Another FBI Terrorist Trainer Goes Down

Today’s Washington Post reports details on a guy who the FBI hired to provide expert anti-terrorism training:

William G. Hillar billed himself as a hero and a patriot, a 28-year veteran of the Army Special ­Forces who shared his knowledge of counterterrorism by holding training sessions for federal agents and local police.

The 66-year-old Millersville man told people that he was an expert in human trafficking and drug trafficking. He said that his daughter had been kidnapped, forced into sex slavery and killed by her captors before he could rescue her. He said the movie “Taken,” starring Liam Neeson, was based on that experience.

Turns out it was all a sham. Hillar pled guilty and was sentenced to 21 months in prison by a federal judge yesterday.

Hillar has no experience in counterterrorism, emergency medicine, human trafficking or psychological warfare, as he claimed, prosecutors wrote. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in special education. He did consult on organizational issues for hospitals and stress management.

At some point, Hillar began billing himself as an expert lecturer. After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, he capitalized on the desire of law enforcement agencies and others to receive counterterrorism training, Assistant U.S. Attorney Leo J. Wise wrote in a sentencing memo.

The fraud was not unmasked by the FBI: they might have continued using this guy for a few more decades. A Special Forces vet became suspicious and did the digging that brought the roof down on this fraud.

No wonder that one commentor on the Post website suggests that FBI actually stands for “Famous But Incompetent.”

5 thoughts on “Another FBI Terrorist Trainer Goes Down”

  1. One should wonder how many more fake experts that the FBI,the CIA,NSA,and other agencies relay on ?I think the FBI knew he was fake like the many fake terrorist plots that they manfactured themselves to fool American sheep.

  2. The FBI was simply demonstrating that America is truly the land of opportunity – any ambitious person can coach the FBI. But the FBI is not alone; we have seen the major news channels selection of experts on war since 9-11, experts who somehow get absolutely everything wrong.

    The FBI does background checks on the guys delivering pizzas to them, but not on the guy telling them how they should do their business. What does this tell us about that organization? How can we believe anything they tell us about terrorists?

    1. Probably not, for the simple reason that there are very few people in the D.C. area who aren't connected in some way with the Regime.

      In stark contrast to the "work" of the FBI and other federal criminal bureaucracies, making and delivering pizzas not only requires actual useful skills, but also provides paying (with their OWN money) customers with a product they want to buy – a product that has to meet certain standards of quality in order for the vendor (and thus the delivery person) to even stay in business at all. For this reason no one associated with the FBI (or, again, any other federal bureaucracy) is in any way even remotely qualified for a such a REAL job.

  3. Why should the FBI (love the alternate definition, BTW) have a monopoly on such idiocy? Years ago Congresscritters gave rapt attention to Meryl Streep's scaremongering about "Alar." Her "qualification" for testifying? She played a farmer's wife in a movie once.

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