Pentagon Claims to Kill Very Man Who Shot Chinook

CNN-watching pays off every day. Every day there is something so utterly insane and unbelievable about the war or the economy that I can’t help but stare in disbelief at the screen, or just laugh my ass off. This morning, it was that second thing.

Anchor Don Lemon cut into his newsreading timeline to announce that the Pentagon was saying that it had killed the man who shot down that Chinook on Saturday in Afghanistan.

Yes, the VERY man holding the grenade launcher, whose projectile struck the chopper and took it down. Forgive them for at first not knowing what exactly was used to take it down. Forget that the presence of this anonymous man wasn’t even known by the very elite units that were killed in the crash. We’re supposed to believe that the same people who couldn’t find Osama bin Laden for ten years, a man whose identity, among many other facts, we knew inside and out, somehow found some rag-clothed fighter with a shoulder-fired thing and successfully KILLED HIM? And can say so with such certainty they could report it to news agencies?

Yes, ok.

Government is a fiction in so many ways, not least of all in how it literally just spins utter lies for the consumption of its useful rubes. Just think that for each of us who raised an eyebrow in disbelief — or total bemusement that they could think anyone would believe such a good-vs-evil fairytale so obviously crafted for the consumption of above rubes — there are 10 others going “America! F*ck Yeah!”

Update: More clarification comes this afternoon, with the Pentagon claiming that “intelligence gained on the ground” helped them find and kill the specific Taliban fighters. This is in a valley that was just shown to LOATHE the occupation more than the Taliban. And so, what, JSOC troops just sauntered around kissing the hands of the tribal leaders who hate their guts? And the locals just helpfully pointed in the direction of the hiding place of this shooter, whom they also witnessed actually shoot the Chinook down? Uh-huh.

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  1. yes there are alot of loose screws at the top of the pyramid..
    they will need some adjusting soon…actually the sooner the better ….
    for average citizens in the world

  2. Murka's butthurt because some of it's costumed murderers were eliminated in a most humiliating fashion. They had to have their feel-goods buttressed. The govt can find or make dissapear almost anyone and anything when it needs to thrust a particular story into the limelight … they found the 9/11 hijackers passports just simply laying on the ground didn't they?

    The thing that bothers me is now the "revenge" killings begin. How many Afghans are going to get slaughtered simply because Murka's butthurt?

  3. Ummm… the Chinook Shooter and one fellow Taliban fighter headed off into a wooded area nearby…………. and WAITED FOUR DAYS to be hunted down? The battle took place reportedly less than 80km from Kabul- four days is plenty of time for an experienced fighter to exit the battlefield and get to some place a little less obvious- maybe into Kabul itself.

    Or are we being led to believe the Chinook Shooter was just some lucky noob with an RPG who didn't know enough to GTFO when the jig was up?

    Sounds to me like somebody is trying to tie this package up neatly so it will be forgotten quickly.

  4. Got the shooter. Yeah yeah sure sure. The clueless bass-turds couldn't get nookie in Amsterdam while standing in the dark heart of the RedLightDistrict.
    "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat. Nothing up my sleeve…"

  5. As a boy i attended services for the vietnam fallen and some of them left behind much younger children in the neighbourhood and most of them lost their way into drugs and life of crime. Governments shed no tears on such families and as new administrations take over, the more they are forgotten and pushed on the back of it's dark chapter of failures. Afghanistan is no different, and as these soldiers keep dying in such a useless war, well connected contractors and afghan elite are reaping vast profits without ever venturing into harms way. Top afghan politicians, judges and Army commanders are investing heavily in the middle east from Emirates ever expanding infrastructure to the high end real estates of Oman. It's such a pity that the women and children they are leaving behind will bear the ultimate burden of empire building.

    1. There's one difference though. Unlike Vietnam, today's soldiers are not drafted into involuntary service.

  6. This is obviously another Pentagon lie promulgated to maintain public support for the continued war in Afghanistan. Both the Pentagon and Al queda want the US to stay in Afghanistan forever. The Pentagon wants to continue to enrich Cheney and other war profiteers; Al queda wants to see the destruction of our nation.

  7. I can still remember when the Serbs shot down that "invisible" Stealth bomber in 1999. CNN was showing Serbian civilians dancing and hopping on the burning wreckage with U.S. military markings on it. Then CNN had these government "experts" explain how we did not know what was going on. We just did not know if the downing of the Stealth was true or not. But in the meantime, we are watching on CNN itself the Stealth so obviously burning and in flames! It had all these military markings visible. CNN could not believe it because they bought into all the government propaganda and also because of morale. How could those Serbs shoot down an INVISIBLE Stealth bomber? The U.S. media is built on lies and deception. Remember the WMDs and the "embedded" journalists? You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war.

  8. This story sounds about as real as Pat Tillman going down in a hail of enemy gunfire whilst trying to protect his dear comrades in arms. Only it turns out, he was fragged by his own team of elite Rangers.

  9. It sounds as true as the many stories of Taliban first or second in command or top leadership who were killed many times over ,or the 20 or 30 Taliban militants killed by Drone attacks.

  10. It is another PR stunt .It is very funny and as credible as the ad for the US Navy "US NAVY A GLOBAL FORCE FOR GOOD"

  11. I smell B.S. The govt is panicked that these wars are losing popular support (which they are), so what better time to issue out a nice healthy dose, of good ole' US Military Propaganda. This current nonsense is about as real as what they told us about Pat Tillman, The Gulf of Tonkin, Cambodia bombings, Jessica Lynch, etc…

    In fact, this is quite like Vietnam: We'll kill 1,000 of them for everyone of us, yet eventually we'll get tired of even that body count, and go back home. They Know This! Like that one Vietnamese General said during the Paris Accords, when it was stated to him that we killed 19 Vietcong for every U.S. soldier killed, and that we never lost even one major battle there. His wise response was-

    "That is true, but also irrelevant."

