the name “capitalism” which the “ideology” or its principals’ based on profits and not sharing it. Capitalism only works when the system get its bigger.., much bigger share in what the system invests in creating jobs.., the system therefore slaves people to gets its much bigger share.., in the other hand the capitalism needs a government to run its commerce and other agendas both in terms of marketing for capitalism internationally and domestically .., having said that: for capitalism being a corrupt economic system therefore governments become as corrupt as the system itself. let me put it like this.., any and every democratic presidents that’s been elected have turned out to be a lair.., if not before at least from the time of Bill Clinton 20 years ago.., his motto was to save money for the people by closing US military bases.., which he did closed few bases here and there.., but he never told the people that he was shipping these solders to Balkan – European countries to start the Balkan wars. The Balkan wars was based on a new method created by Madeline Albright using the religious dividing people.., and using the US militarism regime to achieve the idea .., here famous wording was: “what is so good about this mighty army if we cannot use it”. Thereafter the Iraq and Balkan war started.., although the US and NATO militarism regime didn’t invade Iraq until 2003 but nonetheless they were at war with Iraq bombing it. In regard to Balkan however Madeleine Albright hade and Richard Holbrook motives was to start dividing Yugoslavia.., in one hand you hade Serbian orthodoxy with a socialist government governing Yugoslavia.., and in the other the Sunny Muslims in Kosovo where their leader Hashim Taci was none other then the Balkan Mafia. Read this:

    1. I have a political proposition Jamal. Ron Paul will run with Ventura on a Libertarian third Party Ticket and we need Green votes and I would like to help push for unity of the Fringe and get Cynthia Mckinney in as Sec. of State. Libertarians have warned us and tried to steer us away from the Pyramid scheme Kensian economics that allow monopoly and corruption of Capitalism, America woked very well when we had funtional private trade unions to fill the voids left by a non Socialist Government.

      1. It is not a question of a political name or whatever you want to name a political party.., a government job first of all is to make sure that its people have jobs, healthcare, housing and free education.

        These are the primary responsibilities of a government.., now if is a federal government or a state is a government which means that their job is to govern the people for what they are.., not for whom they know.., a human society.., and needs of all the above to function; therefore, government needs to function for its people before anything ells that government sees fit governing it. A non functioning government is a government in wars more then acting for its people; therefore, such government is always short of budget and having a huge deficit and not able doing anything for its people.

        A non functioning economic system.., in this case capitalism.., is always creates problems, in one hand is creates jobs in another people will lose it, in one hand is good for a certain period of time then there is a recessions that last for few years and people lose everything that they been working hard for, in one hand it lies in the other is going to church every Sunday begging for forgiveness.

        That is how capitalism system is been working.., all these wars are based on opening a new market for capitalism.., let me give you an example. Yugoslavia – Kosovo being a closest path to Europe was destroyed and divided to many countries, what happened to Yugoslavian infrastructures.., their manufacturing and other social entities‘.., Yugoslavia was one of the independent country in Europe.., now if you look at all the divided countries.., they all are dependent in what EU is doing or want them to do for EU. Or for that matter Poland and others when they were freed from being one of USSR satellites.., they are now under the control of German economy and Germans making WV and Audi in these countries taking over what these countries were producing… Here, don’t get me wrong I am not defending USSR in no ways.

        Peoples assets is their country, banks, manufacturing, government entities and etc., here, republic means people and people is the republic of a country.., they are one, country and its republic are one; there is no separating it unless the system will lie to people saying that: everyone is responsible for its own life.., which the word and its meaning is to divide people, fooling them and creating divisions’ among people, laying to people by evaluating everything as a fashion.., this is the capitalism social psychological warfare played and orchestrated by the system for a long time. If that was the case and everyone were responsible for themselves doing whatever and however.., then why would we need a states or a federal government. Although being independent as a individual is good.., but in a social system you are living a life by not being individualist.., an ego thinking for himself and doing everything for himself.., perhaps one of the reasons for having so many homeless in EU and US is just that: governments as such and in general doesn’t function neither if is called democrat or republic or liberals and etc. they are there to create more wars then having time creating a useful education system, or for that matter solving the housing problem or healthcare and etc. So what is left.., socializing the peoples entities is one way.., the other is changing the economic system where the social economy is the essence to all these social and political problems facing peoples needs.., either way the present US and EU capitalism is out of question, the system never worked and it will not work.., nor the system is going to change itself.

        If you want to name a political system a “democratic” system then there must be a principals following a manifesto based on the principals of a democratic system which means that: the entire social system both in terms of economic and political issues working for every man and women, children and elderly.., having said that: the economic part of that manifesto needs to be for the people and by the people.., yet we all know that there is no such thing in US.., it is only by the people when and only people vote, after that all became obvious lies. There is a manifesto and a principals with elected government officials both in federals and states.., but if the manifesto and its principals.., if and when.., and for who is functioning is the question. So goes for the republican party.., one thing we need not to forget.., all this is about people and if we concentrate our brain on the meaning of the word “people” then what you name a system that works for people it is not a relevant issue.., what the system does for people is matters.

