New Study on Bush-Obama Foreign Policy

The Independent Institute’s Anthony Gregory, a friend of, has written a compelling new report tracking the foreign policy trends of the current administration and the last one. Comparing troop levels, U.S. fatality rates, and the financial burden of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars under Bush and Obama, Anthony makes the case that U.S. foreign policy has been roughly as aggressive and costly under both presidencies.

This is intuitive to many readers, although the numbers he presents here are useful and informative.

The report also includes some discussion of Bush and Obama’s use of contractors, the Libya conflict, and miscellaneous aspects of U.S. war policies in the last decade. Well worth a look.

6 thoughts on “New Study on Bush-Obama Foreign Policy”

    1. Yes, and what can be done about it? Not just election finance reform, but the facilitating of third parties, instant-run-off elections, and the like. This is what Public Citizen is trying to do. But it will take a long, long time to turn this shape of state around before it runs aground or goes over the falls. Still, however little difference it may make, support Public Citizen, and stop voting for the lesser of two evils.

  1. Iran-Contra do over cha-cha! Where are you Oliver North, the Obama needs you.
    "High crimes and murderous treason are, at times, necessary to protect Caesa

  2. This new policy has some underlying intentions to it that I don't really find so amusing. It is possible that they are coming up with a plan to increase their bank accounts again at the expense of the lives of innocent people. Can't you guys see how the US is so much in debt now?

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