    1. "This current nonsense is about as real as what they told us about Pat Tillman, The Gulf of Tonkin, Cambodia bombings, Jessica Lynch, etc…" And most likely 911…!!?? Oh and I almost forgot….. What about the Bin Laden kill…?? There is a lot of speculation that this crash had something to do with it…. as in cover-up by death… Dead "Rangers" tell no tales…!!! Hey "O" … Show us the proof…!!!!!

  12. I wish the Pentagon could help me find the person that stole my TV set 28 years ago.

  13. Sounds like a good way for an Afghan villager to get rid of that noisy neighbor: "Yes, yes, I KNOW THE ONE WHO SHOT DOWN YOUR HELICOPTER! Follow me, I'll take you to him!"

    Otherwise, it's just a thinly-disguised feel-good story so the US public doesn't begin to suspect that our enemies are getting bolder and their aim is getting better. The public doesn't like to think that a bunch of so-call 'illiterate cave-dwellers' have the battlefield savvy to keep us tied up and bring down our birds.

    One CH-47 Chinook: $35 million
    33 KIA's, including 22 SEALs and equipment

    One RPG with standard warhead: $100-500, if that much, in the corner market
    One Taliban shooter

    What's wrong with this picture? Granted, this is GROSS oversimplification, but it's illustrative of what we're facing.

    I recall an anecdote from Vietnam in which a Huey pilot is telling a fellow pilot he was being shot at by villagers armed with bows and arrows- and the other pilot later pondered on just how DO you fight an enemy who fights helicopters with bows and arrows and who absolutely will not give up?

    1. The Vietnamese created a way to bend trees over and rig them so when a helicopter flew over, the downdraft tripped the trees and shot bamboo stick bundles up into the rotor, causing failure and a crash where the Cong were waiting to clean up the mess…

      1. That would be an (IPD) Improvised Projectile Device in these times, and if it were used today you can be sure Iran (or whomever our enemy du jour might be) would be held responsible for planting the trees used to make the weapon.

        The moral of the story is- how do you win against people who will use ANYTHING they can weaponize and who will not give up- regardless of casualties or how long it takes to prevail? Answer that, my wise and learned co-poster, and hope some Bright Lad in the DoD figures it out, too- and soon.

  14. It is obvious that most thinking persons will not believe this report from the US military. Its timing of retribution for the Taliban's success is just too cute. Then again, the department of disinformation within the US military (which consumes millions of dollars per year) has to do something to put in its annual report.

  15. Yup. I saw little Brian Williams on the NBC Nightly Propaganda…er… I mean the NBC Nightly News dutifully regurgitating the Pentagon BS.

    And he even said with a straight face.

    Guess it's easy to keep a straight face when yer paid millions to spew BS every night.

  16. In the first days of the Kosovo war CNN showed the wreckage of what it claimed was a Serbian MIG. The markings on the wreckage said: "Annual Insp" and a date.

    Now if the plane was a Serbian MIG, the marking would be in Serbian, or maybe Russian. In either case they would be in the Cyrillic alphabet, but not English. Three days later the clip vanished. So did a Dutch pilot who allegedly shot down an American plane by mistake. I wonder if the downing of the Chinook full of SEALS was a Jack Ruby job?

  17. They were purposely sent into an ambush in order to eliminate the witnesses to the phony Bin Ladin assassination. Then the airstrikes took out the 'villains' of the piece to make 'America proud' again. That's what's called a 'set-up'.

  18. The way I saw the story reported was that after the chopper was shot down, a strike from an F-16 was called in on the Afghans. Supposedly it killed the "mid level rebel leader" and a small group of other fighters. One of which had the RPG launcher with him.

    Take it or leave it. Sounds false to me. But then I think the whole story is a load.

  19. Balanced by the baying of the other whackos of the further right who believe that Obama or Biden ordered that chopper to fly right over 'Rasul the Rocket-man'. And told the Taliban where to put him.

    They wanted a 'National' tragedy to take the mall trolls minds off their maxed-out plastic.

  20. I think it's all cover for a massive dope smuggling operation. The press blew the whole thing out of proportion and when you have the Prez showing up to salute the shipment and a whole whack of grieving families, all of a sudden, why hell's bells, you just hang on until the bull stops bucking.

    Have they got the number of coffins right yet?

  21. When I heard the news that they got the person who shot down the Chinook.. I told the hell could they know that they got him.. what kind of process was in place to ascertain the identity of the person that they killed and that in fact he was the one who shot down the helocopter…. so another propaganda piece gets thrown out to the MSM and is reported as fact w/o even minimal vetting as to the veracity of the claim….what kind of questions were asked of the military…seems like very little or none at all..what scares me is the most who hear it actually believe it because it comes from the MSM..after all they're big smart organzations who must know what they're doing.. MSM has a big credibility problem with me..glad to see that's the same with others too..

  22. The pentagon says they killed this man because the pentagon is mad and embarrassed that this man got the better of their most elite troops. But the reality is for decades guerrillas have almost always defeated the most elite troops of the various nation states. Guerrillas own warfare. The US military cannot fight it's way out of a guerrilla paper bag and has not won a guerrilla war in 109 years (the Philippine Insurrection of 1902).

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