        Socialism.., so be it.., republican so be it.., democratic so be it.., independent so be it.., communism and etc. look the meaning of the word is by people being, living and sharing our conscious and knowledge .., so we all must be following communists ideas living in a community not realizing it.., here and all along what been separating us is the economy system called capitalism, dividing people in all directions, creating wars in all directions and by that the system have managed to keep its power doing whatever and whenever.

  2. Countinues…

    Empowering the Body Snatchers: Washington’s
    Appalling Kosovo Policy
    Ted Galen Carpenter
    December 30, 2010

    “The revelations just keep coming, and the evidence mounts that Washington’s policy since the mid-1990s regarding Kosovo has been stubbornly obtuse. The latest blot on America’s diplomacy is an investigative report for the Council of Europe released just before Christmas confirming long-standing rumors that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was involved in the trafficking of human organs, including killing Serbian prisoners to harvest their kidneys and other organs. Two aspects of the report were especially damning. First, the author and lead investigator was Swiss Senator Dick Marty, a highly respected champion of human rights. Second, the report specifically named Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci as an accomplice in those atrocities—as well as being involved in other criminal activities, including drug trafficking and politically motivated murders. Thaci, of course, has vehemently disputed the Marty report, but people who have followed his career since his guerrilla days, when he was known as “The Snake,” find the allegations all too credible“.

    At the same time, there was a report that Hashim Taci was wanted by Interpol and FBI for narcotic trafficking and other related crimes.., at that time the Italian police were accusing him in running bordellos – prostitutions in Europe.., among other Italy main land.

    It is not about the names or the ideological issues behind the name “Democratic – Democracy” but it is about those making sure that system don’t work as it should.., which for US being at wars for last 60 years indicates that there is no such thing as democratic – democracy did ever existed .., Korean war Vietnam, Balkan, Iraq – Afghanistan and now Libyan is another example of the argument.

    More seriously and in terms of US government – Capitalism apathy’ in ruling the world the US government is influenced by the US militarism regime.., which is a power within the powers of all the governmental department.., these contacts are based on US militarism regime and thereby the economical connection to war manufacturer, oil companies, banks and all other economic institutions that are involved in creating wars. These social assets therefore have become a money making foundation for those whom economic and political interests are way above the people interests.., therefore their primarily involvement in wars is more personal then securing peoples interests at home.

    The new trend in US foreign policies is based on US and its allies interests.., these allies are dictators – militarism regimes – apartheid and tyrants whom enforcing the US to act in terms of protecting these allies .., such an example is Israel or for that matter Saudi Arabia and other Kingdoms’ or tyrants family in middle east and elsewhere…, these allies are also interested in using US “mighty army” as Madeline Albright used.., in times when they benefit from such use.., in regard to Balkan wars.., the Saudis kingdome family were more interested in a Sunny Muslims Kosovo in Balkan then a Socialist government of Yugoslavia.., the other interests of Saudis and other kingdome tyrants family were their investment in Oil and gas from Caspian Sea to Europe.., the ideal distance was Yugoslavia after reaching Black sea from Caspian Sea , Kosovo happens to be in the Middle of Yugoslavia. A good and close to transport Oil and Gas to Europe.., but not a so god government and therefore Hashim Taci was elected to start the war in Yugoslavia.

  3. These kind of policies makes the entire matter a non functioning democratic – democracy.., a capitalism instrument using the government – militarism regime creating wars to provide the system with a best deal is out there.., wars. Capitalism is beneficial in such foreign policy, so is the US allies, the right wings democrats as Rockefellers and others who make the deal have more to say then US government has.., at the same time such use of US militarism regimes have boosted the allies political agendas in terms of a political or a economic interests.., yet US been paying the ultimate price using its own people for making sure that they have a ally from Middle East to Balkans. Here in case of Balkan war and dividing Yugoslavia, it was a mutual “business” agreement among parties from Saudis to England, US and Italy, French and Germans.

    All these connection are based on what is called a “mutual interests“ which present the fact that US is more after controlling the world helping its allies and lately with help from its allies US constantly at war for the same notion, in another word they are dividing the world they have conquered but it is US that needs to be the managers and planers of the next war. Libyan war is yet another, occupying of Bahrain by Saudis militarism regime is another.., the architect behind all this is Hillary Clinton with an approval from Obama. Here the Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the Libyan rebels' national council, is a sunny Muslims, an ally of Saudi Arabia family also a member of Muslim Brotherhood political wing.

    Read this:

    False pretense for war in Libya?
    OP-ED | Alan J. Kuperman
    April 14, 2011|By Alan J. Kuperman

    EVIDENCE IS now in that President Barack Obama grossly exaggerated the humanitarian threat to justify military action in Libya. The president claimed that intervention was necessary to prevent a “bloodbath’’ in Benghazi, Libya’s second-largest city and last rebel stronghold.

    But Human Rights Watch has released data on Misurata, the next-biggest city in Libya and scene of protracted fighting, revealing that Moammar Khadafy is not deliberately massacring civilians but rather narrowly targeting the armed rebels who fight against his government.

    So here, we go again another lies by a democratic president a member of the US Democratic Party, and another war by a democratic president.

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